Reviews For Mending Fences

2020.01.26 - 01:37PM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

Just found this. Brilliant. Love seeing 12 and Rose interact. Love seeing how much both have changed and I do love to see how she wasn't pining for him all that time. But that cliffhanger.... I need to know what happens!!

2018.09.21 - 06:10AM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

"Baby come back, any kind of fool could see
There was something in everything about you
Baby come back, you can blame it all on me
I was wrong, and I just can't live without you
All day long, wearing a mask of false bravado
Trying to keep up the smile that hides a tear
But as the sun goes down, I get that empty feeling again
How I wish to God that you were here"

Miss you, come back LN29, talented author extraordinaire...

2018.09.03 - 03:17AM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

Perhaps there is some hope that you might finish this wonderful story?

2018.04.01 - 10:43AM
14: Chapter 13: The Darkness

This was a fantastic chapter, I love, love how you dealt with Twelve revealing what happened, not the full extent of it-- he's not the sort to spill his secrets but in a way that's very true to Twelve. And Rose's response felt true to her too, to her development.

Their whole conversation was quiet and so important for them, and I'm glad they reached this point. I love that Rose's empathy and quiet reassurance was the kind of thing he needed at that moment.

(Also, I just realized, and forgot, this was another reason why Twelve chafed at being kidnapped to help because of what happened to him with the Time Lords-- and omg, I just had lightbulb moment, it seems like the universes are paralleling what happened to Twelve in the primeverse with John being kidnapped. In a sense, they're still cosmically connected!)

Then of course this:

“And then,” the Doctor said, because there were some rules that could not be broken, but there were also some that could. “We will find the people who dared to take him. Who dared to take what was never theirs. And we will burn their kingdom to the ground.”

I had chills reading this because we know the Doctor, we know this Doctor and we know he is fully capable of burning their kingdom down. I can hear Twelve saying this and just, even in my head I fully believe he would burn down the world around their enemy.

Thank you. Thank you for this whole chapter, for this ending. It's amazing.

2018.03.30 - 04:10AM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

This is *amazing* and I'm going to echo the review from above, and this is the most in character reunion I've ever read.

I've been increasingly frustrated with how people write Rose and Twelve. I love that Rose and John Noble built a life together and I'm so, so glad for Rose that she called the Doctor on his BS. And that in this regeneration, more than anything, the Doctor was aware of it. I'm glad Twelve didn't spill what happened to him immediately and even added in the jokes because he would.

I liked how things started off with a misunderstanding and then developed from there because both sides needed to say things.

I love that Twelve promised to stay (because again, out of all the Doctor's he's the one who can and keep it) and you get Twelve so well, Rose so well, that you made John a character in his own right.

And I really love how this story was shaped. I love how fantastic it is on a character level but also on a story level, and I'm standing on tetherhooks because I can't wait to know what's happening and can't help the impulse to shout at the screen and tell John not to do anything stupid (but of course, he is the Doctor inside him despite everything!).

This story is absolutely fantastic and should be awarded Five Doctor's riffing on his electric guitar. (Boy, won't they all be surprised if Twelve starts jamming!).

2018.02.03 - 07:17PM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

This is canon. I refuse to believe otherwise and reject all other realities. This is canon. This has to be one of the if not the best reunion fic I have ever read. Everyone is in character and believably so after ten years! The world has progressed in a way that makes sense! How did you handle that so well??? I am in awe. And you made me love ten2! I didn't think that was possible! But it is and I love him! And Twelve! His point of view is perfect and so much in character and I love it! He's not my favorite Doctor (that'd be Nine) but I have loved every single fucking minute of his narration. You are an amazing author! Like, the way he reacts and notices things-like the prison scene where he automatically plots a way to break out just in case because he's been in enough places like it and I would've never thought he thought of that but it makes so much sense- and the way he talks and thinks and feels and moves is so organic and in character I could cry! Tony Tyler! He's a believable character and I love him despite him only having a handful of lines! And Rose, you have captured her perfectly! She's grown up and she's this harded Torchwood agent but she's still Rose at the core and wowwowowowowowowow! Jackie is older but no less formidable! Just, everyone is amazing and everything is amazing! And the shakespeare references instead of Pete's World! And that girl who wanted to be "the Rose Tyler". Rose arguing with her ethics professor is both wonderful and ridiculously in character! The part where Twelve thought, "I haven't felt this at ease since the days of Amy and Rory and I didn't trust it an inch," Absolutely broke my heart to read. The scene where both Rose and the Doctor open up to each other and the next day everything is normal because they're Rose and The Doctor and there is no other way they'll handle their shit otherwise! Is it bad when The Doctor was like, "Then we'll burn their castle to the ground." I half wanted it to happen (sorry John) because the rage of those two characters would be awe inspiring to read. And when you said "Rose's eyes almost looked gold" when they were waiting for the right moment during the storm and that shit was amazing because I am a SUCKER for subtle Bad Wolf references and motifs. And the conversation that followed "I know I should stop you. I should want to." Or something but that, that moment I nearly lost it! Because we all know what Rose is capable of when she's pissed off and determined and it's been years and she's only gotten more capable. And like, the overlying theme in this that "Sometimes there are no good choices. Sometimes there isn't a choice. Sometimes we do the wrong thing and we have to try to fix it." Which makes so much sense from where Twelve is coming from, and to hear it echoed by Rose Tyler, John Noble, Harriet Jones, and that girl (Jax? Jix? Something with a J) who held the gun on him, and even little Tony Tyler despite the fact that he shouldn't ever have to is just amazing to read. There's this whole atmosphere here that, yeah, you can fuck up or something bad happens, and yeah, sometimes you can't fix it, but that should never stop you from having hope and trying to "make amends". I nearly cried at the moment where the Doctor was like, "All those years of dying and I now remember what living is supposed to be like." (And, sry, I'd post the exact quotes but I'm still getting used to Whofic and am worried if I try to go and pull up the story I'd lose all I'm writing here.) And the reunion scene between Twelve and John!!!! The moment we've been waiting for and it handled itself beautifully. I think the thing that shocked John most is not just that The Doctor was there to save him (because he had been him and he knows what he's do if Rose Tyler asked) but the fact that The Doctor treated him with compassion, forgiveness, and empathy for the ordeal he's been through. The moment where John told him, "This is my moment to save you," broke my heart. While the underlying feeling Twelve had of "ohmygod Rose is going to kill both of us" throughout the chapter was funny in the most painful way. Like the, "Stop bleeping me," scene. John was treating the escape as his last hurrah and completely willing to die to make amends and The Doctor could empathize so much and wanted to honor his wishes while desperately wanting to save him and knowing Rose will be so, so pissed and so, so devastated. And now they're both in deep shit and all that's left is Rose Tyler on her own with both the great loves of her life trapped and her with no backup, no resources but a sonic and a holograph projector, and no plan to free them. And all this is assuming she managed to escape in the first place. But, as we all know, Rose has never been more dangerous then when she was backed into a corner. To herself and others. I'm lost in terrified anticipation at how this is going to play out. THIS! FUCKING! FIC! Which is completely, totally, and absolutely canon and I refuse to believe otherwise. I love this fic and everything about it to the entirety. Imagine perpetual jazz hands while writing this review, imagine the most violently enthusiastic jazz hands in existence and you may get the barest hint about how much my love of this fic had affected me! This fic is amazing. You are amazing. There is nothing about this I don't love. Nothing! I have to stop typing now or else I'll go on for another hour and I might just max out the review box. (Idk if that's possible but it seems like something I'd do.) Seriously, I've read this straight through and it's made my month! :):):)

2018.01.17 - 12:14PM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

Every once in awhile I get in a Doctor mood and one of the first things I do, besides rewatch the first few seasons, is check and see if there's any new fanfic from you. This story is fantastic, and I hope you're still working on it because I very much want to read its conclusion. Your characterization puts the vast majority of other Who fic to shame.

2017.12.14 - 02:29AM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

This story has been my favourite 12 fic so far; I've been rereading it while moping about his rapidly approaching exit from the show. I really love the adventure you set up for the Doctor and the way you write him and John and Rose. It's all wonderful, and I hope for a happy ending for them, even though things still look pretty tense at this point...

2017.12.12 - 06:36PM
1: Prologue


In all the years (30) I've been reading (and occasionally writing) fan fic for different fandoms, this story rates in the top five best stories I've ever had the pleasure to experience.

Your grasp of characterization is amazing and you've proven you have a great rapport with the Doctor and Rose and even John, as the fic world has created him.

Please PLEASE finish it.

2017.10.02 - 09:44PM
1: Prologue

Please don't abandon this story -- it's so well written, and we NEED to find out who's o the other side of that door ....

2017.09.21 - 09:31PM
1: Prologue

*wanders in, muttering about nerves of steel*

Your silence is... ominous.

*wanders out again*

2017.07.17 - 02:47AM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

Please let it be Rose on the other side of that door. The Greld told me they were leaving John alone because they were worried about my heart palpitations because of the stress of this story! 😜 lol.

One thing I like about your writing, is it's consistently good... and this story is sticking to my mind long after I have read an update.💟

Author's Response: Human hearts are funny little things, aren't they? ;)

Thanks so much! I'm glad this is having an impact!

2017.07.16 - 08:01PM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

Thank you, thank you, thank you for the update. [Pause] That had better be Rose on the other side of that door.

I truly think you write these characters better than the official scriptwriters. This is such an amazing story, every word of it.

Author's Response: Oh, wow...that's an amazing compliment. Thank you!!!!

2017.07.16 - 07:55PM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

No, no, no, NO, NO, NOOOOO!!

That had better be Rose beating on the door! I know. Logic says otherwise, but the alternative would be very, very BAD for John, and I don't want to think about HOW bad!

I need happy endings! Really, I do!!


Author's Response: Sorry for the pain! I'll be sure to speak to the Greld and let them know your vote is for a happy ending. ;)

2017.07.16 - 07:36PM
21: Chapter 20: The Race

Absolutely riveting. Those painful conversations whilw they were moving were exactly what I needed. "What happened to you?" "I grew up." Ugh. So good. And angry John is my favorite aspect of both writing and reading him, so I am very much looking forward to the next chapter. (Also, yay Jodie Whittaker! I am so excited to see what kind of Doctor she turns out to be.)

Author's Response: Angry John is awesome John. Add in angry Doctor and angry Rose, and we have the trifecta. Now if they can just get under one roof before the whole world falls apart, we'd be all set.

(I'm excited too! The Doctor and the TARDIS...two girls saving the universe!)