2016.11.11 - 09:15PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh my dog, that was laugh out loud funny!

2016.09.02 - 08:29PM
1: Chapter 1


Good job!

2016.08.28 - 05:08PM
2: Chapter 2

This is so cute!!

2016.08.28 - 02:45PM
2: Chapter 2

The scene in the kitchen before and after Jack arrived definitely put a smile on my face...thanks for sharing.

2016.08.28 - 02:04PM
2: Chapter 2

This is fabulous!! Well done :)

2016.08.28 - 10:31AM
2: Chapter 2

This was bloody brilliant! LOL
Yeah... I love when things come together quickly! Such a rare event for me too! But the end result is usually something to be proud of!
This was utterly gorgeous! Be proud!
And the implied "smutty smut smutz" was just perfect... after all, Dragon!porn is very important!

2016.08.28 - 10:09AM
1: Chapter 1

This was awesome! I saw it playing out in my head like a sitcom! Loved it!