2006.05.29 - 09:46AM
6: Humans

Hello again! Thanks for the review - I will finally update after my exams are done, I promise! LOVED the identical doctors! Wahoo! Do them again! Do them again! :D

Author's Response: Haven\'t any plans for more double doctors but maybe I\'ll do another whole story with identical Doctors. I\'m glad they made such an impression. And Exams are foul. No other word for them.

2006.04.19 - 10:23AM
4: It washed up on shore

...interesting. Definatley getting interesting. But I was a little confused with the Doctor's 'fantasy', the last line rose said. hmm. Anyways, more to come? Soon? Please?

2006.04.19 - 10:17AM
3: Too lost in you

eep, this chappie confused me a little. Will all be revealed? I hope. :) Not your best chapter, but It was good all the same. Interesting. 'she will destroy you'? Id talking about Rose, yes? Is this the future or just Prince guy trying to unnerve him?
Line which most confused me was where you described the Prince. you said:
''Rose’s legs stretched down into his collar.''..What?

Author's Response: It\'s like one of those super reflective thingies, like you can see her in the mask except distorted. Like a funhouse mirror. I wrote it on a train so I guess I was looking at a lot of reflections. Funny how those things never translate to other people... Maybe I\'ll go back and clear things up a bit.

Author's Response: And she does end up destroying him, you know end of PotW, kind of. It\'s a little exageration, but dramatic nonetheless.

2006.04.19 - 10:10AM
2: A photo shows a thousands worlds

OMG! ...guessing oyu didn't kill them? coz oyu can hardly kill all of them ,really. heh heh, like Jack said, the Telepathic love fest...I loved it. :D so much fluff and inner turmoil!
...I love this fic.

2006.04.19 - 10:03AM
1: With breakfast comes a warning

oooh, that was a little odd.what had happend? We shall see...
lol. oh yeah, I love the jack/Rose banter at the begining. And the nice legs bit. heh.

2006.03.28 - 09:00AM
1: With breakfast comes a warning

seems interesting so far, characters my be a lottle ooc, but it's not that bad. please update soon.

see you in time

Author's Response: Like I said in the first chapter\'s preface, I really don\'t like to fall victim to blunt copy of the character but any suggestions you might have to make them more up to snuff would be so much appreciated.

Author's Response: Oh and did I mention I\'m stuck in America where we\'re only 3 episodes in so far. I did see \"Rose\" three times on the plane to Heathrow, however, and the trailers online. Damn this country.

Author's Response: ... and if it\'s the Doctor you\'re worried about, don\'t worry, it\'ll all sort itself out in due time.

2006.03.26 - 05:03PM
1: With breakfast comes a warning

Loving the psychic seizure! More soon, please!

Author's Response: Coming my lovies!!