2016.12.30 - 08:11PM
1: Prologue: The Tardis Makes Plans

Very nicely done. I love it when the TARDIS gets to be the quirky character that she is. I also enjoyed seeing the same tension between them that was evident at times during the series (or at least in my imagination). I think that the Doctor could have handled the dinner better, but that's just me. Otherwise, I really enjoyed this.

2016.08.08 - 09:11PM
1: Prologue: The Tardis Makes Plans

Guh… 😳 I need a fan…

2016.04.17 - 04:34AM
8: +1 (continued) - Tardis, Victorious

Great smut you smutted there. *fans self*

Author's Response: Thank you! Smut is one of those things for me that either flows out of me almost naturally or comes out sounding like two people poking each other with their fingers. I never seem to find the happy medium!

2016.04.15 - 07:09PM
8: +1 (continued) - Tardis, Victorious

Yay! I'm really enjoying your stories. If I track this down elsewhere I'll be leaving drool/approval there too!

Author's Response: It's at ao3! (Don't know if you've been or not)....Thank you so much! xoxo