Reviews For Convalescing

2017.06.13 - 12:02AM
1: Chapter 1

*giggles* He could probably make a blanket and several pillow cases by the time he was ready to go back to work, knowing Ianto. This was very fun, thank you for writing this!

Author's Response: Blankets, cushion covers, a few scarves... As long as Jack keeps supplying him with wool there'll be no stopping Ianto ;) Thank you!

2016.04.16 - 05:27PM
1: Chapter 1

Crocheting is a great idea. At least he found something to do that can pass by hours of time.

Author's Response: Ianto will give anything a try if it means keeping occupied; he was just lucky enough to discover something he can do and enjoy! Thank you!

2016.04.14 - 04:02AM
1: Chapter 1

Haha, I started reading this story and I was thinking "well if he wants something to do without having to get up too much, he should do some crocheting!" :D

Author's Response: LOL! Great minds think alike! hTank you!