Reviews For Healing

2016.12.30 - 08:17PM
1: Prologue

I truly enjoyed this story. I don't think authors consider the upbringing the way that you did often enough. You did a wonderful job of showing that, and yet you didn't dwell on it. You showed us a valid reason for why the Doctor had such a hard time letting Rose know his feelings... letting himself know his feelings, come to that (apologies for the grammar - I hope you understand what I was trying to say - it simply won't come out right). The slow dancing was precious, and the scene where he gives her the necklace is beautiful. Thank you so much for this fic.

2016.08.31 - 11:07PM
3: Let There Be Light

I am on vacation and chose this to re-read tonight in the jacuzzi tub. This story is an all-time favorite of mine, and this little chapter is the essence of why. You put me completely inside the Doctor's head and inside the fantasy. There isn't a comma or word out of place, and the tone is sweet, which I love to read. I don't know if you still check reviews, but I had to say thankyou!

2016.04.30 - 11:50PM
16: Bridges

I really love your take on their relationship! And the kisses at the end were perfect. Can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: So sorry, I didn't see this review! I'm thrilled that you like it...this is my favorite thing I've ever written. The sequel is posted at ao3!

2016.04.29 - 08:04PM
16: Bridges

Gorgeous finale!!!
My favourite line: "She whimpered into his mouth - a surrender. He growled into hers - possession." Guuuuuh...

Author's Response: I loved that line, too...maybe I'll get lucky and hit on another one like that! xoxox

Author's Response: I loved that line, too...maybe I'll get lucky and hit on another one like that! xoxox

2016.04.24 - 10:28PM
15: Chip Reimbursement

Love love love!! This made my night. :) Love the trembling hands, the teasing, just all of it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it!! The teasing is fun to write.

2016.04.23 - 04:37AM
13: Logic vs. Emotion

I loved the line about wishing. Jack has turned in my head canon into John Barrowman, with the actor's sensitivity and kindness. That's just the way you're writing him, and it's a perfect dynamic to have him there, coaching the Doctor.

Author's Response: Thank you, that's my favorite line. Someone said that to me years and years ago when I was pissing and moaning about something.... "Don't you wish you could stop wishing?" It hit me where I lived, and I stole it for this purpose. :) Thank you!!!

2016.04.23 - 02:23AM
13: Logic vs. Emotion

I'm so impressed with your take on the dynamic between these three and how you've positioned Jack so believably into the position of relationship therapist. It's easy to imagine Rose seeking his opinion, but more difficult to pull off Nine doing so. You've done it, taking those tricky incremental steps to make the conversation at the end of this chapter completely organic and in character for both of them. You've also toned down Jack's personality, especially the "anything goes omnisexual" aspect without rendering him as muted or out of character. I really love the fine line you're balancing here, subtle but compelling and such a wonderful take on how these three went from the end of "The Doctor Dances" and "Boomtown." This is a masterful piece of writing yet you make it seem effortless and completely in character. The foundation you have laid so thoroughly are supporting every nuance of these interactions. I'm so eager to see what you'll do next!

Author's Response: I could just curl up and bask in the warmth of this review forever.'s my happy place. THANK YOU!!

2016.04.22 - 09:36AM
7: Too Far Gone

Even though I haven't had a chance to read all of this yet, I had to let you know how much I love it already. Your writing is insightful and beautiful. So looking forward to more!!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!! <3

2016.04.14 - 11:21PM
10: Jack

Talk about a exciting first meeting. Rose and Jack's certainly was. I love the inner monolog they both had. I am surprised Rose didn't catch fire with the way the Doctor was looking at her in the storage closet. Talk about a hot scene. *fans self* Nice timing there Jack! Awesome chapter!

Author's Response: That look...that LOOK.... Yes. If I had been Rose, I don't know if I would have been able to keep teasing him! I'd probably have spontaneously combusted!

2016.04.14 - 11:16PM
9: Rose

You wrote a very plausible backstory for Rose prior to her meeting the Doctor. Her life has never been an easy one, but she is who she is because of what she has been through. Rose is one strong woman! You could tell she was with Mickey because he was safe and comfortable.

This is perfect:In the few hours she had spent with him Rose knew instinctively, deep down in her gut, that despite his disparaging comments about humans the Doctor wouldn’t make her feel like either of them had. That good things would come from climbing into that blue box with that madman.

The Section from Rose's point of view as to how the Doctor's behavior towards her has changed with time was a real eye opener for her. Rose is one smart lady! I love the thought of them snuggling up on the sofa just because they want to.

I really liked this part:And oh, how he made her feel. The Doctor lifted her up, made her feel like the most cherished, precious thing in the universe. Rose felt the overwhelming urge to rise above whatever he may expect from her and be the best. She desperately wanted to prove that she wasn’t a stupid ape. He was so impressive and she wanted to impress him right back - but Rose was no idiot. She was not willing to be something she wasn’t, she just wanted to be better. She wanted to live up to the beauty he was showing her every day. He inspired her with his heroics.

And so was this:The Doctor made her feel like she was everything. He offered her all of time and space as her playground, hand-picking the most beautiful, fun, safe places he thought she’d enjoy, seeking only her pleasure and asking nothing in return. He kept her closer than a heartbeat, watching over her protectively. He challenged her, laughed with her, encouraged her, taught her, was a safe harbor for her. She never worried about him knocking her down or letting her fall: if she were in danger he’d be there to catch her in his strong arms.

Thank you for posting this tremendous chapter!

Author's Response: Aaah! Thank you so much for your kind reviews!

2016.04.14 - 10:58PM
8: Right Thing, Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Rose and the Doctor really had a knock down drag out fight in "Father's Day". They said things that were impossible to take back. At least the Doctor finally admits he was wrong to put Rose in the situation that he did. It was never her fault you Time Lord, you! All this regeneration ever wanted was a life with Rose, ,the woman he loves. He destroyed him to think she didn't love him more than her father! It isn't the same thing you git! His apology was so heartfelt and went a long way in helping heal the rift between them. You wrote that very well. Ah, he is trying to communicate telepathically again. Poor guy. Hahaha the TARDIS is having a laugh at the Doctor's expense. Thank you for another emotional chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I enjoy writing mea culpas for the Doctor. :)

2016.04.14 - 10:49PM
7: Too Far Gone

I am so glad Adam didn't last very long. I am sure the Doctor can't handle Rose being anything other than happy. He really is far gone for her and that is certain! Ah, the Doctor tried to communicate telepathically with Rose. Maybe he could help her work on that ability someday. I really liked the way you described how Rose and the Doctor just seemed to gravitate towards each other physically. They were always touching each other. It is nice to see how the Doctor realizes that Rose had saved him form a dark lonely existence. So he is falling for her emotionally, is that so bad? Isn't a little happiness worth the eventual pain of separation? At least you will have the memories :) Thank you for such a lovely chapter.

Author's Response: It wasn't hard to write them gravitating towards each other, because I really feel like they DID feel drawn to each other. There was obviously an intimate relationship between the two in canon, even if it wasn't romantic (yet)

2016.04.14 - 10:40PM
6: Meddlesome Cow

The events of "Dalek" were so emotional. The Doctor was stripped raw in that episode. I doubt the TARDIS took to Adam like she did to Rose and Jack. The TARDIS always knows best Doctor, when are you going to accept that as the truth?

Wow Rose let the Doctor have it with both barrels here:“Because guess what? I’ve had a dad, and he died. And my mum had a bloody-damn parade of boyfriends, and none of them were my dad, either. I don’t need a dad, alright? I’m too old for that shit. I need a friend, just like you need a friend. And a friend wouldn’t boss me around!”

I am so glad the Doctor and Rose are having this heart to heart conversation. Too funny that the TARDIS is injecting herself into the conversation. The Doctor's nightmare was terrifying. I can see where he would need to see Rose after that nightmare. Thanks for another great installment.

Author's Response: You're entirely welcome! I think the Doctor never counted on Rose, and she constantly surprises him. I'm so glad you like it!

2016.04.10 - 12:54AM
6: Meddlesome Cow

They encountered the Dalek in Utah not New Mexico.

Author's Response: I always, always, ALWAYS get that wrong!! Ugh! You'd never know I'm a Nine fangirl and live in the states!

2016.04.09 - 01:35PM
8: Right Thing, Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Gorgeous three chapters! Beautiful and raw and honest. Loved!
And then there's this:
"“No, that’s not it,” she corrected him. “It’s different than that. It’s like...there was me and you, yeah? And my Mum and Dad and their baby. And somehow...I can’t explain it. Somehow it felt like that was what my life was supposed to be. There was the five of us, and it felt like slipping into a warm bubble bath.""

Author's Response: *waggles eyebrows*