2014.11.26 - 04:37PM
5: Nest Egg

Brilliant and sad. A lovely story.

2010.07.23 - 11:30PM
1: Magpie

haven't finished this yet, but i got as far as "And itís a Sainsburys. So thatís not too bad. It's not like they want me to work in an ASDA." and couldn't stop laughing. Thing is I spent far too many years working for Sainsburys, lol.

2009.04.12 - 01:01PM
1: Magpie

Goodness. How . . . human. And I mean that in a really, really good way.

If the world were just, you'd be writing Tenth Doctor Novels for Grownups, available in the alt-ChainBookshop of my dreams.

2008.08.03 - 03:29PM
5: Nest Egg

I feel sort of hollow, in a good way. At least I think it's good. Otherwise I'm in trouble. This was amazing, by the way. If sad. And funny. And well written.

I don't even like babyfic.

2008.08.03 - 05:19AM
5: Nest Egg

Really rather brilliant. I felt for the Doctor, trying so hard yet failing; and I loved Winifred, who was very cute; and poor Rose, clinging on to her perfect life by her fingernails. Beautifully written.

2008.07.23 - 04:50PM
5: Nest Egg

I've stumbled over this story over a year ago and always planned to read it but put it off for a long time, because, well, it's per definition not the kind of story I'd read. I knew you're a brilliant writer and I knew this would be different but it was still Rose/Ten baby-fic and I needed a while to kick myself into reading it.
Still, when I finally did so I was not surprised that it's one of the best stories I've ever read.
The characterisation of the Doctor is simply perfect - all his babbling, his 'affair' with the UNIT guy, the time spend in the freezer, and ultimately his inabillity to really settle down.
And Winifred... Original characters, especially female ones that are related to main characters often tend to be very, very annoying, but she was such a lovely girl that I ended up resenting Rose for making it so she never existed.

2008.07.18 - 01:36PM
5: Nest Egg

this is the saddest story i have ever read, i think. that's an all-inclusive "ever" (up until this point in space time, considered linearly). we've probably all been in these situations -- well, not usually with aliens, but you know, the tensions between ourselves and our loved ones and the past and the future and the need to hold on to something even if it's the wrong thing. been there quite recently myself and this was all rather horribly familiar. horrible to recognise all of those feelings, horrible to understand how impossible it is to not have them. i don't think i've ever cried at a fic but i am a bit right now.

it's just... i think i'll have to come back to leave a more articulate response. but yeah. amazing.

2008.07.16 - 12:40PM
5: Nest Egg

I love this story. It's a great example of "Be Careful What you Wish for."

This could just as easily fit Rose and OtherDoctor at the end of Journey's End. I really don't see that relationship working out.

2008.05.08 - 09:33PM
5: Nest Egg

Wow. This is a great example of "be careful what you wish for", though it seems to me that Rose didn't want the Doctor as he was, but rather as the creature she'd made him into. I guess no one ever told her that the more tightly you hold onto something (or someone), the more desperately they want to be free.

This was a great take on the "Rose and the Doctor settle down and have a kid" trope, and I enjoyed it a great deal. Great work!

2008.01.07 - 01:15AM
1: Magpie

This got recced to me, and I'm glad I stopped by -- your taken on "Steven"/Ten was absolutely wonderful and very true. A very different take on the "usual" babyfic; I really enjoyed it.

2007.07.29 - 07:56PM
1: Magpie

That was beautiful. You took something utterly overdone and highly improbable and made it lovely and true and honest.


2007.07.10 - 08:16PM
1: Magpie

But... but.


What happens to Winifred!


2007.06.21 - 09:58AM
5: Nest Egg

I'm sorry.

I really enjoyed it, but I appear to be the only one that thinks this is missing an ending, or indeed a second part to it?

Really liked it though.. Winifred was very sweet, and VERY like her father *TEEHEE*

2007.06.05 - 12:46PM
1: Magpie

The Doctor. Human. Called Steven. Living in a house. No. That just doesn't work for me.

2006.11.22 - 06:45PM
1: Magpie

I loved the meandering and hilarious stream of consciousness from 'Steven' the whole way through this fic. Rose seems more defeated than I pictured she would be while resuming a normal life with the Doctor by her side. I loved Winifred and how much like her dad she is. Great story.