2016.01.11 - 12:49AM
1: Chapter 1


Okay, this...this is MARVELOUS. Thank you...



2016.01.03 - 09:58AM
1: Chapter 1

I really enjoyed the subtlety, pace and also the names of people and things. It seems familiar and alien simultaneously. I liked the way it suggests answers but also places new questions in our heads.

2016.01.01 - 10:57PM
1: Chapter 1

This is wonderful. Thank you so much! I love the Doctor feeling of it.

2015.12.07 - 04:04PM
1: Chapter 1

Oh, this is excellent!

2015.12.06 - 10:10PM
1: Chapter 1

I love this. You tied together all the little pieces we've gotten over the years, and gave the perfect reason for why he broke into the Matrix as a boy. The resolution with K'anpo Rimpoche was perfect, and tied neatly back into canon.

2015.12.06 - 04:45PM
1: Chapter 1

Nos, this was lovely and hopeful. I'm very glad it came my way in the queue!