Reviews For Duplicity

2015.12.30 - 06:54PM
15: Chapter 14

I think this was a turning place for John to fnally know more to help her.

Author's Response: It was a necessary piece of the puzzle, for sure.

2015.12.30 - 06:53PM
14: Chapter 13

It thickens!

Author's Response: It does indeed!

2015.12.30 - 06:52PM
13: Chapter 12

Ooohhh, man poor babies.

Author's Response: Sometimes it seems they just can't catch a break. :/

2015.12.30 - 06:52PM
12: Chapter 11

I see progress, I hope rose can.

Author's Response: She's taking those very necessary baby steps.

2015.12.30 - 06:51PM
11: Chapter 10

I wanna make it better for them

Author's Response: You and me both! :/ It's a tough situation for both of them.

2015.12.30 - 06:50PM
10: Chapter 9

Gulp. Honeymoon!

Author's Response: Indeed...

2015.12.30 - 06:50PM
9: Chapter 8

Still as intense!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2015.12.30 - 06:49PM
8: Chapter 7

I'm glad he found her!

Author's Response: It was for the best...eventually.

2015.12.30 - 06:48PM
7: Chapter 6

I'm catching up again!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you!

2015.12.29 - 04:42PM
26: Chapter 25

I hit submit on my review too soon! Anyway I really enjoyed this chapter and learning more about John. I can hardly wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! More to come soon!

2015.12.29 - 04:40PM
26: Chapter 25

I love all the parallels written here in John's story. He m

Author's Response: Thank you! It was important for me to keep him recognizable, even in AU.

2015.12.26 - 09:14PM
26: Chapter 25

Gorgeous chapter! But so sad. Despite all the talk of how his family had died, this was the line that hurt the most: «He didn’t deserve any attempts to be comforted.»
Whatever is lurking in his past, whatever mysteries need to be revealed, I am so glad he and Rose have one another: two lost souls, dreaming of the stars, but now they can dream together.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! They've both had their share of pain and guilt. The type of thing that might try to rear its ugly head from time to time for both of them. But if any were well-suited to help each other through, it's these two.

2015.12.26 - 07:03PM
26: Chapter 25

Amazing twist - well done!! So it turns out that the adventure is just beginning! Luckily for John, Rose is well suited to helping someone deal with a murky past.

Author's Response: Thank you! And very true...if anyone can relate to John's past issues, it's Rose.

2015.12.26 - 05:32PM
26: Chapter 25

Poor John. I'm glad they finally both have their backgrounds out in the open now and can really move forward on even footing.

Author's Response: It was definitely a necessary conversation, if difficult. More positive progress!

2015.12.26 - 03:53PM
26: Chapter 25

John has dealt with his own share of pain, I'm so glad he and Rose have each other.

Author's Response: He really has. These two certainly deserve a bit of happiness.