Reviews For Duplicity

2016.01.19 - 08:09PM
29: Chapter 28

Oh wow. That was incredible. I would say more but guh! Covers it!

Author's Response: *grins* Guh definitely gets the point across! ;D

2016.01.17 - 04:41AM
29: Chapter 28

Oh, good heavens, I don't even know where to start. You are the queen. Seriously, you write the very best love scenes. This is adorably sweet, meltingly hot, and perfectly in character all rolled into one, and I need to read it a thousand more times!

Author's Response: Oh... *blush* Thank you!! It certainly took some doing to get them to this point, so I wanted to be sure they enjoyed it. ;)

2016.01.16 - 10:27PM
29: Chapter 28

I don't know what happened but I didn't get an email. While I was out and about all morning/afternoon I kept looking (as that's usually when I get the notification) and it still wasn't there by the time I got home. SOOOO happy I came and looked because truly not only been waiting for this practically since the story began, but more so since we knew last week THIS WOULD BE THE START, and then this morning when I got up I was like... today's the day. So again, glad I checked.

This chapter was perfection. I think that with everything that has happened between John and Rose there had to be a bit of awkwardness, even if she wasn't a virgin. But since she was, even more so. Yet she was ready and every step they took seemed natural and right for them. I loved it.

That being said, much as I adored them taking the first steps in total intimacy, I think this part was where I fell in love with the chapter...

Rose had spent her adult life running. Now she felt grounded. She did feel at home here. Here, the estate, and even Johnís stately manor. Because no matter the place, Rose had people who loved, supported and accepted her. She finally belonged.

Absolutely gorgeous. After being 'lost' for so long finally found and exactly where she belongs.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you very, very much! And so glad you checked and found the update! First time awkwardness is inevitable, yes, especially here for Rose. John's patience and understanding was definitely what she needed. And yes, Rose is now right where she belongs. :)

2016.01.16 - 09:10PM
29: Chapter 28

GUH, just GUH......I am in need of a cold shower after reading this. Your very slow climb just about did me in, it is delicious. What amazing writing my dear, you wrote this chapter perfectly. You described the loss of her virginity so accurately and so lovingly, John is absolutely the most patient man on earth.
Thank you for this lovely chapter, it was so well worth waiting for.

Author's Response: I'm so, so glad you enjoyed it! Thank you! After everything Rose has been through, I wanted to be sure this most especially wasn't a negative experience for her, as it could have been. But I knew she was in the best of hands with John. ;)

2016.01.16 - 07:25PM
29: Chapter 28

*swoons* So, so lovely. I adored how very real it was. Awkward sticky bits and all! Fabulous writing :)

Author's Response: Thank you so very much! I'd hoped it would capture that perfectly imperfect experience of their first time intimacy. So happy to know you enjoyed it!

2016.01.16 - 05:37PM
29: Chapter 28

I'm so glad you got them here, to a proper and real honeymoon! And I love the reference to the "oh, she knows" line from the show. Thank you for another wonderful update, I always look forward to Saturdays because of you!

Author's Response: Oh, that means so much. Thank you! And oh yes, she certainly does know. ;)

2016.01.16 - 05:07PM
29: Chapter 28

Oh man..that was done really well. Finally, I'm so happy for them!

Author's Response: Finally indeed! And thank you!

2016.01.16 - 04:09PM
29: Chapter 28

WOW. This was amazing and everything I hoped for them. I'm sorta speechless!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! :)

2016.01.16 - 03:16PM
29: Chapter 28

Guuuhhh... don't apologize for the length of this chapter. It was just gorgeous. You took the time these precious babies needed to have a positive, perfect experience. The little moments of innocence and sweetness just added so much to the intimacy of the moment and, more importantly, the significance of this intimacy.
Beautifully written; a joy to read. These babies deserve no less. I'm a bit of a mess over this, I'm afraid.

Author's Response: I am so very glad you enjoyed it! Thank you! Bringing these two to this point has been a labor of love. Not an easy journey for them, but worth it.

2016.01.16 - 02:49PM
29: Chapter 28

Usually I hate this type of chapters, but this one was cute, amazing and very I dunno perfect in many ways.

Author's Response: Oh, that's quite a compliment! Thank you so very much!

2016.01.10 - 01:47PM
28: Chapter 27

I was thinking, "oh, that last paragraph seemed a lot like an ending! But it's not quite done yet, and I am happy!" Beautiful so far!

Author's Response: Thanks so very much! Yes, still a little more to come. They have to get a re-do of the honeymoon. ;)

2016.01.10 - 12:24AM
28: Chapter 27

Absolute perfection, this chapter is beautiful!!! I am so happy for them, so relieved they are together together. Perfection in every word!!

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much! They finally reached that light at the end of the tunnel. A light that will continue to grow brighter from here. :)

2016.01.09 - 08:46PM
28: Chapter 27

Just when I think this story can't get any better, it does. Rose's proposal was perfect. Perfect. (But it raises some issues if John is really Ten.)

Author's Response: Oh, thanks so very much! Rose is finally sure of what she wants and ready to embrace it. As for any future issues, I've no doubt these two could conquer anything together. :)

2016.01.09 - 05:54PM
28: Chapter 27

I am just in a puddle, my heart completely melted. This was just beautiful. They both deserve this so much.
It is so wonderful to see Jackie progressing too.
Lovely, lovely, lovely chapter.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! Yes, these two so deserve their happiness after all they've come through. Jackie, too. And she's getting there. :)

2016.01.09 - 04:21PM
28: Chapter 27

YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Loved this chapter so much. The dancing, and the way Rose proposed to him again, and the vow renewal, simple and sweet and so very them! Ahhh. All of it. I am so, so happy they're finally ready to really be husband and wife, not just in name.

Author's Response: Thank you! I've been so eager for them to finally reach this point. They've certainly earned it!