Reviews For Duplicity

2015.12.04 - 11:42PM
8: Chapter 7

Oh man, busted😱

Author's Response: Totally!!

2015.12.04 - 11:39PM
7: Chapter 6

Love the Doctor reference, Wilf is happy with a warm thermos and his telescope! Good on ya.
Another sweet kiss, I wish Rose wouldn't think she has to run away.....

Author's Response: I couldn't resist slipping that in. ;) And yes, poor Rose...John is stirring things inside her that she has no idea how to deal with just yet.

2015.12.04 - 06:48PM
6: Chapter 5

I love the changes to work in John's history and it is something I'm curious to learn more of.

Author's Response: Thank you! John's past has not been a particularly sunny one either, something he and Rose have in common.

2015.12.04 - 06:46PM
5: Chapter 4

Did it just get warm in here??

Author's Response: These two can definitely heat up a room! ;)

2015.12.04 - 06:46PM
4: Chapter 3

He nailed the trust issue, one that will really factor in to their story.

Author's Response: Absolutely. That's a major issue in their relationship due to Rose's past, and something she will have to face head-on.

2015.12.04 - 06:45PM
3: Chapter 2

John Smith has a tiger by the tail!

Author's Response: How right you are!

2015.12.04 - 12:11PM
6: Chapter 5

John has me really interested to learn more..

Author's Response: His story is a bit different from the original, which will continue to unfold in the new chapters to come.

2015.12.04 - 12:10PM
5: Chapter 4

I just about melted from that kiss, wow.

Author's Response: You and me both! ;D

2015.12.04 - 12:10PM
4: Chapter 3

They are so great together even if they haven't figured each other out yet.

Author's Response: Can't escape that Ten/Rose chemistry! ;)

2015.12.04 - 12:08PM
3: Chapter 2

Welcome aboard Rose! Xd

Author's Response: She'll make for an interesting employee...

2015.12.04 - 12:08PM
2: Chapter 1

There is clearly a big issue at stake between mother and daughter

Author's Response: Their relationship is unfortunately a strained one for that reason.

2015.12.04 - 12:07PM
1: Prologue

I always meant to comment this story before, here's my chance to do it right :)

Author's Response: I appreciate that so much! Thank you!

2015.12.03 - 08:20PM
6: Chapter 5

Adam has always been such an annoying person, on the series and in this story as well!!

Author's Response: He really is, isn't he?! One of those you love to hate.

2015.12.03 - 08:19PM
5: Chapter 4

Absolutely love the kiss, he just can't help his attraction to her, can he. Even better reading it a second time ❤️

Author's Response: I've convinced myself the Ten/Rose attraction is a universal constant. So glad you're enjoying the re-read! :)

2015.12.03 - 06:37PM
4: Chapter 3

The sparks are going to fly!

Author's Response: Oh yes indeed! ;)