Reviews For Duplicity

2016.01.31 - 04:15PM
31: Epilogue

Rose's transformation in this story has been a joy to behold. She found her inner strength and courage, took the steps needed to find help in overcoming her damaged past, and was able to allow herself to love and set positive goals for her future. And John, able to begin his own healing with Rose's love and support. They are so wonderful together. I can't wait to see new sparks fly and the tantalizing dynamic of the Doctor and Rose as they face this change and have a universe of new possibilities ahead. This was magnificent, and sharing it deserves THANKS at the very least.

Author's Response: Knowing the story has been enjoyed makes the process of sharing it worthwhile. Tremendous thanks for all of your lovely words throughout. I appreciate it more than you know.

2016.01.31 - 01:43PM
31: Epilogue

Thank you, thank you, thank you, for writing this story, and for agreeing to write a sequel to it when time allows. It took guts to do an AU based on such an iconic film, and you did a terrific job. Rose transformed from a haunted shadow to a confident woman with hopes and goals. She had the courage to face what had happened to her, repair the relationship with her mother, and to have a true marriage. I so look forward to seeing how Rose will give Ten/John, the strength he needs to take the final steps in his transformation, and help him face his past as she did hers. So much potential for the next story, and I know you will do a superlative job.

Author's Response: I can't tell you how much I appreciate this, and each of your lovely reviews along the way. Thank you SO much!! If anyone has the strength and experience to help the Doctor find his own path to healing, it's Rose, as she does so well in any universe. Much more of their story to come! I look forward to having you along. :)

2016.01.31 - 04:54AM
1: Prologue

An amazing story! I'd forgotten the references to the fob watch and the unusual blue cabinet! That caught me by (very pleasant!) surprise. I'm really looking forward to the sequel!

You're a wonderful, talented writer, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise! I love every one of your stories, and look forward to many more! *hugs*

Author's Response: Oh, I appreciate that so, so much!! Thank you! And *hugs* to you! :)

2016.01.30 - 10:54PM
31: Epilogue

OMG, I am screaming like a maniac, I can't believe the end of this!!!! Girl, you TOTALLY ROCK, I love love love this story!! You are brilliant, your readers love you, I love you!!!
These characters are amazing, perfection in a magic story of love and survival. The clues were there but I just thought they were Doctor references to keep the story in the Whoniverse, you sly thing. The way you used Wilf as the keeper of the watch, so perfect. Who would suspect a sweet old man to be in charge of our Doctor's fate. Totally brilliant!!!

Omg I'm so excited there will be a sequel, I cannot wait!!!

Thank you thank you thank you for finishing this amazing story 😘

Author's Response: Oh, now you have me blushing! THANK YOU!! I am so, so happy you've enjoyed it. It's been a pleasure having such lovely Who friends along for the journey. *hugs*

2016.01.30 - 09:54PM
31: Epilogue

AAAHHHHHHH! *Cue screaming, incoherent rambling, dying whale noises, heavy breathing, flailing, so much flailing.*

Oh my gosh, this is just the best. I had totally forgotten the pocket watch, and now I'm dying. Wilf watching over him makes me so happy. SOOOOOO excited for a sequel to this. You are beyond brilliant. Now I must read it all from the beginning immediately to pick up on all the clues!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so very, very much!! I can't tell you how much I've appreciated your encouragement throughout and how happy I am you've enjoyed it. :) And sprinkling all the little clues along the way was so much fun. :D

2016.01.30 - 08:42PM
1: Prologue

okay, I'll probably get slapped for this but it's been bugging me enough that I needed to go back and re-read. I can't see where Rose lost her three dimensional-ness as a character. She moulded herself to include John into her life while still allowing herself the freedom to explore a new relationship with Jackie, both separate from and including him. They work in different departments, at different tasks, accomplishing different goals for themselves. She wants to go to school for astronomy - John supports her. This reads like the development of a healthy, cohesive relationship. Not one where each completely do their own separate thing and they love each other so they just sleep together at night. Rose wanted to love John, both for herself and for him and I thought you did a great job of developing that trust between two characters.

Author's Response: This means a great deal to me, thank you. I'm one to believe that going from a damaged, fearful, guarded individual to one who is able to overcome the past and embrace love and build a future rather than live a life of crime controlled by fear shows growth and improvement. I think the potential for this was there in the original film, but it ended before we could see it develop. I'm very happy to know that objective came across here. Writing is a pleasure for me, while sharing it is sometimes less so. Thank you for helping make it worthwhile!

2016.01.30 - 06:58PM
31: Epilogue

I knew it! Iknewitiknewitiknewit! At first I thought you were just teasing us, hinting at the typical DW symbols and themes, but then you would steer away from it again, and I would think ....nah, I'm just reading too much into this.
I'm so glad you finished this story, and I'm really excited about the sequel!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! I wanted to hint without being "too" obvious. I just couldn't resist the idea of, even in AU, a version of the Doctor still finding a version of Rose. Those two were meant to be in any universe. :)

2016.01.30 - 05:59PM
31: Epilogue

YES!!! You foreshadowed this so beautifully! I kept questioning my sanity thinking he was the Doctor, but yes! Oh and Rose. I am so looking forward to how this Rose will react to the Doctor and the TARDIS.

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!! Rose has quite the adventure ahead of her with a Time Lord for a husband! :)

2016.01.30 - 05:35PM
31: Epilogue

Yes!!! I can't wait for the next part!

Author's Response: Thank you!! Next part coming (fairly) soon!

2016.01.30 - 05:28PM
31: Epilogue

What? What!? WHAT!? Okay, awhile back I had this crazy idea that something like this might happen, but then I was like, nah! But look at you, you tricky writer, you!! I cannot wait to see where you take the sequel :) Brilliant writing, WhoMe!!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much, Em!! *hugs* for each of your lovely reviews throughout! Stay tuned... :)

2016.01.30 - 05:15PM
31: Epilogue


Author's Response: I couldn't resist. :D

2016.01.30 - 04:21PM
31: Epilogue

My mother is angry with me because I shouted "oh fcking yes, I fcking knew it" at a reunion.
But I don't care.
Okay, anyways, really I LOVED this story like u don't have idea, I'm very happy to know that we're going to have a sequel (yeii) great work!!!
Greets and you have a fan in México now!!!

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you so much!! Hearing that it has been enjoyed makes it all the more worthwhile, and I'm thrilled to know you did. :)

2016.01.30 - 04:17PM
31: Epilogue

What a twist!!! I'll admit, I was surprised (but happy) when I realized who 'John' really is. I'm so glad you finished this and very excited for the follow-up. Thank you for taking us on this journey with you!

Author's Response: Thank YOU for coming along on the journey!! It's been a pleasure to share in hearing that it has been enjoyed. :)

2016.01.30 - 03:59PM
31: Epilogue

Can I just take a minute to scream: "I KNEW IT!!!!"
I don't know what chapter it was in, but Rose saw an old blue box in one of the rooms and when she pointed it out to John, it was as if he couldn't see it! I had a feeling it was heading towards this! All the clues where there! You are a brilliant author! AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR THE SEQUEL!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!! I had fun including those little clues. ;) The sequel is in the works as we speak!

2016.01.30 - 03:59PM
31: Epilogue

So I've read the entire thing and while you've done some interesting things with John's character and I loved the ending, you've essentially transformed Rose from a three-dimensional woman into a two-dimensional puppy dog. Compared to some of your other stories, namely "...But the Story Never Ends," Rose comes off as underdeveloped. At the beginning, she's decisive, even a bit abrasive. Even if they were illegal, Rose did things. I liked that because Rose was shown to be heroic and flawed at the same time, sort of the Doctor's equal and closer to what we see on the show. Then she meets John and becomes a typical "hausfrau" where his happiness clearly outweighs hers. By the twenty-second chapter, she's a semblance of the original character, where falling in love has caused her to become a follower and not an equal. Other than struggle over her feelings for John, she ceases to do anything in the story. Up to the end, John's still driving the plot and she's become a prop. In the sequel, I'd like to see her become more independent from John/the Doctor; she can still love him without loosing herself.

Author's Response: I could form counter-arguments and debate each of your points, but I don't enjoy nor engage in that type of thing. I write for enjoyment, to temporarily escape life's stress, not add to it. Happy reading elsewhere. :)