Reviews For Duplicity

2015.12.19 - 08:56PM
1: Prologue

Perfect! The tentative dance these two have with each other is so addictive, it's the perfect birthday present for me! My Saturdays were so lonely without them.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so very much! And Happy Birthday!!! Several more chapters remaining, so more Saturdays to come. :)

2015.12.19 - 03:19PM
25: Chapter 24

What a wonderful way to spend my day off...this was brilliant and the ogling the bum was priceless.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you so much! When realizing Rose's position relative to John's, the ogling bit just sort of...happened. ;) Glad you enjoyed the chapter!

2015.12.19 - 02:18PM
25: Chapter 24

I've been excitedly waiting for this chapter as you've gotten closer and closer. Thank you for keeping up with this fic and I just love where you're going with it. Rose ogling John's bum was perfect and I love the observatory in the old silo! As always, thank you & I'll eagerly await the next update! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for patiently sticking with it! And who could blame Rose for a bit of ogling, eh? ;) Next chapter is in the editing phase as we speak!

2015.12.19 - 01:57PM
25: Chapter 24

If I wasn't out in public, I'd be doing a happy dance. Seriously. Since the previous chapter was reposted I've been waiting for Saturday, waiting for this moment. I've missed our Rose and John sooooo much! The precious babies. I loved this so much
Saxon's down fall was a great start but it was the rest of course that were a lovely early Christmas present. Love John's needing things blue, love the observatory (so him) and him revealing he's really only this open with her. Rose's thoughts and ogling his bum (who can blame her, it's a fantastic one!), what they said to each other. Just perfect and exactly what I wanted.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so, so much! I've really missed these two as well, and it felt so good to dust off this chapter, polish and post it. I'm glad it didn't disappoint, and I promise much more to come. :)

2015.12.17 - 05:48PM
24: Chapter 23

Next chapter! Next chapter!

Author's Response: Coming very soon, I promise! Should be ready by the weekend. Thank you so much for catching back up and taking the time to review! :)

2015.12.17 - 05:47PM
23: Chapter 22

Ok, now I can breathe!

Author's Response: Deep breath!

2015.12.17 - 05:46PM
22: Chapter 21

Don't let the door hit ya on the way out Reinette!

Author's Response: Well

2015.12.17 - 05:46PM
21: Chapter 20

Incredible intensity.

Author's Response: Thank you. :)

2015.12.17 - 05:45PM
20: Chapter 19

Just wow.

Author's Response: A doozy of a chapter.

2015.12.17 - 05:45PM
19: Chapter 18

That man is pure evil.

Author's Response: I agree!

2015.12.17 - 05:44PM
18: Chapter 17

Dun, dun, dunnnn!

Author's Response: Yet another cliffie...

2015.12.17 - 05:44PM
17: Chapter 16


Author's Response: Thank you! :)

2015.12.17 - 05:43PM
16: Chapter 15

Rose has been through it and then some.

Author's Response: Yes, she certainly has. :/

2015.12.17 - 05:42PM
15: Chapter 14

More clues!

Author's Response: Indeed...

2015.12.17 - 05:42PM
14: Chapter 13

Oh that woman!

Author's Response: She doesn't have many fans!