Reviews For Duplicity

2015.12.26 - 03:52PM
24: Chapter 23


Author's Response: Yes, indeed!

2015.12.26 - 03:52PM
23: Chapter 22

Such an intense conclusion to Saxon's evil ways.

Author's Response: He wasn't one to go down without a fight! But go down he did.

2015.12.26 - 03:50PM
22: Chapter 21

Good riddance to that woman!

Author's Response: Hear, hear! Reinette was never a favorite of mine, but the character from Marnie whom she portrays here was just plain nasty. Bleh!

2015.12.26 - 03:49PM
21: Chapter 20

Jackie and Rose both have a lot of healing ahead of them.

Author's Response: They definitely do. A work in progress...

2015.12.26 - 03:49PM
20: Chapter 19

This one really grabs me by the heartstrings.

Author's Response: It was a tough one for me to write as well. :/

2015.12.26 - 03:48PM
19: Chapter 18

Saxon deserves all he gets and more.

Author's Response: I wholeheartedly agree!

2015.12.26 - 02:56PM
26: Chapter 25

I squealed with this chapter! I've had theories about John and it's all fitting so well. Time will tell either way. I can't get enough of these two together, they're beautiful.

Author's Response: Thank you! Like Rose, John's life has not always been an easy one, either. But each has found strength and understanding in the other.

2015.12.26 - 02:16PM
26: Chapter 25

Well that definitely gave us readers something to chew on!!! I'm not sure if he's a fobbed Doctor (wasn't there something like a TARDIS in his study?) and Wilf is a companion/protector/overseeer or if you're just creating parallels to the show but regardless of which it is (I'm obviously not expecting an answer on that right now) what I absolutely adore is that it isn't just Rose who needs him. He needs her, desperately. I love that. And while of course I want them to have more/everything together (c'mon we ALL do!), he so clearly is putting her well being before his desires and that's what love is, just like it said. While there was some pain this was an incredible chapter.

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! Yes, there's a lot in John's past that has left him just as much in need of support and understanding as Rose. Just having someone who understands, who's been there, who accepts him for who he is, makes such a difference for someone who's tried to carry his burdens alone.

2015.12.22 - 04:09PM
25: Chapter 24

Created an account to leave a first ever review on anything to tell you how much I enjoy this story. It's compelling and engaging and I so appreciate the time you've taken to write it. Thank you!

Author's Response: Oh, I can't tell you how much it means to hear that! Thank you so, so much! I'm thrilled to know you're reading and enjoying it, and I greatly appreciate you taking the time to let me know. :)

2015.12.21 - 08:05PM
25: Chapter 24

Love the cottage, it sounds like a perfect get away. These two are just too sweet, I'm so happy for Rose's progress..... Bum watching and a spontaneous hug... I can't wait to see what you have in store for them next!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! They really needed a place to just retreat and relax, and there is much more progress in store. ;)

2015.12.21 - 04:47PM
25: Chapter 24

I am so relieved Saxon is done for, and Rose and John can really move forward. The pace they've set is perfect, I am very eager to see how much closer they become.

Author's Response: Thank you! Saxon was a thorn in the side of many. Good riddance! John and Rose still have ground to cover, but they're on the right track, at last.

2015.12.20 - 04:55PM
25: Chapter 24

I adore the cottage and the setting is perfect for them. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love little country cottages, and it seemed the ideal place for their little getaway.

2015.12.20 - 02:33PM
25: Chapter 24

Love, love, love this chapter! They are so Doctor and Rose in personality and I can't wait to see things progress even more.

Author's Response: I'm happy you enjoyed it...thank you! I'm glad to hear their core characteristics are recognizable, even in AU. And yes, much more progress to come!

2015.12.20 - 01:42PM
25: Chapter 24

An observatory in a silo in Scotland - now that was worth the wait! Out in the country, with just the two of them, their shyness and awkwardness seems much more mutual, that closeness will be a process for both of them. Eagerly awaiting the moment when John shows Rose the stars!

Author's Response: Thank you! An observatory just seemed meant to be. ;) Getting closer will mean taking a few more baby steps, but they're on the right track, if still a little shy and cautious.

2015.12.20 - 02:49AM
25: Chapter 24

Gosh, these two are so adorable! I love their increasing voluntary vulnerability with each other, and I'm eager to see how they continue opening up on their hard-earned getaway. They've been through so much and deserve all the happiness in the world, hard as that is to come by.

Author's Response: Thank you! It's taken a series of baby steps for them to get here, with more ground still to cover, but they're finally on the right path!