Reviews For Dispossessed

2015.12.15 - 08:36PM
13: Chapter 13

Let's see of Dr. Drummond has the patience of Martha :) He's gonna need it!

Author's Response: Hopefully he will be able to deal with them both, I suppose he's lucky in a way that the Doctor is not going to be thinking much about getting out and about and being silly while he heals.

2015.12.15 - 05:31PM
12: Chapter 12

It's going to take a long time for her to recover. I wonder if she'll ever feel normal again and not blame herself for what happened.

Author's Response: It's going to be hard, it's certainly nothing that will ever be forgotten, but hopefully there will be forgiveness for each other and for themselves.

2015.12.14 - 09:31PM
12: Chapter 12

Rose has a long way to go yet.

Author's Response: Yeah, she does, it's going to be a slow process, and even when things do look like they're getting better things are going to be able to take them by surprise.

2015.12.13 - 06:11PM
11: Chapter 11

The question still remains, how will the Doctor feel about all this when he wakes?

Author's Response: Not very happy I should think

2015.12.09 - 08:48PM
10: Chapter 10

I see what Nalide and Gina are trying to do, hope it works.

Author's Response: Hopefully it will give her something to think about.

2015.12.05 - 07:39AM
9: Chapter 9

I'm surprised Rose is even still around to fall into Pete's World.

Author's Response: There is that - but she is a strong girl.

2015.12.04 - 05:53PM
6: Chapter 6

Poor Doctor, he needs someone's hand to hold more than ever, but Rose can't be that hand for him.

Author's Response: They are both going to have to do some healing apart from each other or they are going to drive each other mad.

2015.12.04 - 05:51PM
9: Chapter 9

Honestly with the way things are going between the two of them, if the story follows the rest of the season, he is going to be relieved when she gets trapped in Pete's world rather than upset.

Author's Response: Maybe they were tears of relief, I mean he put the dimension jumper around her neck and sent her away from him - maybe he really was annoyed when she came back.

2015.12.03 - 05:42PM
8: Chapter 8

Poor Rosie!

Author's Response: She's going to be in such a state.

2015.12.02 - 07:58PM
7: Chapter 7

I love hoe you are treating the Tardis as just as much of a character as Dr. Drummond, Rose, Gina, Nalide and the Doctor.

Author's Response: The TARDIS gets left out a lot of the time. I like to think of her being able to communicate with the Doctor and the like even if 'The Doctor's Wife' kind of put that to bed a bit.

2015.12.01 - 11:01AM
5: Chapter 5

Nalide is being sensible if a little over cautious. But I guess if it means keeping his family safe, then maybe it's okay to be a little overcautious.

Just hop[e everything will turn out okay and the Doctor and Rose can put all this behind them.

Author's Response: He doesn't really know the Doctor and Rose that well, and when confronted with what they've walked into he has to put his family first and ensure their safety. At least he's going to help.

2015.11.29 - 06:17PM
4: Chapter 4

I know Nalide is concerned for his wife and son. I also believe he is a sensible person and I'm glad the Tardis is also being sensible.

Author's Response: Nalide does have his head screwed on so when he understands what's going on he'll get it.

2015.11.29 - 05:34PM
1: Chapter 1

Yay! A sequel! It's like an early christmas present! A kinda disturbing one, though... But still!

Author's Response: Lol, Happy Christmas! I'm so behind in the reviews that I've missed it and we're probably closer to Easter!

2015.11.28 - 02:58PM
3: Chapter 3

So the police box is really being a police box and doing what it was meant to do?

Author's Response: Yeah, it is for now

2015.11.28 - 02:55AM
2: Chapter 2

I feel sorry for the TARDIS. All she can do is watch. She can't help them herself.

Author's Response: She is in a difficult position knowing both the Doctor and Rose are in trouble and being able to do very little about it, she must also feel some sort of responsibility for Bad Wolf too.