Reviews For Dispossessed

2015.12.26 - 06:58PM
24: Chapter 24

They are talking!

Author's Response: Just about anyway.

2015.12.26 - 06:22PM
24: Chapter 24

At least they found a way to communicate and Rose is eating.

Author's Response: Yeah, writing letters to each other may seem a bit daft, but for now it works. Whether either of them will be able to sustain it will remain to be seen.

2015.12.22 - 11:31PM
20: Chapter 20

You're doing a fantastic job with this story. I read your updates as soon as they show on my email! I am encouraged by the small amount of progress both Rose and the Doctor achieve at the end of this chapter. A little bit of hope for us. Can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Unfortunately it's going to be pretty much a roller coaster ride, but hopefully they will get somewhere they can move forward from at the end.

2015.12.22 - 07:33PM
20: Chapter 20

Poor Rose

Author's Response: She's not in a very good place.

2015.12.22 - 05:45PM
19: Chapter 19

I wonder what's going to happen the next time the Doctor sees Rose. Hopefully it'll go better.

Author's Response: Hopefully things will improve, but then there may be times when things seem okay and then they're really not. It's going to be hard for them all.

2015.12.22 - 12:19AM
16: Chapter 16

Oh... I'm starting to wonder who I feel more sorry for. Poor Rose. She was finally making progress.

Author's Response: It's going to be a roller coaster ride for both of them.

2015.12.21 - 06:10PM
18: Chapter 18

I remember reading Possession and being all like "No! Not Rose!" *sobs* both Possession and Dispossessed are amazing stories! Can't wait for more just let me get my tissues and my boyfriend's should ready (both to cry into)

Author's Response: Glad that you're enjoying the story. Apologise to your boyfriend for me!

2015.12.20 - 07:04PM
16: Chapter 16

Do you sometimes have to put a book away because you just know something bad is going to happen? Oh and why arn't there nice padded cot sides on his bed so the Doctor is all cosy and safe?

Author's Response: I think the TARDIS is going to learn her lesson about the idiocy of the Doctor jumping out of bed!

2015.12.20 - 02:20PM
16: Chapter 16

Hopefully they can help him before he ends up regenerating due to his injuries.

Author's Response: It's definitely going to be tough.

2015.12.19 - 05:43PM
15: Chapter 15

I think Nalide is right. The Doctor needs to see Rose. He's so used to protecting her and comforting her and now he can't do that. Hearing Rose screaming like that would make anyone run to see if she was alright. I feel sorry for both of them.

Author's Response: It's going to be tough, because even if the Doctor would have benefitted from seeing Rose, would Rose have benefitted from seeing the Doctor? They have to balance them both.

2015.12.19 - 05:01AM
15: Chapter 15

That was very clever what you did there.Confirms my very basic understanding of gallifreyan too It's a shame the Tardis does'n have a emergency protocol to just take off with all on board to give them time to deal with it all without having to deal with employers and that.

Author's Response: I try to use the same words for the same meaning in Gallifreyan when I write so it kind of can be picked up on lol. I'm not always very good at it though!

2015.12.19 - 01:24AM
14: Chapter 14

Oh god, oh god I think I can understand gallifreyan! Wait does that mean! (Runs outside to to look for Tardis). Nah, just know the old fool. Do you think you can lie telepathically or is it absolutly true communication?

Author's Response: If telepathy is just the projection of thought then you'd be able to project an untruth wouldn't you? I think the connection between the Doctor and the TARDIS is more significant though and he's not going to be able to pull the wool over her metaphoric eyes.

2015.12.18 - 06:42PM
14: Chapter 14

I love the bit with the TARDIS reading to the Doctor at the end in Gallifreyan. I hope the Doctor will open up about how he feels.

Author's Response: It's going to take something to push him over the edge before he finally lets it go and it's not going to be pretty when he does.

2015.12.17 - 07:22PM
14: Chapter 14

They did that so Dr. Drummond couldn't overhear their conversation.

Author's Response: I am not sure it was with the intent of the medic not being able to understand, but so that the Doctor got some comfort from his own language.

2015.12.15 - 08:45PM
13: Chapter 13

Oh, I'm so glad the Doctor is awake. Tough times ahead for he and Rose.

Author's Response: It's going to be hard for both of them.