Reviews For Dispossessed

2016.01.10 - 02:52PM
34: Chapter 34

I'm glad the Doctor seems a little better physically, anyway. And that Jackie is there to help both of them. This may be a lull before another storm, of course, but it's good to see some healing going on.

2016.01.09 - 04:48PM
33: Chapter 33

Oh, such a reaction!

2016.01.08 - 08:39PM
32: Chapter 32

The cutest moment ever! I'm glad Rose was there to help hin

2016.01.08 - 05:17PM
32: Chapter 32

I'm not surprised the Doctor reacted the way he did. As hard as it was I think the TARDIS needed to do that to him. I'm glad Rose was there to calm him down.

2016.01.05 - 05:18AM
31: Chapter 31

My dog is from spain and what he expirienced there left him very scared of many things. You have to watch him very closely to notice all the little signals of fear or panic so you can calm him before the panic grabs him and runs away with him. I can't shout at him or force him to endure things (children) because it would be far to scary for him. He's taught me to be a lot calmer and he is a great dog. He has learned that as nothing is going to happen to him. None of the people with the Doctor is a trained psychiatrist but if they pay attention to what his bodylanguage and his words are saying they can help him through this.

2016.01.02 - 12:54PM
30: Chapter 30

I believe Jacky has a very big soft spot in her heart for the Tenth Doctor. I love the way you write them, it's such a shame we didn't get to see them on the Telly more often. Headcanon: the Doctor and Rose stayed at Jacky's flat for at least a month after the christmas invasion

2016.01.01 - 06:47PM
30: Chapter 30

Good for Jackie. The Doctor needs a mother just as much as Rose at the moment.

2015.12.31 - 05:07PM
29: Chapter 29

Jackie being there could be just what Rose and the Doctor need. I hope she can help.

2015.12.31 - 11:10AM
29: Chapter 29

Rose told her side of that story really well and I'm glad Jacky understands the Doctor's actions too.

2015.12.30 - 01:18AM
28: Chapter 28

Jacky and Micky helped Rose break open the Tardisconsole. They don't know but they have more to do with the creation of Bad Wolf than the Doctor.

2015.12.28 - 08:59PM
28: Chapter 28

I'm very glad Rose got her Mum (didn't see that one coming, but I don't think I like Jackie very much right now. And I usually do. Twists and turns, very unslinky.

2015.12.28 - 01:57AM
27: Chapter 27

Jacky to the rescue! Let's hope Rose didn't hear the Tardis leaving, that they were really only gone a minute and that the Doctor hasn't risked his recovery. He is still so new, no friends yet (not even Sarah Jane) and so very self reliant. More like the ninth Doctor really, fresh from the war, just him and the Tardis left.

2015.12.27 - 01:43PM
27: Chapter 27

Oh, good. I'm so glad Rose's cutting was discovered and that the Doctor went to get Jackie. It was hard, but it was the right thing to do. I think they both need her.

2015.12.27 - 06:15AM
24: Chapter 24

They are all completly out of their depth, including the Tardis. They could really do with professional help, their frinds and Rose needs her her Mum. Jacky would notice what's going on. Somebody needs to before Rose tries to “ help“ The Doctor.

2015.12.26 - 09:19PM
24: Chapter 24

I love the Doctor's letters. All rambling and funny and sweet, just like his usual talking. I think the TARDIS monitoring Rose might notice the changes from her cutting. I hate to see that, by the way, and hope she will be caught at it and stopped soon. I know people do that and it's very well written, it's just hard to read.

Author's Response: Finding a way to cope is necessary for Rose, but seeing it being done through cutting is hard. The Doctor's trying his hardest to be normal in the letters, but I think a fair bit of it is forced as well.