Reviews For Dispossessed

2016.04.14 - 11:46AM
45: Chapter 45

I think Rose should be told about what the Doctor is feeling as it is only fair to her. and in the long run to him.

2016.04.13 - 04:48PM
43: Chapter 43

Yay! I'm so happy that you're back! It's always interesting to see how the Doctor's mind works. It sounds like he's still trying to avoid thinking about what happened. I don't blame him, but sooner or later he is probably going to crash.

2016.04.12 - 09:17PM
44: Chapter 44

Hope Gabe doesn't start moping and thinking he mad the Doctor sore again, It was an accident.

2016.04.12 - 06:19PM
44: Chapter 44

Ah, the poor Doctor. Gets his knee knocked about, and he can't control his memories of the assaults. A pity there isn't a drug other than sedatives to settle him.

2016.04.12 - 12:00AM
43: Chapter 43

Yay, new chapter. A few mispells but I'm personally fine with that. It happens to the best of us with computers.

2016.04.11 - 10:43PM
43: Chapter 43

I, too, love a Doctor brain (or body) examination. Very glad you're back.

2016.04.11 - 06:15PM
43: Chapter 43

Ah, brilliant! So happy to see you back. I would never complain about a RL hiatus, considering I just came off an over a year-long one. I love this emphasis on the Doctor's thought processes, though. It falls right in with the idea that he "always has a plan" in his head. If he's thinking of all the possible actions he can take, he's well ahead in the game.

2016.04.11 - 05:03PM
43: Chapter 43

Welcome back!

2016.04.06 - 01:45PM
42: Chapter 42

I love this fic! I keep hoping you'll update it. You do such an amazing job with all the medical aspects and your grasp of the characters and their interactions is nothing short of brilliant! I also have become enormously fond of your original characters. You're a brilliant author!

2016.03.30 - 06:54PM
1: Chapter 1

When will the new chapter be in I've been waiting for like three and a half months; or at least it feels like it.

2016.03.06 - 06:53PM
42: Chapter 42

Great stuff as always. It's been a bit since you've updated. i hope all is well and that you haven't lost your writing mojo!

2016.01.23 - 10:53PM
42: Chapter 42

A little shopping therapy never hurts.

2016.01.23 - 12:37PM
39: Chapter 39

I think Jacky cares alot for the Doctor.

2016.01.23 - 12:26PM
42: Chapter 42

It's so interesting how differently Rose, Jacky and the Doctor think about the practicalities of timetravel. I think I would be like Jacky.

2016.01.21 - 03:29PM
41: Chapter 41

I never know what Rose remembers about beeing Bad Wolf, on the telly I mean. In Doomsday she tells a Dalek that she's met the Emperor. That she took the Timevortex and pourd it in his head. I hate that scene! But does she remember saving Captain Jack? Maybe that would help her. The I bring live bit. Lets just hope she doesn't remember commiting genocide against the Daleks!