Reviews For Dispossessed

2016.10.14 - 01:22AM
50: Chapter 50

Welcome back. I hope you've had a lovely summer, missed you.

Author's Response: Thank you, hope you had a good summer too, and sorry that I was away so long!

2016.10.13 - 10:52PM
55: Chapter 55

Like I said, Jackie's dating an alien and loving it too!

Author's Response: I think her mind is being opened to all kinds of things

2016.10.10 - 04:53PM
54: Chapter 54

Psst! Jackie's dating an alien! ;)

Author's Response: Don't tell everyone! I wonder what Bev would think of that??

2016.10.08 - 07:49PM
53: Chapter 53

Glad he likes the soup.

Author's Response: I think it's just as well because Jackie has made a vat of it!

2016.10.07 - 07:14PM
52: Chapter 52

C'mon, Doctor, Try it! You'll like it!

Author's Response: I am sure he will as long as he decides to be sensible for a change.

2016.10.06 - 07:10PM
51: Chapter 51

Poor Doctor! and poor Rose!

Author's Response: They aren't in a very good place, Rose doesn't know how to look after him, and the Doctor is still suffering the aftermath of what was done to him by the Wolf which makes it all harder for Rose too

2016.10.06 - 06:11PM
50: Chapter 50

So glad to see you back!!! I've missed you!

Author's Response: Sorry I left it so long, it's been one of those years! Restructure at work means working Monday to Friday at work now and not shifts and though hours haven't changed seem to have a lot less free time! Especially since the restructure involved being taken over by a new company and a 5.5k pay cut so working tonnes of overtime etc - still was one of the lucky ones who didn't get made redundant so trying hard to look at the positives with that one! Anyway, nights are drawing in and it's getting dark earlier so can't spend the evenings in the garden so have got this one to finish off (it's all written but not typed), and have got another one written and finished, and a couple of scrappy ones that aren't close to being finished. Also been working on an original story to see how that goes, but having a bit of a breather from life for a bit.

2016.10.06 - 12:58AM
50: Chapter 50

I've missed you! I'm glad you're back!

Author's Response: Sorry I was gone for so long. I wasn't intending to be away that long it just kind of happened.

2016.10.05 - 09:51PM
50: Chapter 50

I'm glad you're back, too! I don't panic anymore when you disappear, been there, done that. Will always wait for you.

Author's Response: Sorry, don't mean to cause a panic, but this kind of always seems to be all or nothing, I'm never able to find some kind of happy medium of a couple of chapters a week or something, I tend to get to the point where I'm on overload and have to sack it off before I go mad! I think I'm in a better place with that now, no chapter today lol, though that is grating on me a bit, just a niggle (largely because I typed it up on another computer and then forgot to email it over to this one). I know I can't afford to be spending all my free time doing this though, in fact, in five minutes I'm logging off and going for a swim! Cozzy is on and towel is at the ready.

2016.10.05 - 08:54PM
50: Chapter 50

Welcome back!

Author's Response: Thank you, sorry that I was gone for so long.

2016.04.22 - 12:41PM
49: Chapter 49

Bahahahaaa! The Doctor in the lingerie section, and with Jackie to boot! Ah, that is just awesome.

Author's Response: He got caught in the knicker aisle!!

2016.04.20 - 06:22PM
49: Chapter 49

I get the feeling that the Doctor is going to be sicker than just having a mere headache.

Author's Response: Yeah, there is something going on there isn't there, hopefully they will be able to sort it out for him reasonably easily.

2016.04.19 - 07:47PM
48: Chapter 48

Jackie's right about everything she told Rose. It's like a saying I've been hearing, "If life hands you lemons, Make Lemonade"

Author's Response: Yeah, sometimes that is easier said than done though isn't it? And unless you've got some of life's sugars to add to the mix then lemonade is just sour and watery.

2016.04.18 - 08:43PM
47: Chapter 47

Something is developing I can tell.

2016.04.17 - 06:55PM
46: Chapter 46

Did Dr. Drummond and Jackie just decide to go out on a date? ;o)