Reviews For Dispossessed

2016.12.10 - 06:32PM
70: Chapter 70

Hope the Doctor don't push himself too much, Rose is being patient with him.

2016.12.09 - 05:32PM
69: Chapter 69

So he got his other "girl" back ;)

2016.12.06 - 08:29PM
67: Chapter 67

Listen to Rose, Jackie, Pete would have been happy to know you are happy, even with an alien ;)

2016.12.05 - 07:00PM
66: Chapter 66

I think some more healing of the Doctor's emotions is needed before they can resume any kind of relationship. Rose is right, what if he had struck out at a vulnerable area like her head or face and really did some damage. They need to cool it with sharing a bed for a while.

2016.10.29 - 11:38AM
63: Chapter 63

Being a Time Lord, and the last one in existence, can be harsh.

2016.10.29 - 11:22AM
62: Chapter 62

I'm not a big Rose fan either, but you've written her brilliantly.

2016.10.25 - 01:36AM
62: Chapter 62

I don't really like Rose, but when you write her I can understand why the Doctor wants to be with her.

2016.10.20 - 08:23PM
61: Chapter 61

I was surprised it was Rose who had the nightmare. But I'm glad she was with the Doctor when it happened.

2016.10.20 - 07:55PM
61: Chapter 61

Very nice chapter. Their tangled feelings are well explained.

2016.10.19 - 08:49PM
60: Chapter 60

I agree with Dr. Drummond ;)

2016.10.18 - 08:54PM
59: Chapter 59

no reasoning with either five-year-olds or Time Lords!

2016.10.16 - 07:58PM
58: Chapter 58

It must be areally frustrating and disappointing thing to have finally get up enough courage to begin a relationship with someone only to have an entity like the Wolf interfere and destroy the flower before it is in full bloom.

The Doctor's going to need a lot of counselling and lots of love and attention.

2016.10.15 - 09:47PM
57: Chapter 57

Uh-Oh! I think Rose and Robin have competition!

Author's Response: I am sure that no lines would be crossed lol

2016.10.14 - 04:26PM
56: Chapter 56

Jackie says she's not smart. But I think she is the smartest one there. She's smart in all the right things.

Author's Response: She has got a good head on her shoulders when it comes down to it, and while everyone else is focusing on the big and impossible things she'll get him a lamp and help from the bottom up.

2016.10.14 - 03:28PM
56: Chapter 56

Loved Jackie in this chapter. Rose is, indeed, Jackie's daughter. I think you have done a very, very good job of portraying her as the great mum I always thought she was.

Author's Response: She got off to a bit of a ropey start when she realised that Rose was hurt, but now she knows what happened and what the Doctor endured for her daughter she'll be there for him as much as she can be too.