Reviews For The Rhythm of War

2016.01.26 - 01:09PM
8: Chapter 8

Nothing worse like knowing there's someone behind you and not being able to see them. This chapter was pretty creepy. :)

Author's Response: That would definitely be freaky. Especially if it was totally dark. I'm happy that you found it creepy! The next chapter is going to be fun. I think the Master's going to wish he was left alone in the dark instead of what happens next.

2016.01.25 - 03:01PM
8: Chapter 8

wow it gave me shivers on my spine and goose bumps of pleasure :) Brilliant ending/ entry for The DOctor

Author's Response: I tried to make it really creepy but I wasn't sure if it worked. I'm glad it turned out that way. There's nothing creepier than being trapped in the darkness knowing you're being watched. But the Doctor's just getting started. The true terror is only beginning for the Master.

2016.01.16 - 12:07PM
7: Chapter 7

Finally the pain broke out and the darkness is coming! What will the master suffer from it :) i cant wait to see

Author's Response: The darkness is coming and it's stronger than ever. The Master is going to suffer more than he ever has. He's going to truly fear the Doctor like he should.

2016.01.05 - 03:25AM
6: Chapter 6

I can't wait to see how far the Doctor will go in torturing the master :) and are you planing something with those headaches

Author's Response: The Doctor is going to put the Master through hell for everything he's done to him during and after The Year. I've got several more ideas planned that might just push the Master to the breaking point. I am planning something with the headaches the Doctor's been having that will be explained later on. I'm glad that you're enjoying it!

2015.12.25 - 04:44PM
5: Chapter 5

It really does look like the Master won't give up any time soon. Merry Christmas!

Author's Response: No, the Master won't give up until he gets what he wants no matter how long it takes. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

2015.12.10 - 11:36PM
4: Chapter 4

The Master will now know what it feels like to be enslaved. Great chapter, I wonder what will the Doctor do next.

Author's Response: The Master is trapped and helpless and now at the mercy of the Doctor. The Doctor is going to get his revenge and it's going to be pretty brutal, exactly what the Master deserves. Thanks for the review!

2015.12.10 - 09:53AM
4: Chapter 4

I enjoyed reading this chapter :) the master finally got what he deserved. Please make him the doctors slave :) and maybe after he will go back to jack he does need a witness to his glory

Author's Response: After everything he did to the Doctor the Master is getting what he deserves. The Doctor is finally going to get his revenge and the Master is going to suffer. The Master is no longer in control.

2015.11.29 - 02:18AM
3: Chapter 3

That ending! Looks like the Master's plans are backfiring on him. :)

Author's Response: The Master definitely wasn't expecting that at all. He's probably going to wish he killed the Doctor instead of just leaving him to die, especially after what's going to happen next.

2015.11.28 - 12:26PM
3: Chapter 3

You have no idea how much i loved thr ending of this chapter! How i imagined The doctor coming from behind and just bang his head like he was some stupid kid

Author's Response: The Doctor's just getting started. Things are going to get pretty intense in the next chapter. Neither one of them is willing to surrender.

2015.11.21 - 05:07PM
1: Chapter 1

Can't wait to see what happens to the Master! Awesome chapter! :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much. I'm glad you loved it! The Master is in for a world of hurt. It's going to get ugly for him, but he's resourceful. He should be able to come up with a plan to survive.

2015.11.20 - 03:13AM
2: Chapter 2

Yes! Finally the master gets it :) I can't wait to see more of the empire and what will happen when he comes to earth

Author's Response: The Master's not finished off that easily. I have big plans for him and the Doctor. I've planned out most of the rest of the series and there should be one or two more stories after this one. Whether or not the Master is in the other ones I haven't entirely decided yet, but he'll be around for now. The Doctor wants him to suffer and he's not getting off that easily.

2015.11.09 - 12:05AM
1: Chapter 1

Wow! Glad you are back :) brilliant first chapter!

Author's Response: I'm happy to see that you're back to read it. Yay! I never meant to have such a long gap between this story and the last one. It just kind of happened but it's very good to be back. :)