Reviews For The Rhythm of War

2016.08.18 - 11:49PM
24: Chapter 24

You are blowing my mind . I was reading the part about how the tardis is blowing up When my air-conditioner shifted and made a noise and I jumped a foot! This is some intense reading !.

I just had an idea...... these two are going to get up and make better because they didn't realize how much they can't live without the other( because they almost did . )

I hope this makes sense . I was admitted to the hospital and I have my Kindle with me so I won't miss a story yeah your story😎.

Author's Response: You could be on to something about them. The Doctor and the Master have spent all this time hating each other and trying to kill each other. The Doctor didn't realize until he almost lost the Master just how much he needed him. Things are about to change for both of them. I hope that you feel better soon so you're not stuck in the hospital for too long. *hugs*

2016.08.11 - 08:49PM
22: Chapter 22

I can't tell you how excited I was to see your story in my mailbox . You are right we, the more excitement I am feeling . Your writing is making me see the flames, hear the Dalek screaming , and hear the Master 's inchoate despair: the Doctor was more evil than even he thought he could be.

Poor tardis . She did not deserve this . There is no way that Doctor can be healed unless the tardis can be fully healed and how can that be when she has been dimensionally warped by the master a second time?

Yes sir, I am emotionally invested in this story . Look at the bright side , at least I've stopped complaining that there's no new Dr. Who until 2017 so I guess there's that .;)

Author's Response: I was really excited to read your review! I wanted to try and make everything as descriptive as possible. The Daleks have always haunted the Master since the Time War. He thought they were monsters and he never expected the Doctor to be worse than them. He saw just how horrible the Doctor could be. I feel bad for the TARDIS. She didn't deserve what the Master did to her. The Doctor might be healed from the side effects the paradox machine is having on his mind if he can change her back to normal. There's still some hope yet. It's really disappointing that there's no Doctor Who until next year. I couldn't go an entire year without watching it so I've been rewatching the new series starting with season 1. I'm just on season 5 now and it's helping with the lack of a new season.

2016.07.13 - 04:13AM
20: Chapter 20

Thanks . I am totally swept up in your story . This is some the best writing and plot lines I have seen in quite some time .

Thank you for explaining the oncoming storm. Now, I get it . Let me not interrupt anymore of your writing time..... get back to writing another cliffhanger and leaving me hanging for another weekend;)

Author's Response: Thank you for the compliment. I really appreciate it. I'm just happy to know that you like reading my story. I love getting your reviews and questions. Hopefully I'll have some time to get some writing done this weekend. I've been writing ahead a bit and there's so much that I can't wait to have posted so you can read it. It's going to be fun!

2016.07.12 - 07:52PM
20: Chapter 20

How could the Doctor ever heal from this? What does the oncoming storm actually do as a power ? It hasn't really done much for the Doctor except make his eyes look scary . Sorry, cliffhangers make me nervous and you do them so well !

Author's Response: The Doctor will heal in time. Eventually he'll be okay from what the Master just did to him. The power of the Oncoming Storm, or his true self, is all of the rage and hatred and inner strength that he possesses. Before The Year he was his normal self and now he's changed. He's been holding back for the longest time and he's finally unleashing his dark side. It's not so much a power. It's more like the evil inside him and the need to kill. It's kind of tied into the drums and his destiny. I'm not very good at explaining this. Sorry. It's hard to put a feeling into words sometimes. I hope that helps.

2016.07.01 - 09:16PM
19: Chapter 19

Great cliffhanger . I almost feel bad for the Daleks. Almost ;) I will be waiting on pins and needles for the next installment .

Author's Response: I'm glad you liked the cliffhanger. It's going to get pretty intense from now until the end. The Daleks are in trouble, but so are the Doctor and the Master. Wait until you find out what the Daleks have planned. It's not going to be good. :)

2016.06.22 - 02:27AM
18: Chapter 18

Oook... I was not expecting Daleks :) but knowing you it probably is the test of fate for the Master. I am guessing the Doctor planned this :)

Author's Response: I've been planning something with Daleks for a long time. It's going to be the perfect test for the Doctor and the Master. It's the ultimate enemy for the Doctor to face. He didn't plan to run into the Daleks, they found him. It's going to take everything he has to survive. :)

2016.06.20 - 09:31PM
18: Chapter 18

This was worth waiting for! Daleks!? Where is your story taking us now? This story has become quite a wild ride.....looking forward to more. :)

Author's Response: Yes, the most vile creatures in the entire universe are here. Not only will the Doctor be facing off against the Daleks but the Master as well. The fate of the universe is at stake. This story is going to get a whole lot wilder. It's ramping up for lots of action. It's going to be fun. :)

2016.05.21 - 01:45PM
16: Chapter 16

You know, usually I don't care for fiction this dark but I can't help myself. It's like watching a horror movie with one eye open and hiding behind the couch . It does help that you're one great writer . I look forward to every chapter on this story even if it's that dark . You make me look forward to weekends just so I can read another installment.

I do have a question though; why isn't the Tardis helping the doctor get to the med bay quicker ? Why isn't the Tardis trying to save the Doctor or has she become as dark as the Doctor and the Master ?

Author's Response: Wow! Thanks! I absolutely love horror movies and I'm glad that you like it. I'm always continually doubting myself. Sometimes it's very hard to write. I wasn't expecting this one to get as dark as it did in the last couple of chapters. It just kind of happened. You know, I never thought about the TARDIS helping the Doctor get to the med bay faster. I will think about it for one of the chapters later on though. Hmm... I have some ideas about the TARDIS and whether or not she has become as dark as the Doctor and the Master but I might save them for the sequel later on. Thanks for the review!

2016.05.21 - 10:29AM
16: Chapter 16

Neahh... You are not sending him off that easy :) my big question if we are ever going to see jack again?

Author's Response: You know me too well. The Doctor's too strong to be beaten that easily. Jack is going to be in the sequel. I have big plans for him. I've been planning the sequel to this story for years. I thought long and hard about having him in this one but I was worried that it would feel too much like the previous story if he was there. I miss Jack too. It's been hard without him in this one.

2016.04.27 - 02:53AM
14: Chapter 14

Where are you going with this :) can he even recover from a lobotomy? I mean I know he has incredible regenerative powers but I think it would take some time to remake the synapses

Author's Response: It just kind of wandered into my head on its own and wasn't what I originally had planned. I have written a little bit ahead and I've got a few ideas that will explain what's going to happen. Nothing is necessarily going to drastically change with the Doctor or the Master.

2016.04.16 - 10:19AM
13: Chapter 13

Oh God! what are you doing to him! are you sure you have an ending for this :)

Author's Response: It's definitely tense. The Doctor couldn't stay in control forever. The Master had to come back and find a way to destroy the Doctor. I do have a plan in mind that's going to be interesting. It's a build up to the next part of the story where we really see what both of them are capable of.

2016.04.07 - 09:28AM
12: Chapter 12

It started so brilliant this chapter of course something like that should happen. But ofcorse thr doctor will wake up and give the master hell again or if the doctor is clever all of that happrned in the masters head while he was sleeping because the doctor cought him off guard and influenced his mind while asleep

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Sorry for the wait. I've been really busy lately. There shouldn't be that long of a wait between chapters anymore. The Doctor has been making great progress conquering the universe. He's finally starting to assemble what he needs to create his empire. Right now the Master has the upper hand. It doesn't look good for the Doctor. We'll have to see what happens in the next chapter.

2016.02.24 - 09:13PM
10: Chapter 10

I half expected the Master to regenerate. Surprised me again! What do you plan to do next? ;)

Author's Response: Any longer and the Master probably would have regenerated. The Doctor is planning on making the Master his slave, but it's going to be harder than he thinks. There is something big that I'm building up to a few chapters from now that will make things interesting. It's something that they aren't quite prepared for that could change everything.

2016.02.23 - 11:07AM
10: Chapter 10

Niiice! The empire is taking shape! Will we see followers of the Storm that will help him? Or just him destroying everything

Author's Response: Yes! :) The empire is starting to take shape. You know, I never really thought about having followers help him. I'll have to think about it. I have some other stuff planned too that's going to be fun. It's not going to be easy for the Doctor to conquer the universe. He might be attracting a little too much attention.

2016.02.08 - 02:11AM
9: Chapter 9

I cant wait to see what you are planing for the new doctor :) and if the master survives

Author's Response: The Doctor has big plans for the universe. I've got some ideas that are going to be interesting and some twists to come that are going to change everything.