2006.10.20 - 04:05PM
16: Chapter 15 - Ebbings

Huzzah! What a great ride! Read... whatever-- Iím sad it's over but also glad to have read such a great story. I've printed it (two pages per side duplexed it is 105 pages after all!) so it can be bedtime reading in the future. I fall asleep well to stories I've already read... I love them the second and third time as well. Only the best make it to paper :) Again, thank you for a funny, sexy, weird, horrific, realistic and altogether great story.

Author's Response: You\'re welcome! Depending on how the actual Torchwood series turns out (soon, it begins so soon!) I may consider a \'canon\' sequel to this tale.

2006.10.20 - 01:53PM
14: Chapter 13 - Subjugatings

It's made even funnier because in the Thin Man series Nick is the one with no "breeding" as it were... or money anyhow. Very amusing that Jack was tormented by suggestive whispers... very fun! I love how your mind works!

Author's Response: O I don\'t even want to know what Nick was actually whispering ... it was probably very, very bad.

2006.10.19 - 05:34PM
13: Chapter 12 - Summonings

Oh my ~ you are amazing. That is some fantastic wonderful writing.. made me think of the Lair of the White worm... a fantastically bad cult classic... I love it. I appologise for missing your updates as they came out!

Author's Response: I bow to your compliments! (Does this mean Hugh Grant will be playing Captain Jack in some alternate universe?)

2006.10.19 - 04:46PM
12: Chapter 11 - Disorderings

Hey how did I lose this fiction? I love it and somehow lost my place... and the updates... I'm right back in it and it is fantastic... I'm preping for the real show about to start... yeah! I bet this is creepier than it will manage!

Author's Response: Enjoy! The creeps are coming on in waves.

2006.08.13 - 05:40AM
16: Chapter 15 - Ebbings

This story is the prose equivalent of Doctor Doolittle's Pushmepullyou--I wanted to find out what happened, but didn't want it to end. This is wild, wonderful stuff, Mary. Well-done. 8)

Author's Response: I\'m glad you enjoyed it! We shall see if a sequel idea rears its shaggy head in mine.

2006.08.12 - 10:58PM
16: Chapter 15 - Ebbings

All over! Much sadness. Oh, that was a wild ride. Thanks so much for all your hard work, I think it paid off big time.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! Now to get back to my 4th Doctor tale.

2006.08.09 - 03:58PM
15: Chapter 14 - Departings

Ah, the stygian goodness. Did Jack lose a san point, or was that me? :)

Author's Response: Let me have my favourite cleromancer roll his dice (clatter) I do believe so! I\'ll have to work that into the last chapter. Thanks for the inspiration!

2006.08.06 - 10:37AM
11: Chapter 10 - Ponderings

What a nice detail, taking care of the Librarian-- not just running off. Jack, what a good guy. OOps. 'cept he lost that phone thing.

Author's Response: I thought Jack would not be quite so devil-may-care when he was working from one location. And I didn\'t want him calling for help. That wouldn\'t have been cricket at all.

2006.08.06 - 09:55AM
14: Chapter 13 - Subjugatings

Gosh, I love shoggoths. They make me feel all warm and Lovecrafty-duvey. :) This story is really doing it for me, cos I like tenebrous chocolate Lovecraft in my peanut butter Who.

Author's Response: How about Jack Harkness as the chocolate, with a throbbing squamous shoggoth truffle filling?

2006.08.06 - 08:25AM
9: Chapter 8 - Sporulatings

Ugh!... I kind of think that 'red' truffle is bad news... Makes me think of the black meat of the aquatic centipede... from Naked Lunch.

Author's Response: Hmm! Originally the red truffle was just meant to be something so exotic it would command a high price. But now that you mention it - Torchwood and Mupwumps, what a combination!

2006.08.06 - 08:13AM
8: Chapter 7 - Barings

Nice insight on Jack's character. He is a 51st C. man. The 21st much schock him.

Author's Response: For him it\'s like being trapped in ancient history - back when people judged one another by things like skin colour, and who had a better, bigger God. Weird! But dangerous.

2006.08.06 - 07:58AM
14: Chapter 13 - Subjugatings

Naming the shoggoth Asta?? ROFL! And Jack finally meets a mouth a little too dirty for his tastes? I love it!! Mind you, was Nick whispering in his *left* ear...? 8)

Author's Response: Now, does this mean Nick is the Thin Man - or the Thin Not-Man? And Jack\'s stock of virgin orificii is undoubtedly going to be diminished during this story.

2006.08.06 - 06:23AM
14: Chapter 13 - Subjugatings

Wonderful descriptions, brilliant dialogue this keeps on getting better. Thanks.

Author's Response: You\'re welcome! Just posted the next-to-last chapter - enjoy!

2006.08.04 - 02:44PM
7: Chapter 6 - Gurglings

Silly girl should move on before she ends up et. It is nice to see even ickoid aliens getting on so well... good relationships are a joy. Even their little squabble about the movies she buys. Cute!

Author's Response: A little bit of romance with your SF & ghastly goings-on never hurt.

2006.08.04 - 02:35PM
6: Chapter 5.1 - Writhings {GSS}

Very juicy aliens- good job making up alien erogenous zones. Inter species naughtiness to top it all off!

Author's Response: Captain Jack would approve, if he didn\'t just join in!