Reviews For To Chase the Wind

2019.12.01 - 06:18AM
1: To Chase the Wind

Yeah, I set Sixie up to look like a stage magician...and the only person who will never cop to that is Sixth. Makes Seventh's rather manipulative tendencies a more understandable follow-on, too.

2015.10.18 - 11:48PM
1: To Chase the Wind

I shudder at what spell check did to my review. At least you understood it!

Author's Response: I don't follow the actors at all, see...just the character of the Doctor and my first was the tail end of Third, though I remember Fourth better...I was very, very young, at first. I've seen a lot of actors come and go and it just doesn't make sense to follow them. I KNOW what stays, see...and this is what I play with.

2015.10.18 - 08:27PM
1: To Chase the Wind

I loved it. You brought out some of the best (and most annoying) traits information the various Doctors. And you did it in such a way that even if you weren't really familiar with those doctors, you could still picture them. Those dying the scarf is sacrilege.

Author's Response: I remember at least two or three different ones used, so changing it wasn't a big deal. What I usually do to Sixie is a lot worse.