2015.10.18 - 08:34PM
1: Banana in the Crosshairs

Evil. Pear loaded bananas. I laughed with the bathing bit. Poor Doctor. Or poor Rose, not quite sure which.

Author's Response: *cackling* I like taking him so far out of his comfort zone that he cannot even see it, never mind get back to it any time soon.

2015.10.17 - 08:55PM
1: Banana in the Crosshairs

Please please write a sequel. I would love to see another edition of this. Imagining Rose treating the Doctor like a whining 5 yr old is hilarious and completely plausible.

Author's Response: Imagining the expressions on Tennant's version when she did so was even funnier.

Author's Response: There's a sequel on FFN called Reconnections...for some reason, whofic won't allow me to post it here.