Reviews For Possession

2015.10.17 - 05:06PM
28: Chapter 28

Nalide is cool!

Author's Response: Nalide will become another of the Doctor's friends and allies.

2015.10.17 - 04:52PM
27: Chapter 27

He just jinxed things when he said that.

Author's Response: Yeah, he needs to know when to keep his mouth shut, especially when saying it to Rose, because lurking behind her innocence is the Wolf and she will be certain to make sure that things are heading down.

2015.10.17 - 04:01PM
27: Chapter 27

Ugh, don't say "things are looking up," Doctor. That is a surefire way to make them head in the opposite direction!

Author's Response: Yeah, he needs to learn that doesn't he?

2015.10.17 - 03:36PM
28: Chapter 28

I love Nalide. You are always very good at creating interesting alien species. And cephalopod sex! There's whole anime subgenre about that. I agree with the Doctor, I'm into into it, but it's interesting that it exists.

Author's Response: Nalide is cool. I bet Jack is into it!

2015.10.17 - 06:02AM
26: Chapter 26

Thank goodness he's been seen and treated by a medic who knows what he's doing. The Doctor has a few people to keep an eye on him now. I'm glad he is accepting the assistance.

Author's Response: He's generating a group of allies now, but is he going to be willing to put any of them at risk in order to face down the Wolf?

2015.10.17 - 05:46AM
25: Chapter 25

I am glad Gina is anxious and caring of her guests. She will keep a close eye on them, I should think. And her husband too, if he's going to show up.
Rose needs to be more honest about these dazed moments. Bad Wolf is up to something.

Author's Response: Gina is definitely going to be there as much as possible, but she can't spend 24 hours a day at the suite, she has her family commitments as well. There is one thing you can be certain of at all times through this and that is that the Bad Wolf is up to something, even when it's not up to something it is up to something simply by being up to something!

2015.10.17 - 05:32AM
24: Chapter 24

I think Gina may have an idea that something suspicious is up, even if she doesn't know the Doctor and Rose that well. Maybe if she knew them better, she would have the sense to intervene now. I think she will be able to help, but I fear it will be when its too late.
The Doctor has a level of trust with Gina if he got her to look inside the TARDIS. She can be his ally, but why he thought he couldn't because it was too much of a risk is a bit baffling, but also not I guess. I'm just really worried that the Doctor is getting locked into an abusive relationship of domestic violence. If he doesn't tell anybody its just going to get worse and worse and it will only get harder to talk about. His desire to protect Rose and put her first is going to be his downfall too, I reckon.
Also, does Gina walk all the way to the reception office, or does she have some sort of car that gets her there quickly?

Author's Response: The Doctor needs Rose to be okay and he can't risk anything and the Wolf has made it very clear that if he betrays her (the Wolf) or does not do what she wants, then not only will he suffer but the Wolf will make sure Rose does too. If there wasn't that aspect of it I think the Doctor might be more willing to stand up to the Wolf, the Wolf can do what it wants to him, but when Rose's safety is at risk it is another matter.

2015.10.17 - 05:13AM
23: Chapter 23

Bad Wolf must have taken over briefly ad stolen the antidote to the medication that will sever the link keeping her alive. That, or it was a medication that will harm the Doctor. Its worrying me that Rose is rather oblivious of anything out of the ordinary. Maybe if she knew, she could try to fight the Wolf off.

Author's Response: It is clear that the Wolf can manipulate Rose without fully manifesting and without Rose knowing. When the Doctor figures that out is he going to be able to trust Rose at all, and if he can't trust Rose when what does that mean for them as a couple or even as Doctor and companion? They have to be able to trust each other and the Wolf knows that and is going to do everything she can to break that.

2015.10.17 - 04:59AM
22: Chapter 22

Is Rose going to go in and out of wolf phase every time she sleeps and wakes up, I wonder? The Doctor trying so hard to look out for Rose when he is being laid up and abused half the time by her alter ego is heart breaking. At least Gina is there to help, even if she wants him to be seen my non-Time Lord knowledgeable medics. The Doctor should reach out to her.

Author's Response: The frequency of how often the Wolf visits may be the first clue that the Doctor picks up on how to get over it, but I think the Wolf also revels in the time when it doesn't manifest because that just puts the Doctor more on edge and is more torture.

2015.10.17 - 04:46AM
21: Chapter 21

I wonder how much power Bad Wolf has if she can cause and fix injury like that. Will it not burn Rose up inside? The Doctor despairing is frightening. He is very quickly being put in a powerless position. He is going to need outside help.

Author's Response: It's not something he is going to be able to deal with without some kind of intervention from someone, but who can he turn to? He doesn't know if the Wolf will know if he talks to someone in the absence of Rose. There is an element of the TARDIS about the Wolf and the TARDIS is intimately linked with the Doctor so the same may be true of the Wolf and the Doctor just can't risk that.

2015.10.17 - 04:33AM
20: Chapter 20

The words "Oh, she knows," come to mind here. Rose's train of thought may have been that he was going to tell her he needed to pee, or that he is ill, but subconsciously she must have known he wanted to say he loves her, because that's when Bad Wolf came back. It almost makes it worse just how kind and caring Rose is for him in this chapter, as Bad Wolf is going to strip that away. At least all the sand is off the Doctor, I wouldn't put it past her to roll him over that vibrating grate to get the sand off and that would hurt. Though she might do that anyway. Hopefully Gina comes back and can help the Doctor, because he is very helpless right now and my heart goes out to him.

Author's Response: Even if Rose didn't consciously know that the Doctor meant to say he loved her the Wolf certainly knew and wasn't going to have any of that, whether that is because her connection is only with Rose or that she is able to read the Doctor as well remains to be seen.

2015.10.17 - 02:01AM
19: Chapter 19

I'm surprised the Doctor agreed to letting Rose sedate him again after she had gone all evil Bad Wolf on him just before. I always get scared when the Doctor is scared. Could Bad Wolf be killing Rose? It needs to be taken from her completely, or the TARDIS needs to keep out of her head. The Bad Wolf is a manifestation of both Rose and the TARDIS yeah? So if they're separated, no harm will come? The Doctor isn't in a condition to deal with this. He is a vulnerable target.

Author's Response: I think he's so tired and so completely defeated that the only escape he can see is the sedative. He can't deal with what happened unless he is more rested and there is no way that he can rest without medication. Bad Wolf isn't going to do Rose much good. I don't think Rose disconnecting from the TARDIS now will make a difference because it was that connection that has set the Wolf lose, it's done now, you can't put the cork back in now.

2015.10.17 - 01:15AM
18: Chapter 18

I knew something was wrong as soon as Rose jerked the bed. Up until then she had taken such care not to do that, in case she hurt the Doctor. But when she started acting evil, I assumed he must have fallen asleep to the drone of the documentary and having a nightmare. I kept telling myself this as I read it, but then you had him pass out with Rose continuing to be evil and now I'm thinking this is what you were planning as the real torture all along.

Author's Response: It's certainly not a dream, and yes, that was the plan the whole time. Bad Wolf is back and this time she's BAD!!!

2015.10.17 - 01:00AM
17: Chapter 17

I wish I could help to make it better for him. The thing about the limpets is slightly funny, but I imagine a little torturous for him on top of his present state. At least he isn't at risk of overdose, while the medication isn't reaching him completely, right? Could that happen if his blood chemistry fluctuates too much though? The TARDIS did say it was all over the place.

Author's Response: The Doctor must be feeling somewhat limpet like at the moment, and while limpets are fascinating - you know the glue that they use to attach themselves to rocks is being investigated for industrial uses and all sorts as well as them having some kind of regenerative ability.

The TARDIS has carefully measured the doses that he's allowed to take and he's not receiving the maximum therapeutic dose but a dose is reduced so that if his body chemistry does change drastically he won't be at risk, though that would be more to do with his metabolic rate than his body chemistry, but I doubt that is particularly stable either with him the way he is at the moment.

2015.10.17 - 12:51AM
16: Chapter 16

It would be weird if Rose started calling the Doctor Thete. Its somewhat bittersweet that the TARDIS calls him that though. It'd be a reminder of the home he's lost. I do like it when she calls him her 'Thief'. Its a special relationship the Time Lord and the ship share, stealing and running away with each other to see the universe, even though they're grounded for the time being.

Author's Response: I don't think Rose would ever dream of calling him Thete because it would be weird for her as well.