Reviews For Possession

2015.10.24 - 08:54PM
34: Chapter 34

I was hoping he would be able to tell the resort doctor that Rose is possessed. I understand why he can't let Rose or the TARDIS know. I suppose that anyone who helps him would be a target, or and the Bad Wolf would do as much damage as she could to Rose to make the Doctor return to her. I hope the Doctor will find a way to defeat the Wolf, even if it takes a while. Poor Doctor.

Author's Response: He's concerned about how much the Wolf knows about what he does even when she's not around. She can clearly get into his head to take his pain or to heighten his sexual pleasures, if she can do that there is a chance she'd know if he told someone even in Rose's absence. He can't take that risk because it could make them a target, or more likely the Wolf would take it out on him and on Rose.

2015.10.24 - 06:03PM
34: Chapter 34

I don't know how much longer the Doctor is going to be able to keep the truth from everyone.

Author's Response: There are certainly suspicions rising.

2015.10.24 - 04:40PM
34: Chapter 34

He sounds like someone who was just raped and is frightened and trying to deny the incident.

Author's Response: I think in all senses of the words he has just been raped, is frightened, and trying to deny the incident.

2015.10.23 - 05:51PM
33: Chapter 33

How sad for them both.

Author's Response: They're both at a complete loss.

2015.10.21 - 06:38PM
32: Chapter 32

She's a monster!

Author's Response: She's pretty set on making him hers.

2015.10.21 - 05:39PM
32: Chapter 32

Wow. I love every word of this chapter-actually every word of this story. I'm really starting to like the Wolf even though I do feel bad for Rose and the Doctor. I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Lol @ liking the Wolf, not sure that is the most common view, but I certainly enjoy writing the Wolf. You have to wait and see what her grand finale will be!!!

2015.10.20 - 06:33PM
31: Chapter 31

What's if she makes him so afraid of her that his fear of the Bad Wolf will make him not want to be around Rose since BW raped him while using Rose's body.

Author's Response: It is going to become increasingly difficult for the Doctor to maintain a calm when Rose is around.

2015.10.20 - 06:05PM
31: Chapter 31

She's so possessive. It's creepy and awesome and I love it.

Author's Response: She owns him and she is going to make sure he knows that!

2015.10.20 - 05:53PM
30: Chapter 30

Wow! That was intense! Hopefully Rose comes back soon.

Author's Response: It's going to be hard for Rose to pick up the pieces of this and hard for the Doctor to let her.

2015.10.20 - 08:11AM
30: Chapter 30

Oh, poor Doctor! But how to defeat her? She must be using up Rose's strength. Maybe the Doctor can find a way to use that against her.

Author's Response: He's going to have to figure out something or one or both of them will end up dead.

2015.10.19 - 05:37PM
30: Chapter 30

She's evil!

Author's Response: Yeah, she seems to be, she's certainly into the sexual torture thing.

2015.10.18 - 04:39PM
29: Chapter 29

Why do I get the feeling that she's only just getting started. It's freaky to think that the Doctor is so vulnerable when he's asleep. I don't think she's be able to get away with damaging him too much before they start noticing. I wish he could tell Rose what's happening.

Author's Response: The Wolf only has to make one mistake

2015.10.18 - 12:55PM
29: Chapter 29

She's one nasty *B*

But won't Rose be suspicious of the Doctors leg being rebroken and the pump shut down, and pleas don't say the Bad Wolf got rid of Rose.

Author's Response: There will be suspicions, but he's new and he will lie and lie in order to keep her safe.

2015.10.18 - 12:46PM
29: Chapter 29

That was brutal.

Author's Response: She can't afford to let him heal so made sure he won't.

2015.10.17 - 05:22PM
28: Chapter 28

I wonder how Nalide would do up against Mr Clever?

Author's Response: I am sure that he'd stand his own, he's not doing too badly against the Doctor. I'd kind of like to see him go up against Spock, the Vulcan would be like - Belarian logic? What Belarian logic!