Reviews For Possession

2015.10.29 - 05:20AM
39: Chapter 39

Its a tricky situation. He probably does need to sleep on it. He is exhausted and likely not very clear headed just now. I am glad he can get some sleep while Gina is there.
How he spoke about the possession with Casandra, I'm reminded of the bit in New Earth when the Doctor says; "I'm being very, very calm. You want to be aware of that. Very, very calm. And the only reason I'm being so very, very calm is that the brain is a delicate thing. Whatever you've done to Rose's head, I want it reversed." DT was very good in that scene. His worry for Rose is very clear.

Author's Response: He's going to have to choose the times he rests more carefully, but he's not going to get away with not sleeping at night either. He is highly concerned about what the Wolf manifesting is doing to Rose on a basic level, she seems to be suffering more each time she is affected. He knows he needs to figure out how to end it before it causes her irreparable damage he just doesn't know how.

2015.10.28 - 04:21PM
38: Chapter 38

Poor Rose. She is so very confused and doesn't know what to think. She's been raped and violated by Bad Wolf too and sort of indirectly by the Doctor as well. They're both going to have a hard time coming to terms with it, if Rose is allowed to remember that is. The show was never clear on if Rose recalled the events of being Bad Wolf in Parting of the Ways, or even when she was possessed by Casandra on New Earth. I wonder what you will or won't have her recall?

Author's Response: She has been raped by the Wolf using the Doctor. It's going to be very hard for Rose to come to terms with any of it because she has got to find out at some point hasn't she, whether that is while she can do something about it or after, she is going to know that she was used by the Wolf, that he was abused by the Wolf, and that the Doctor repeatedly lied to her. I don't think Rose did remember the events of Bad Wolf - she asked the Doctor what happened and said she'd heard singing and the Doctor responded that he'd sung a song and the daleks had run away. More than that when Captain Jack was killed on the Crucible by the Supreme dalek she was in no way aware of his immortality and when she saw him alive again she was shocked. I think the Wolf will be able to determine what Rose will or wont remember and how she will remember it.

2015.10.28 - 04:13PM
37: Chapter 37

I know Gina has good intentions and all, but the way she talks is very gender pigeon-holing.

Author's Response: She's discussing her relationship with Nalide and what she's observed of the Doctor and Rose not the gender spectrum of the universe, but more than that she's in danger of getting Rose to accept what the Doctor is saying rather than push him for the truth.

2015.10.27 - 08:01PM
37: Chapter 37

Rose needs to follow Gina's advice.

Author's Response: Yeah, she certainly needs to talk to the Doctor but unless he's going to be honest it won't make a choice.

2015.10.27 - 04:44PM
35: Chapter 35

I'm so glad that Dr. Drummond and Gina know that something's going on with the Doctor. If the Doctor can't tell them then maybe they can figure it out on their own.

Author's Response: They're going to have to figure something out because the Doctor has got it embedded that he can't tell a soul and the Wolf is quite happy with that and will reinforce that in him.

2015.10.27 - 06:45AM
36: Chapter 36

This whole drug mix up is a bit of a mystery. Poor Doctor. He is struggling and has lost control. Bouncing between reading the chapter updates for Code 9 and this story is like being on an emotional roller coaster.

Author's Response: Lol @ Code 9 and this. They are both complete in notebooks but I'm typing them up as I go along, so some nights I'm typing a chapter of this and then typing a chapter of Code 9. I'm not sure what it says about me, but I am enjoying this a bit more at the moment! Code 9 is kind of winding down.

2015.10.26 - 03:00PM
36: Chapter 36

He needs to tell Rose or Dr. Drummond or someone what is happening or someone will end up dead

Author's Response: If he tells Rose or Dr Drummond what if they are the ones that end up dead?

2015.10.26 - 04:30AM
35: Chapter 35

I think Bad Wolf may have to be caught in the act, if the Doctor isn't going to come clean. Its not something Gina or the medic are going to assume on their own. At least they know to keep an eye on Rose and the Doctor though. Did Dr Drummond not notice that there was less drugs than there should have been in the Doctor's pump, when he recharged it? I don't like him assuming the Doctor would have put himself in that state, but its obvious to him that the Doctor is ashamed and trying to hide information and that would definitely be suspicious.

Author's Response: There would actually be more drugs in his pump than should be expected as it was shut down for a period, and he will come back and check it is running properly again. He is trying to consider how it could have happened and that the Doctor did it to himself is one of the possibilities that he is seeing, but he's not made that assumption, it is just one of the things he contemplated, that Rose did it, that someone else drugged Rose and did it, that the Doctor drugged Rose and did it to himself. What other option is there?

2015.10.25 - 06:01PM
35: Chapter 35

It seems dr. Drummond is a bit of a detective. He's gonna get to the bottom of this.

Author's Response: He certainly isn't going to accept that the Doctor fell out the bed.

2015.10.24 - 11:20PM
34: Chapter 34

I think it would be a good idea for Nalide to pop in at nights and make sure the Doctor is okay. I also think Rose should be fitted with one of those drug pump things to make sure she gets continually dosed so she feels better and Bad Wolf is kept at bay.
I think the Doctor should go back inside the TARDIS. It wasn't entirely clear what he's afraid of, but I think its his own mind spinning with the traumatic situation and not rationalising properly. He needs to connect with the TARDIS though and not be alone and helpless in this.
He is brave to let the medic examine him, although he is clearly very frightened. If he is refusing to use the TARDIS, then Dr Drummond is the only real medical help he can currently get. Also, is his tail bone supposed to be fused or did Bad Wolf heal him wrong?
Dr Drummond is a smart enough person to know that the Doctor has been raped. I just hope the Doctor can trust him enough to help, because I don't see how he is going to deal with this on his own.
The Doctor needs to stop running his mouth with lies. Its like he is trying to convince himself, when really he is convincing nobody. Even if he is clear that it wasn't Rose that hurt him, it was still Bad Wolf in Rose's form. He is simultaneously afraid of her and that fear is growing and he is reacting differently to her from trauma. I think he is going to need help to help Rose. Dr Drummond needs to look after her too and also make sure the Doctor is safe from her. I think that even if the Doctor doesn't talk to him properly, he is going to be popping in more frequently than would otherwise be needed, to make sure the Doctor is okay. Curse whatever emergency he had to be at instead of visiting the Doctor though. That can't be allowed to happen again.
The Doctor has a network of supports that he is not using. He is going to become trapped and he and Rose will likely be placed in increased danger if the Doctor doesn't reach out. And I know its so hard for him and he doesn't even want to think about it and recall the horrific events. But I'm really worried what will happen to him if he doesn't speak up honestly. What Bad Wolf has already done is too much trauma for anyone's lifetime, but I feel like she could still do so much worse if allowed to continue and just the thought of that is terrifying.

Author's Response: Until he has figured out what to do about the Wolf he doesn't feel like he can let anyone know and the second he goes into the TARDIS she will know. While his coccyx being cracked is going to clearly be a clue to Dr Drummond that something is seriously wrong, the Doctor is going to figure out that it might be that the Wolf made a mistake.

It's easier for the Doctor to lie than it is for him to consider and contemplate the truth. He needs to convince himself because the alternative is to actually really face what has been done to him and that's got to be near impossible.

The Doctor already feels like he is trapped and he can't see a way out of it. He can only concentrate on trying to keep Rose safe and the only way he knows how to do that is to do what the Wolf says and not let anyone know.

2015.10.24 - 10:46PM
33: Chapter 33

This break down in communication between Rose and the Doctor is going to make matters worse. He needs to be honest with her. Rose clearly knows something is wrong and he is keeping something from her. The way he fears Rose though and just her touching him is understandable and I wouldn't be surprised if the topic of his nightmares change from the Time War to being about Bad Wolf. That is, if he lets himself sleep again, with her around. But if he doesn't sleep, he isn't going to heal and stuck in this situation longer. But its not safe for him to sleep, he's vulnerable and Bad Wolf is free to do what she likes with him. I'm so worried. Help him.

Author's Response: Being able to trust Rose is going to get more and more difficult for him. When the Wolf can come at any time he's definitely going to be feeling exposed and vulnerable.

2015.10.24 - 10:33PM
32: Chapter 32

When Dr Drummond comes to check the Doctor's drug pump, he is going to notice its been tampered with, right? And certainly he's going to question what has been going on between the Doctor and Rose? Out of wanting to protect Rose, I can't see the Doctor speaking up. But somebody has to notice how he has been abused. It can't be allowed to continue. Bad Wolf is going to end up killing him and I don't know if she has the power to bring him back.

Author's Response: There is no way that a sensible medic will believe that the Doctor has been injured falling out of the bed.

2015.10.24 - 10:21PM
31: Chapter 31

This is heartbreaking. Why can't he take the Wolf from her when they kiss? And when will Dr Drummond show up and help him?

Author's Response: Dr Drummond and Gina will be back soon.

2015.10.24 - 10:11PM
30: Chapter 30

He needs to take Bad Wolf out of her again and do it properly. Hopefully there's not enough of it inside her to regenerate him again. Though Rose has survived it so far, so I'm sure he'll be okay. Have him kiss her like in 'The Parting of the Ways' and take it all away.

Author's Response: It's clear that the action he took in the Parting of Ways was not enough to remove the dregs of the Wolf. Even the TARDIS thought that the Wolf had been eradicated so I am unsure if another kiss would do.

2015.10.24 - 10:01PM
29: Chapter 29

The medic is going to come again though to check on the Doctor and help him though, right?

Author's Response: Yeah, Dr Drummond will be around a lot.