Reviews For Possession

2015.11.03 - 03:16PM
42: Chapter 42

I do hope the statues are made from wood that's already fallen and not been chopped off to use, otherwise the moral of the story is a bit of an oxymoron.
That was very crafty of Dr Drummond, with the cameras. The level he has taken to look out for his patient is very self-sacrificing. To someone stuck in such an abusive situation, hidden cameras would be a blessing, if the people watching can help, because it becomes very difficult to communicate what they've suffered to others and they're made to feel isolated and powerless.
The way Rose is being possessed in small ways like this is very creepy. Its like Bad Wolf is seeping through the cracks. I'm guessing the 'W' is for Wolf, yeah?

Author's Response: Well, while they're not made from drift wood or wood that is fallen, the proper management of forests does require the removal of older trees in order to allow regrowth so they have a well managed process of taking care of the forests, which means the planned removal of trees and also the planned burning of areas of forest in order to ensure that the forests can thrive and older trees susceptible to disease etc are removed and it is this wood that is used for the carvings.

Dr Drummond is putting his career at risk, but when he finds out what happens and has to decide how to confront the Doctor / Rose about what is happening the chances are that he may be about to put his life at risk as well, because no footage is going to show the power that the Wolf has or the extent she will go to in order to keep the Doctor.

The Wolf is definitely bleeding through the cracks, monitoring and managing Rose in order to ensure the Doctor knows that she's never ever gone.

2015.11.02 - 08:28PM
47: Chapter 47

Oh, what a sight Gina and Dr Drummond will find when they come around. this is getting ugly.

Author's Response: It's certainly not looking good for them is it?

2015.11.02 - 10:47AM
46: Chapter 46

I think the Wolf has made a mistake. And good for the Doctor for forcing her into it. Now that Rose knows, maybe she and the Doctor will be able to work together. The Wolf is strong, but not infinitely powerful. And with the scene hopefully being recorded by Dr. Drummond, maybe there will be some help from that direction, even if it's just to get Rose locked away from the Doctor.

Author's Response: Has the Wolf made the mistake or is she letting the Doctor know just what a mistake he is making trying to rile her up?

2015.11.02 - 10:00AM
46: Chapter 46

Oh my, what a cliffie! I'm on the edge of my seat! I really hope The Doctor finally explains to Rose what has happened, now that she unwillingly caught The Wolf in the act.

Author's Response: He's going to have to tell her something.

2015.11.02 - 09:54AM
46: Chapter 46

Rose thinks she did those really disgustingly evil things to him? she should know that it was Bad Wolf using her body to do it all. Someone should tell her.

Author's Response: What else is there her to think when the Wolf has released her half way through?

2015.11.02 - 09:28AM
45: Chapter 45

He's playing a dangerous game.

Author's Response: If his only way out of it is to make the Wolf angry as Hell then he's in big trouble isn't he?

2015.11.01 - 04:19PM
44: Chapter 44

I really hope that camera is recording everything.

Author's Response: Then what happens to Dr Drummond?

2015.11.01 - 02:04PM
44: Chapter 44

That was interesting that her eyes glowed more when the Doctor made her angry. Now if he can only burn the Wolf out of Rose, but making her use too much energy, but without destroying her body. Also hoping that nothing has happened to the camera - that it's still recording and that Dr. Drummond will watch it.

Author's Response: He's learning more about the Wolf, hopefully he'll be able to monopolise on that.

2015.11.01 - 01:35PM
44: Chapter 44

Hope dr. Drummond is seeing and hearing all this through that hidden camera.

Author's Response: He's not watching it live, hopefully he'll review the recording sooner rather than later though.

2015.11.01 - 01:23PM
43: Chapter 43

The coughing from Rose should have been a warning.

Author's Response: What was she coughing up though?

2015.10.31 - 01:43PM
42: Chapter 42

Now I'm kind of hoping that the Wolf will appear so Dr. Drummond will get some evidence. And hopefully she won't notice the camera! By the way, is this going to be one of your longer stories, or will it be winding up in under 100 chapters? Love it either way, of course!

Author's Response: We're about two third of the way through the story, I never know how the chapters are going to fall, but this particular one is three notebooks long and I've just finished typing the second notebook. So not an insane epic this time.

2015.10.30 - 09:27PM
42: Chapter 42

Oooh! Now it's getting creepy good! That was a good idea about the camera. Hopefully they can catch the Wolf in the act.

Author's Response: What will Dr Drummond do though if he sees what is happening? He may well put himself in danger and escalate matters beyond all degrees of control.

2015.10.30 - 06:52PM
42: Chapter 42

She needs to take those pills before she does anything else when she gets up in the morning.

Author's Response: It may not matter if Rose takes them at all.

2015.10.30 - 05:59PM
41: Chapter 41

Good the Doctor has eaten and slept. That will help him a lot.
That was one far-fetched explanation the Doctor gave for Rose's injuries, that would only work in Doctor Who. Its still lies and bullshit though. The Doctor may unwittingly be putting Rose into a mind state where she doesn't ask for help either.
Speaking of the species gap and Gina and Nalide's relationship, aren't Time Lords evolved from reptiles too? That's something the couple have in common. At least no time-rape-babies are going to come out of this.
I get the feeling that last bit is going to set Bad Wolf off again. It makes me worry what else she might do to Rose, let alone the Doctor.

Author's Response: We're all evolved from reptiles if we go back far enough. I think the branching from reptile to mammal was later for the Time Lords, but he did comment that his ancestors were simian monkeys but that does not make him a monkey's uncle in the Doctor's Daughter so I don't think their evolutionary path are that far removed. He won't be laying any eggs though.

2015.10.30 - 05:42PM
40: Chapter 40

That would've been scary for the Doctor, waking up disorientated from the sedative and somebody coming up behind him. The Doctor's mood is definitely swinging at the moment, especially in regards to how he reacts to Rose. It must be confusing for the medic. I want to tell Dr Drummond that, 'No! The Doctor did not do this to himself.' At least Gina has been an insight for what has been going on too. They're all looking out for the Doctor. The Doctor's continued lying is going to cause more harm than good though, I think.

Author's Response: I think he's become as trapped by his lies as he has by the Wolf.