Reviews For Possession

2015.11.06 - 06:56AM
51: Chapter 51

I'm getting the feeling that this could be a "everybody dies" story. Still, very interesting though! I really like this story!

Author's Response: 'Everybody dies' generally is no fun, no going to promise that it's a 'nobody dies' story though. I'm glad that you're reading and enjoying the story.

2015.11.06 - 01:17AM
51: Chapter 51

I'm glad that Dr. Drummond finally knows what's going on but now I'm worried that something horrible is going to happen to him.

Author's Response: He's in a very difficult situation now isn't he, because what can he possibly hope to do?

2015.11.05 - 06:19PM
51: Chapter 51

Dr. Drummond and Gina are in danger as well as Rose and the Doctor, methinks.

Author's Response: There is certainly going to be more of a risk if any of them are around when the Wolf materialises, hopefully she will leave Gabe out of it!

2015.11.04 - 08:41PM
50: Chapter 50

Maybe it's a good thing dr. dDrummond is staying. I had a thought, I hope Gabe isn't around when the Wold manifests herself. but then again, she is such a coward since she wont come out when there are others present.

Author's Response: If the wolf is backed into a corner by the Doctor then I don't think she would have any trouble manifesting when others are around including Gabe.

2015.11.04 - 06:31PM
50: Chapter 50

I'm wondering how and if they will ever get past this... I mean, The Doctor is clearly traumatized and Rose will definately be too if she finds out what The Wolf has done - and that The Doctor has been lying about it. Can they ever trust each other again? Oh, I really hope so.

Author's Response: You're assuming of course that it will have an end where the Doctor and Rose are in a position to get back to trusting each other.

2015.11.03 - 07:24PM
49: Chapter 49

This is more of a Rose whump than a Doctor whump although he's getting his fair share.

Author's Response: I think the Doctor is getting a bit more of a share than would be considered fair, but yeah, Rose is getting it too, but it should be no surprise to anyone that I don't particularly like Rose lol, if I have to write her she will end up getting it in some way or another.

2015.11.03 - 05:17PM
48: Chapter 48

Did you miss out a chapter here, or is it your intention to have skipped forward suddenly? Are you trying to plant confusion and doubt into my mind too?

Author's Response: No, didn't miss out a chapter, just fast forwarded a little bit, you will find out what the Wolf was up to during that bit that was skipped later, but much the same, she doesn't have any new tricks just yet and didn't want to bore anyone with a repeat of the leg twisting etc to stop the bones from healing.

2015.11.03 - 05:03PM
47: Chapter 47

His torness between keeping Rose close and himself safe from the Wolf is tearing my own heart apart. And then you go and bring the Wolf back and try to kill Rose! You offer hope and strip away. That is painful enough to read, let alone for the Doctor to experience. The Doctor, so severely injured, trying to resuscitate Rose with his own breath, that is likely very painful for him is heroic and gut-wrenchingly tragic. You better not have killed Rose properly, or so help me!

Author's Response: Not killed Rose permanently - not yet anyway *w*

2015.11.03 - 04:44PM
46: Chapter 46

The Doctor has no choice but to tell Rose the truth now, surely? She can't be let to think that she raped the Doctor, when it was Bad Wolf that raped the both of them.
When Dr Drummond watches this, he will no doubt know that the Doctor has been raped but there is something else amiss, with Rose's reaction. Will he be watching it after he has checked up on the Doctor and witnessed his injuries, or before? Here's hoping the Doctor isn't going to succumb to his injuries in the meantime.

Author's Response: He's going to have to tell Rose about what has happened because she's been a witness to it and he can't let her think that she is the one who has been doing it, but how that plays out later will be the key. Dr Drummond has got his camera there and will no doubt see the footage, but what he can do about it without placing everyone in mortal danger is the question. The last thing the Doctor needs now is for the Wolf to commit murder against Dr Drummond because everyone will think it will be Rose, certainly any forensics etc will incriminate Rose, and if Bad Wolf is loosed in public who knows what she will get up to!

2015.11.03 - 04:28PM
45: Chapter 45

Phew, I thought he was giving it to her for a moment there. I hope he makes Bad Wolf so angry that she burns right away. Without harming Rose though, of course. I do worry Dr Drummond might get the wrong impression from the footage though.

Author's Response: Nah, he's playing with her the best that he can, but making her angry is definitely a dangerous game to be playing. If she just snaps she might do him and Rose permanent damage.

2015.11.03 - 04:16PM
44: Chapter 44

I don't like hearing the Doctor say "You can do what the Hell you want to me" Of course, he is just trying to protect Rose, but he shouldn't have to accept pain in order to make that happen. Even in the show, he has behaved this way and a lot of it probably stems from his survivor's guilt since the Time War. (Also, side note; I am glad the words 'survivor's guilt' were actually used to describe the Doctor's mind set in the show finally, when Clara verbally confronted him, as she is good at.) But Bad Wolf will most definitely use this guilt against the Doctor to bend him to her will.
I hope you don't plan to have the Doctor cave to Bad Wolf, or develop some kind of stockholme syndrome.
The statues with hidden cameras, do they also have a microphone? What is being said is as necessary for Dr Drummond to know, as what can be seen. I hope he doesn't jump to the conclusion that Rose and the Doctor are just deceptive and enjoy engaging in sadistic and hardcore BDSM.

Author's Response: There is only so much that the Doctor is going to be able to withstand and to take before it is just too much and he has no fight left in him. He does want to protect Rose, but you're right that he shouldn't have to offer himself up to do that, he does do that a lot. He will put himself in harms way before someone else.

2015.11.03 - 04:12PM
48: Chapter 48

It seems like the Doctor is going to have to come up with something pretty creative to stop her. Hmm...

Author's Response: Yeah, she seems to be one step ahead of every move he an make at the moment, hopefully he will come up with something before he gives up!

2015.11.03 - 04:07PM
47: Chapter 47

As horrible as it was for Rose to find out the truth I'm kind of glad that she did. I wonder if the Wolf can somehow stop her from remembering what she just found out. This is an awesome story.

Author's Response: I am fairly sure the Wolf would have the ability to make Rose remember or forget anything that has happened to date, whether or not she will remember what has happened when she wakes up is yet to be seen, and what will the Doctor do / say if she does? I'm glad you're enjoying the story, I've enjoyed writing this one a lot - though not sure what that really says about me!

2015.11.03 - 03:52PM
43: Chapter 43

That's bad news a drug pump isn't going to work for Rose. Maybe, if the Doctor's strong enough, there's way he can tap into her mind and block Bad Wolf from resurfacing?
You misspelled Rose's name a couple of times in this chapter. Also, I think you meant help, when you put, 'he didnít need any real health' He could probably do with some more health lol.
It was all going pretty well until Rose daydreamed through making hot chocolate.
On that box, Dr Drummond can be Reddack, the Doctor is the lost boy and Rose is the howling Wolf.
The doctor unwittingly crunching down on the marshmallow secreted pill is a familiarly scary feeling of thinking you've broken a tooth, when you didn't realise you were eating something with hard bits. Though in this case its scarier, because the Wolf has drugged him again.
And ah, crap. All those pills stored up? That is frightening. The Wolf has been alive in Rose and just waiting and watching all this time? It was suspicious, when she coughed something up earlier. There's gotta be a way to make sure she gets the medication, so it works.
I'm worried what she might do to him this time. Though, at least it should be caught on camera for the medic to see and know what's going on, so he can help them. Dr Drummond might know a better way to stop the Wolf, than the Doctor can think of.

Author's Response: The drug pump not working for Rose means that there isn't a way forward, but the Wolf wouldn't let that happen anyway. I expect Rose has become Roe somewhere, it happens a lot, lol. I thought if I was using my laptop rather than my computer I'd get around the missing 'e's' lol, but I think I type a bit too fast and a bit too heavy handed for the laptop to cope. I thought I'd caught them all so will go back and check.

The Wolf has been there the whole time, but that raises the question as to why she has simply been sitting back and doing small things rather than the bigger things she's capable of.

2015.11.03 - 03:51PM
48: Chapter 48

The Doctor's at his wit's end trying to find ways of protecting Rose were the Bad Wolf won't find out. BTW I hate her name for him, it just shows how much contempt she is really feeling towards him.

Author's Response: Bambi is pretty derogatory for the Oncoming Storm isn't it, but in some ways that is what she is managing to turn him into, he's new and defenceless much as Bambi was until he grew his antlers, hopefully the Doctor will get some horns soon and show the Wolf that he's not quite as defenceless as she thinks.