Reviews For Possession

2015.11.15 - 12:34PM
60: Chapter 60

Now the Doctor's getting desperate.

Author's Response: Yeah, he is, butting trying to get out the window wasn't the smartest of escape plans.

2015.11.13 - 05:59PM
59: Chapter 59

Hmm.... so Dr. Drummond has literally been hiding in the bushes all night. I know he means well, but if he keeps this up I keep thinking something bad is going to happen to him. At least the Doctor and Rose had a Wolf-free night.

Author's Response: Oh, the night is still young, and a Wolf free night is not on the cards... they better watch out!

2015.11.13 - 05:49PM
59: Chapter 59

Dr. Drummond better be careful.

Author's Response: Yeah he had, he could wind up in bother otherwise.

2015.11.13 - 04:50PM
59: Chapter 59

Ooh, Doctor Drummond better be careful! Especially now that it seems like the Doctor might have a somewhat workable plan to destroy the Wolf.

Author's Response: The medic could end up in all kinds of trouble and could potentially interrupt the plans the Doctor has, even if his plan is somewhat reckless.

2015.11.12 - 07:07PM
58: Chapter 58

I can think of a two-word reason why BAD WOLF!

Author's Response: Yeah, that's probably a fairly good reason at the moment.

2015.11.12 - 04:23PM
57: Chapter 57

I'm hoping his crazy plan works, but considering how strong the Wolf is I kind of doubt it. I'm crossing my fingers.

Author's Response: It's not the smartest of plans is it?

2015.11.12 - 04:16PM
56: Chapter 56

I love how the Doctor is bugging the Wolf about Rose. That's got to help.

Author's Response: He's trying anyway, niggling and annoying her, hopefully that will rile her up a bit more.

2015.11.11 - 03:42PM
57: Chapter 57

He's so concerned about what the wolf can don or might do to Dr Drummund and anybody else. and yet he's got a crazy plan that might just get him killed and Rose insane.

Author's Response: Yeah, his plan isn't exactly the most sensible thing and is certainly a risk, make the wolf so mad and active that it burns itself out, and then try and get Rose into the TARDIS before the Wolf can recover enough to strike them down dead - good luck to him!

2015.11.10 - 07:03PM
56: Chapter 56

It's past time for Rose to wheel his butt into the TARDIS.

Author's Response: The Wolf has already shown that it can strike Rose down dead, do you really think that it is going to let Rose wheel him in there?

2015.11.10 - 02:50PM
56: Chapter 56

This alone will kill them both.

Author's Response: It's not looking good for them, even if they don't end up dead them the emotional fall out is going to be highly significant.

2015.11.09 - 08:02PM
55: Chapter 55

Them are fighting words!

Author's Response: But does he have the moves to back them up???

2015.11.08 - 04:52PM
54: Chapter 54

I don't trust the Wolf not to make a reappearance at a most inconvenient time. Rose was lucky this time that the only damage was a wet bed and pajamas. next time.... but the Doctor did tell her not to use the rope again.

Author's Response: He's trying to convince Rose that it was a dream still. Rose can't really find out and believe it because it would put her at even more risk. The Wolf has already stopped her heart when she tried to leave, what else would she be prepared to do to her. He has to keep on lying to try and keep her safe, playing right into the hands of the Bad Wolf as he does.

2015.11.07 - 04:33PM
53: Chapter 53

Tying herself to the bed isn't going to work and all it is going to do is make the Wolf angrier.

Author's Response: It's certainly not the wisest of moves to have made.

2015.11.07 - 02:55PM
53: Chapter 53

Gotta be pretty bd when Rose has to tie herself to her bed in order not to harm the Doctor, as if that will stop the Wolf. I don't think it will. I honestly thought Rose was intending to do herself in with that rope. but that would have been no good either because the Wolf can still use her.

Author's Response: If the wolf wanted to get to the Doctor when Rose was tied to the bed she would have done, so either she was electing not to materialise or she couldn't materialise, the Doctor needs to take a gamble on which it is.

2015.11.06 - 05:10PM
52: Chapter 52

Poor Doctor, he's so spooked and he's turning away the one person who can help if he'd let him.

Author's Response: I don't know if he's more angry with Dr Drummond for spying on him and putting himself in danger, or using that anger to hide the shame that Dr Drummond knows what has been done to him.