Reviews For Possession

2015.10.11 - 12:59AM
11: Chapter 11

Ah! That doesn't sound good.

Author's Response: No, not good at all, he's definitely stuck and out of action.

2015.10.10 - 05:00PM
19: Chapter 19

I don't blame thw Doctor for being scared. I'm scared for him! He needs to talk to the TARDIS. Can he do that without Rose hearing, now that she's connected, too? Hmmm.

Author's Response: I don't think he would take that risk. He can't even go into the TARDIS because she'd know something was wrong and find out and then the Wolf would find out and everything would go even more to Hell, he's on his own.

2015.10.10 - 03:27PM
19: Chapter 19

I think he should tell Rose what is happening. she needs to know whether she's in danger or not.

Author's Response: The problem is that if he tells Rose then Bad Wolf is going to know he's told her and there is no knowing what it would do to Rose if she found that out.

2015.10.09 - 07:24PM
18: Chapter 18

Uh Oh! what sort of demon has been awoken!

Author's Response: Bad Wolf wants him for herself and she will make sure that she has him whether he wants her or not.

2015.10.09 - 04:01PM
18: Chapter 18

That was intense! I figured that the Bad Wolf was coming, but that was even more wild than I expected.

Author's Response: Oh, she's only just getting started.

2015.10.09 - 03:54PM
17: Chapter 17

Oh, poor Doctor! I'm so glad he has the TARDIS to help him. And Rose.

Author's Response: With his two girls on his side he's bound to make a good recovery, as long as they both stay on his side *wink*

2015.10.09 - 09:45AM
14: Chapter 14

You can do it Rose! He's depending on you.

Author's Response: Rose will do it even if she really doesn't want to.

2015.10.09 - 09:28AM
13: Chapter 13

Rosie? cheeky Tardis!

Author's Response: The TARDIS definitely has a soft spot for her doesn't she?

2015.10.09 - 09:18AM
12: Chapter 12

Why is it always the leg?

Author's Response: It's not always the leg, but the leg is good, simply because it means he can't do the one thing he always defaults to and run away.

2015.10.08 - 10:25PM
11: Chapter 11

What a great cliff-hanger! Can't wait to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Crashes are always good lol.

2015.10.08 - 07:00PM
11: Chapter 11

Knew it! Trouble was not far behind!

Author's Response: Yeah, they're in trouble now.

2015.10.08 - 11:39AM
10: Chapter 10

Goes to show love knows no boundaries.

Author's Response: Yeah, I think Gina and Nalide are the perfect example of cross species loving.

2015.10.07 - 08:52PM
8: Chapter 8

Rose is coming around, but why do I get a feeling the boom is about to be lowered?

Author's Response: Rose is definitely coming round, but there is something in the air, they can't be allowed to relax too long can they?

2015.10.07 - 07:45PM
7: Chapter 7

Now this has got to be good

Author's Response: He's been up all night preparing it for Rose so it's going to be either great, insane, or totally rubbish lol.

2015.10.07 - 05:26PM
6: Chapter 6

I really like this fic! It's cool that he talks to The Tardis in that way. Excited to read more!

Author's Response: I'm glad that you're enjoying, I like to think that he can openly communicate with the TARDIS even if 'The Doctor's Wife' kind of suggested that he can't. More to come and hope you continue to enjoy.