Reviews For Possession

2015.10.16 - 03:45PM
1: Chapter 1

Hope you've had a nice holiday. Its always exciting to see you've written a new story. How many chapters will this one become, I wonder? From the summary, it looks like its going to be quite intense.
I was extremely skeptical, like Rose, back in 2005, when Nine regenerated into Ten. When dad had me sit down and start watching the show he used to watch when he was little, he didn't explain that the actor changes. I quickly became emotionally invested by this mysterious alien that swept me off for a journey of a lifetime, only to have all of that suddenly turned on its head, when he changed. Dad only decided to explain it to me after that episode and I was still wary. It took me a while to get used to Ten and the idea of regeneration. With each regeneration though, this process of accepting a new Doctor has gotten easier for me. But warning would have made the whole thing less traumatic, so I do feel for Rose and the Doctor should explain this alien process at a much earlier time, not when he's about to explode and babbling about how many heads he's going to have. Especially with the amount of life-threatening scrapes they end up in.
Also, sidenote; the Doctor of all people shouldn't be cajoling Rose for her pink room being 'girly'. Pink had been traditionally a masculine colour and what boys were dressed in, while blue was for girls. Up until the 1940's that is, when Hitler decided to implement the wearing of pink triangles for homosexuals, in order to have a more efficient way of singling them out for death. It was at this time that the traditional colours were swapped around and pink was made effeminate. Its only a fairly recent notion when you think about it. And another way to enforce ridiculous gender roles.

Author's Response: I think it's going to end up being about a hundred chapters, it's certainly not an epic!

Holiday was good thanks, up in the Spanish mountains just driving from one small village to another drinking coffee - nothing really exciting, but it was nice to get away from work for a week!

Regeneration is a big thing and he should have explained it to Rose before it happened. It always takes me about a season to settle into a new Doctor. I hated Matt Smith for the first season and then I hated Peter Capaldi for his first season, but Matt Smith grew on me I'm quite enjoying Peter Capaldi this year. It's funny isn't it?

I can certainly imagine the Doctor walking into Rose's bedroom and teasing Rose about it being girly and pink. I know that it used to be blue and I expect the Doctor knows that as well, but he can just have a joke with Rose about it all being pink without it being a serious deep gender issue. It's not also as simple to say that the reversal was driven by Nazi Germany through their identification of homosexuals, there was a lot of change that was driven separately by those who were opposed to the Catholic Church because the Virgin Mary is usually depicted in blue, and there were further movements throughout the forties and fifties where women seeking equal rights wore pink in order to degrade men. I do think that the Doctor is allowed to have a contemporary cultural joke with his companion without it being wrong or ridiculous because Rose would not have changed her bedroom pink and have fluffy pink scatter cushions over her bed etc. with any notion of Hitler's persecution of Gays, just like if she'd done it in yellow it would not have been anything to do about the Star of David the Jews were made to wear. Things can be innocent and fun without being het up about more serious gender issues which have a different time and place.

2015.10.15 - 05:17PM
25: Chapter 25

The calm before the storm?

Author's Response: There are plenty of storms coming!

2015.10.15 - 03:51PM
25: Chapter 25

You really know how to ramp up the tension with these quiet interludes! I'm so nervous now, waiting for the Bad Wolf to reappear. I hope Gina can help and won't be too much of a target.

Author's Response: The lulls in activity are probably worse for the Doctor than the times when the Wolf is there because he must just be laying there waiting and wondering and getting his hopes up that it's gone.

2015.10.15 - 12:34PM
24: Chapter 24

Is it bad that I want to see the Doctor get poisoned? Also I have a feeling the new meds won't work on the Bad Wolf. And I worry that Bad Wolf will decide that Gina will need to be removed from the situation.

Author's Response: It is a little bit bad that you want the Doctor to be poisoned, that is pretty mean! As long as Gina stays out of the Wolf's way then she's just another little amusement, if anyone finds out and tries to intervene then it's going to be impossible.

2015.10.14 - 07:45PM
24: Chapter 24

You think Gina's presence there kept the bad wolf at bay?

Author's Response: I don't think the Wolf can afford for other people to find out or it will be harder for her to get her time with the Doctor.

2015.10.14 - 04:17PM
22: Chapter 22

I wonder if Gina will end up seeing the Wolf at some point.

Author's Response: I hope for her sake that she doesn't.

2015.10.13 - 05:35PM
23: Chapter 23

Something tells me a certain drug is going to be "accidently" switched with either Rose's or the Doctor's

Author's Response: There is definitely something going on.

2015.10.13 - 03:12PM
22: Chapter 22

I think Gina should be careful I don't know what the bad wolf will do to her. but poor Rose! bad wolf is doing all this to her and she can't even be told about it. this is going to get ugly,

Author's Response: Rose hasn't got a clue as to what is going on has she but she knows something is and that she's not feeling well and the more the Wolf materialises the worse she is going to be feeling, it's got to be very unnerving for her.

2015.10.13 - 12:14AM
21: Chapter 21

You must have seen that movie, Misery, This Bad Wolf is nuts!

Author's Response: I have seen Misery and read the novel, but the Doctor is in for much worse than that!

2015.10.12 - 04:42PM
20: Chapter 20

Oh! I love this story! It's got me on my toes because I never know when the Wolf is going to take over. She's so creepy and possessive. I love it.

Author's Response: Yeah, the Wolf is always lurking there underneath. The Doctor isn't going to be able to rest easily because he doesn't know when it's going to take over either.

2015.10.12 - 12:44AM
18: Chapter 18

It is rather refreshing to see a Bad Wolf who is the bad guy. We get a lot of Rose Tylers that get Bad Wolf powers. I've always imagined Bad Wolf as being a force of good. It is a bit difficult trying to wrap my head around her as being evil. Though I am enjoying the whump and look forward to more.

Author's Response: I think Bad Wolf is just about power and that her actions have always been self serving and a lot of that has been about 'her Doctor'. With a relationship developing with Rose that challenges the notion that he's 'her Doctor'.

2015.10.11 - 10:53PM
20: Chapter 20


Author's Response: Sorry, lol, next chapter going up in a minute, so behind in responding to reviews thought I better do that for a while!

2015.10.11 - 04:52PM
20: Chapter 20

The Big Bad Wolf returns!

Author's Response: Yeah, she's back!

2015.10.11 - 01:49AM
19: Chapter 19

The Doctor should probably tell Rose about the Wolf sooner than later. For some reason I thought when I read the title that the Doctor was going to be possessed but I really like the twist with it being Rose. I'm worried about him. He's helpless if she changes again.

Author's Response: He doesn't think he can tell Rose without putting her in mortal danger and he can't protect himself never mind her. He thinks he's going to have to take it until he can work it out. He is more or less helpless when she returns. He's going to have to figure it out using his mind, except he's clouded with painkillers and sedatives so not able to think as clearly as he should be able to. The title kind of hints at two things, the primary one is that the Doctor becomes the possession of the Wolf, and the second one is that Rose is possessed by the Wolf.

2015.10.11 - 01:35AM
18: Chapter 18

Whoa! I didn't see that coming! That was intense. I love it!

Author's Response: She's one vindictive bitch of a Wolf!