Reviews For Possession

2015.10.17 - 12:31AM
15: Chapter 15

That 'sedative' certainly wasn't enough for him during that procedure. It seemed like he was going into shock. At least his leg is together properly though now and he can sleep. And damn right the Doctor is a 'bonehead' for not confessing his love lol. I am wondering what kind of complications you might have in store for him and how his newly regenerated body is going to deal with the injury. Question; how will Rose tell if his leg is turning white, if his leg is already, well, white?

Author's Response: He is definitely a Bonehead.

The kind of white that is seen when the leg is not receiving enough blood supply is very different from a leg that is white because it's not tanned, it will easily be seen.

2015.10.16 - 11:59PM
14: Chapter 14

I get the feeling that the TARDIS is feeling frustrated she needs Rose's assistance and has to guide her through it, but is trying to be calm about it, so Rose doesn't give up and the Doctor gets cared for. The longer it takes though, the worse its going to be for him and they need the Doctor to be alright.
Its a pity the Doctor didn't have access to this care in Code 9. Though, different stories allos for different ways of fixing him when he's broken. It seems like he's going to heal quicker in this one?
I wish the show would elaborate more on the canon of how regeneration energy works. We might get more information at some point soon, with how the Doctor has been giving it out willy nilly, even if River scolded him for stupidly wasting it to repair her fractured wrist. He has still been able to regenerate completely, even if Eleven, or strictly speaking, 'Thirteen,' had run out of lives. But then again, I'm not sure it should be left up to Moffat as to how the process works.

Author's Response: The injury in this one is a lot less serious than the one he experienced in Code 9 or the healing would have been around the same time. He also got seriously ill in Code 9 and a lot of his treatment was delayed because of the drug interaction.

2015.10.16 - 11:32PM
13: Chapter 13

I also like the mental image given of the TARDIS pushing the wheelchair out of doors with what I assume was big puffs of air? Its humorous, but also shows how much she cares.

Author's Response: Puffs of air or electromagnetic pulse.

2015.10.16 - 11:26PM
13: Chapter 13

I felt really relieved he was still there, when Rose got back to him! He's not in a good way though. Putting off those tests has definitely bit him in the bum. And a three-way between him, Rose and the TARDIS, you say? Interesting.

Author's Response: No bounty hunters and no one kidnapping him, the torture is going to come from much closer to home this time.

2015.10.16 - 11:02PM
12: Chapter 12

Both the action and the aftermath of the crash was rather well described, though a little hard to keep up with the exact mechanisms and positioning of the buggies etc. How the Doctor and Rose felt and experienced it however, being dazed and shocked and the rolling sensation etc is familiar and easy to imagine.
I fell off my bike once, when it flipped up on me. I was wearing a helmet, but didn't hit my head. Other than a few bruises, I thought I had gotten away with it. But, as it turned out, the force was enough that a day later I had developed a concussion and became quite ill with it. So not hitting your head can also be bad.
The Doctor is like a horse, dependent on his legs to keep him running and alive. He is so vulnerable without them. Is this why you like to break them and keep his character in one place for you to do what you want with him?
I am worried that some bounty hunter or something is on the island and overheard from Gina that there is a Time Lord staying there and he is going to be helpless to fight back, while he's alone and injured on the beach and will get abducted and tortured and Rose will have to find him and get him back. Is that where you going with this?

Author's Response: That's the problem with the brain, because it can move inside the skull, even if you've not directly hit your head any sudden stop or change in movement can cause your brain to hit the inside of your skull and cause serious and sometimes fatal issues.

Breaking a leg is exactly that, a way to keep him in one place and take his independence away from him, his default condition is to run, taking that out makes him more vulnerable and easy to play with.

2015.10.16 - 10:40PM
11: Chapter 11

'Snapping' does not sound good. I'm worried and excited to open the next chapter.

Author's Response: No, snapping is not that good.

2015.10.16 - 10:28PM
10: Chapter 10

The thought of a person laying an egg tickles me. I suppose that's better than giving birth to a spiked infant though, yikes. The Doctor is always so good with kids. I love that.

Author's Response: I would have thought that the Silurians lay eggs as well, though that's never been mentioned in the series.

2015.10.16 - 10:10PM
9: Chapter 9

They take good care of each other when they're hurt.

Author's Response: Yeah, they do, I think they have to don't they or they'd both end up in pieces!

2015.10.16 - 09:05PM
8: Chapter 8

I should have known he'd cobble together his own buggies. Though it could still end in disaster. I'm sure they'll just have just as much fun on them as your characters in Terminal Decay. Have you ever been kite buggying, yourself? It does sound like fun.

Author's Response: Never been kite buggying myself but yeah, it sounds like a lot of fun.

2015.10.16 - 08:53PM
7: Chapter 7

Something tells me he is going to tamper with the kite buggies and accidents are going to ensue.

Author's Response: Tamper with? No - lol, that would be too simple!

2015.10.16 - 08:39PM
6: Chapter 6

I liked the bit with them testing all the fruit. 'New mouth, new rules.' The Doctor communicating with the TARDIS wasn't quite 'Talking with mouths,' but is a different take that I guess I'll get used to for this story. I like that the TARDIS is both concerned for the Doctor and poking fun at him.

Author's Response: I know the TARDIS communication isn't exactly the canon that was introduced in The Doctor's Wife, but it is kind of necessary for the TARDIS to be able to telepathically connect to the Doctor and later to Rose in this story.

2015.10.16 - 08:13PM
5: Chapter 5

That was funny how the Doctor got distracted with the milk. And did he insinuate that he and Turlough got it on behind closed doors? Heheh.

Author's Response: It's very easy to be caught out by a pan of milk on the hob, it can be just nicely simmering away and then rises out the pan like a mushroom cloud with no warning! Luckily Rose was on the ball. Turlough, Adric, who knows?

2015.10.16 - 05:18PM
4: Chapter 4

If isn't healing quickly from having a bad regeneration so soon, I am worried for how that will affect him for whatever torture it seems you have in store for him with this story. Also hot chapter and I liked Rose worried about and taking care of the Doctor's bruise, that sounds sore, even if he was down-playing it.

Author's Response: There is plenty of torture in store for him, and healing is going to be a problem, but being new is also going to become a bit of an excuse.

2015.10.16 - 04:38PM
3: Chapter 3

Liked the bit about the Doctor and Rose teasing about sex on the beach lol. And wow, that place sounds amazing. Can I stay there? I hope the people that live there aren't put out by so many tourists. It sounds like a variety of people come to stay from different planets. I am sure not all of them are strictly just a 'man' or a 'woman' though, even if they may present that way with any binary-based assumptions Rose may have about gender. Though surely she's traveled about enough by now to know better.

Author's Response: I think the people that live would have to accept that tourism is their mainstay and either get on with that and become a part of that as it will be their employment and income or stay on one of the other islands.

2015.10.16 - 04:01PM
2: Chapter 2

Chapter 2 and he's already getting physically whumped. I'm sure he'll get used to the size of those gangly legs in no time. And poor TARDIS. No, she is not a decorating service. Also the Doctor was being defensive about the colour pink again. If its not to his taste though, that is different than negative gender connotations.

Author's Response: It must be hard to process a complete change in everything and ten is all leggy!