2015.12.03 - 10:14AM
1: Doctor Who and the Dangers of Hospitality

This was expertly done! I am a big fan of Five and Nyssa together - in fact I basically view the Season 19 crew as one giant dysfunctional if lovable family with Five and Nyssa as the trying parents and Tegan and Adric as the occasionally irritating kids - and your take on the three characters was spot on and the romance felt very in character for the two. Plus drunk Tegan is hilarious. I'll definitely see if you have or will do anymore stuff with this crew in future, romantic or not.

Author's Response: Thank you for the kind words! I do have other stories with these three, if you want more. 'Hospitality' is actually the second in what is currently a trilogy of Five/Nyssa stories - 'Comparative Xenobiology Between Friends' and 'Midnight in the TARDIS Kitchen' being the other two. There's also 'Chameleon Arch of Infinity' which is a Five/Nyssa AU adventure.

2015.10.02 - 05:42PM
1: Doctor Who and the Dangers of Hospitality

Love this - it reminds me of Black Orchid, we so rarely got to see them having fun. You ship Five and Nyssa so well, and drunk Tegan is hilarious! :)

Author's Response: I sort of had the first part of Black Orchid in mind when I wrote this - an adventure where the worst thing to happen to the Doctor is being forced to put on a costume. Glad to hear it was well received! =)

2015.10.02 - 03:54PM
1: Doctor Who and the Dangers of Hospitality

*giggles* Very cute! I adored the Apollo descended from Olympus line particularly! :D And drunk Tegan...oh, dear. Maybe she'd better keep away from wine for a while.

Author's Response: Thanks! (The Apollo line was secretly one of my favs too - the description just fits him so well.) And yeah, I think after she gets over this hangover, Tegan's gonna be soft drinks only for a bit.