Reviews For Greener Grass

2015.10.13 - 05:19PM
5: Chapter 5

Oh no, you should be very sorry for leaving us dangling that way.

So the other Doctor knew and went out of his way to help him. I wonder why his TARDIS was keen on him telling Rose. Undoubtedly she'll find out when this Doctor tells her.

But the question remains, is there still no grass for Rose? This man might not be the Doctor she met and loved, but this Doctor is hers now. Subconsciously, I think one of the reasons she slept with him was because he was already so much like her first Doctor, even with his Time Lord essence in the watch. All of those little mysteries her heart found familiar called to her.

Author's Response: :) I've always seen Ten as slightly insecure about how Rose felt about him, probably stemming from his regeneration when she asked him if he could change back. That's why he didn't tell her but the TARDIS knows Rose too and how upset she would be if she found out he lied to her about something so big. I think she was trying to prevent the very huge misunderstanding that may be coming. Rose is definitely falling - quickly.

2015.10.04 - 12:00PM
4: Chapter 4

This is getting better and better! This was an excellent chapter! I have to wonder if them being intimate is going to complicate things in a bad way... Hopefully not. I can hardly wait for more!

Author's Response: Just a few more days. My work schedule is a bit insane for the next few days but I'll have it edited and up hopefully by Weds. or Thurs. at the latest. Thanks so much for reviewing!

2015.10.04 - 10:46AM
3: Chapter 3

"No hanky-panky on the lawn." LMAO!
*gasp!* Now I wonder is he an alt!Nine or her Nine? Either way, I LOVE this so far!

Author's Response: Spoilers! I promise I won't make everyone wait too long for some answers.

2015.10.04 - 10:39AM
2: Chapter 2

Lol! Jackie... Of course she sent the invite! Loved the references and Rose leaving Jon to fend for himself.

Author's Response: Hee hee! I love that woman!

2015.10.04 - 10:30AM
1: Chapter 1

I really loved this first chapter!
I love how they met XD
Worried about the arrhythmia... Hmmm...

Author's Response: Thank you for the review! The first chapter literally woke me up out of a deep sleep. I'm afraid I have Nine & Rose on the brain.

2015.10.03 - 07:27PM
4: Chapter 4

Well, she slept with him. That's going to complicate things for Rose when it comes time to open that watch. On one side of the Void, there's a Doctor she loves who never took that step with her. One of the best things about Nine is his possessive nature. It won't matter about the chameleon arch, he is going to be territorial. His memories will merge and he'll be changed courtesy of his years living as a human and Rose will be what he wants the most out of that humanity.

Author's Response: Hey! Glad to see you again! You always seem to help me push my stories forward. Hope all is well!

2015.10.03 - 06:29PM
4: Chapter 4

Curiouser and curiouser! Yet more mysteries in the heartbeat and leather jacket. Lovely chapter and thanks for the dedication.

Author's Response: You're welcome! I know I'm piling them on and they all will get resolved eventually. Trying to pace the buildup and as I tend to try and resolve things too quickly.

2015.10.02 - 10:36PM
4: Chapter 4

Wow! That is another great chapter. They finally got "together" sssqqqquuuueeeeee! Great start to my weekend.

Author's Response: Hello! :) Working hard on the next chapter. Unfortunately my work schedule is a little nuts this weekend so I'm editing whenever I can.

2015.10.02 - 07:31PM
4: Chapter 4

Oh my what a fantastic update between Mikey being so supportive to the relationship moving forward to the jacket and finally to Rose fainting.

Author's Response: I like to think that Mickey's really found himself in Pete's World. He's a good man at heart, he just needed to grow up a little.

2015.10.02 - 07:15PM
3: Chapter 3

Love Nine and the deviation from cannon...what a choice Rose has to make as to whether to take the leap into a relationship now or after the outcome of the fob...still enjoying the read and waiting to see where you lead us.

Author's Response: Thanks so much!

2015.10.02 - 06:33AM
1: Chapter 1

Well, that glippage with the 'spoon was certainly confusing!! Waited diligently for your tale to reappear!!!

I am so definitely in! Love this... really like the fact that you have time-stamped it to the beginning of the newWho series too!!!

But anything that has our Rose with the ninth incarnation has me... am hoping that he has been 'fobberised' with the chameleon arch, or is that just my poor fangirl girl heart and mond seeing summat that may not be there!

Looking forward to more!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for re-reviewing. I was incredibly confused myself. The staff here is great though and I'm glad the site is up and running. Spoilers! ;)

2015.10.01 - 06:33PM
3: Chapter 3

Don't quite remember what I said before but I really love these two. Really interested in that fob watch and to read how you play with canon. :)

Author's Response: Thanks for taking the time out to re-review. Should have the next bit up tomorrow.

2015.09.25 - 12:00AM
2: Chapter 2

Wahoo! Jon came. I'm definitely glad Jackie interfered. :D I too enjoyed the references to bad wolf as well.

Author's Response: I try to pepper in Bad Wolf without it getting clichéd. Glad you liked it. Next one should be up soon. Lots of questions will be raised!

2015.09.24 - 08:01PM
2: Chapter 2

Definitely worth the the reference to Bad Wolf and the gold in her eyes.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm working diligently on editing the next chapter. Should be up in a few days at most.

2015.09.17 - 07:48PM
1: Chapter 1

Wonderful start...something tells me Jackie is trying to set Rose up and wouldn't it be interesting if it happened to be a certain actor who I have to wonder if he is human.

Author's Response: Mrs. Tyler is always up to something :) I love writing Jackie. She's so much fun. Thanks so much for the review!