2015.09.17 - 12:53AM
1: Chapter 1

I wish I could be more eloquent to capture the poignancy of this fic and the feels it gave me but alas all I can say is: oh, I just loved it.

Author's Response: Aww thank you!!! I'm so glad you liked it.

2015.09.13 - 11:46PM
1: Chapter 1

If ever there was a 'head canon accepted' moment worthy of wiping the record clean of all that happened in the series after Doomsday, it is contained in this fic :). And if anyone reading this has not actually listened to David Tennant's reading of "The Stone Rose" via Audible.com, than you have a real treat in store. Hard to STOP listening to it, actually. Thank you for the truly delicious interweaving of those two tales, and the way it played so perfectly into explaining the progression of their intimacy.

Author's Response: omg thank you!!! seriously the stone rose IS such a wonderful gift oh my god. i have to basically weave it in wherever i can :) so glad you liked this!! <3

2015.09.13 - 05:52PM
1: Chapter 1

'If a dimensional divide canít separate them, then mismatched mortality wonít be able to, either.' - love the alliteration, beautiful line! Well, beautiful fic. :)

I esp love how you incorporated the stone rose and had them kissing etc prior to the doomsday shenanigans :D

Author's Response: I just love TSR so much, I basically try to put it in everywhere I can :') Im so glad you like it thank you!! :]

2015.09.13 - 03:54PM
1: Chapter 1

Beautiful! Loved it.

Author's Response: Thank you! :)

2015.09.13 - 01:54PM
1: Chapter 1

A really interesting take on what could have happened. Well done!!

Author's Response: Thank you! :]

2015.09.13 - 01:26PM
1: Chapter 1

Best reunion fic ever. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this. And........you managed to stay in character. Well done!

Author's Response: Ah thank you so much!!! It's a difficult category, especially for me. So glad you enjoyed! ^_^

2015.09.13 - 12:56PM
1: Chapter 1

So packed with emotion, wish that had happened on the series. Good job.

Author's Response: Ah, me too! Thank you :)