Reviews For UZB-76

2015.09.09 - 11:56PM
1: UZB-76

Loved it!!!

2015.09.09 - 10:56PM
1: UZB-76

I concur with all the accolades, AND the disappointment at this apparently being a one-shot. But please oh please, can't you carry it over for just one more chapter? Can't he find a way to push her message forward, to help her find her Doctor?! Wouldn't he feel it was the least he could do? Sorry... just a little begging and pleading here, that's all ;). Regardless, I was so pleased to see something new from you.

2015.09.09 - 09:51PM
1: UZB-76

OK, only one chapter, with a cliffhanger no less, is just not fair! You still remain on my very short list of favorite DW writers, and this is an excellent example of why.

2015.09.09 - 09:33PM
1: UZB-76

Oh, right in the feels! Really brilliant story, my dear!

2015.09.09 - 08:36PM
1: UZB-76

Cleverly done. The Doctor would HAVE to have encountered that signal at SOME point. This makes perfect sense!

2015.09.09 - 08:32PM
1: UZB-76

Wow. I loved the little twist at the end.

2015.09.09 - 08:15PM
1: UZB-76

Wow. Just wow.

The reason I love your stories is because you incorporate so much hard reality, or a sense of hard reality, into this fantasy we all love. Grounds it, makes it believable. And then you factor in how brilliantly you capture the characters!

I am always so glad to see you've written something!