2016.01.20 - 12:10PM
1: Full Moon, Full Moon

Leaves me with a lot of questions. I truly want to know how Ace became a were-cheetah and if she' sever cured. Well, if you do ever continue this, I'll be the first to read your update!

Author's Response: It probably won't be continued, but thank you all the same. This fic was fun to write!

2015.11.11 - 09:46PM
1: Full Moon, Full Moon

Was definitely not expecting to come across a fic with werecheetahs today. o.O This was fun, well done!

Author's Response: Nobody expects the Werecheetah Inquisition! (And thanks!)

2015.11.11 - 04:02AM
1: Full Moon, Full Moon

Here via Calufrax, and glad I came - this is, as promised, really unusual, interesting and great. And excellent Seven and Ace! :-)

Author's Response: I got recced on Calufrax? *squeals* Yay! Thank you- you have no idea how awesome it is to be told that your work's 'unusual'.

2015.10.16 - 09:06PM
1: Full Moon, Full Moon

This is a strange and marvellous AU! Seven is still a Time Lord, I'm guessing, which makes me wonder what scheme teaching the students at Coal Hill how to blow things up was a part of, and if he was, or wasn't, there to intentionally meet Ace. And how did Ace become a Were-Cheetah? And who is the Professor's dangerous friend who might cure her? And what other people who want to kill the Professor has Ace encountered or heard about previously?

Even if you aren't continuing it, it stands well on its own, and the questions are fun to ponder and extrapolate from.

Author's Response: Spoiler alert: it was meant to be the Rani. :) I'm probably not going to continue this, though, although there is quite a lot I could do with it. Thank you for your kind words- occasionally I need a boost to my ego!