Reviews For Miles To Go

2015.07.28 - 04:39PM
1: Chapter 1

I very much agree with Dancingsalome (as, like her, I have the bad habit of overusing the Master, lol): Write what pleases you! It'll never fail you, if it makes you happy.

And this is adorable! I could almost see Two's face as he realized he was being conned into a longer rest period! :) So fun to see the two of them together like this; Two is one of my favorite Classic Doctors, and Tegan's quickly becoming one of my favorite Classic companions.

Author's Response: Well I thought I responded to this review! Thanks for the encouragement!

2015.07.28 - 04:10PM
1: Chapter 1

Yes, she would be wearing the most unsitable shoes, wouldn't she? :)

I think one should write what one enjoys to write. I'll probably overuse the Master but you have to obey the muse, or nothing will be written

Author's Response: Thanks for the encouragement!