Reviews For The Passing Storm

2016.01.20 - 06:21PM
11: A Sort of Homecoming

I'm so curious to see more of this series to continue.. Don't stop..

Author's Response: Thank you. I plan to revisit this story. Hopefully soon. Your review is much appreciated!

2015.07.16 - 07:59PM
11: A Sort of Homecoming

bittersweet that this wonderful story has come to an end but am hopeful you will have the opportunity to continue...loved the bit with Jack fainting and am hopeful Ian will have an operational TARDIS and possibly with the means to travel between universes...thanks for sharing this with us.

Author's Response: Thank you for reading! Of course, I already have ideas swirling around in my head for future additions to the series and some new ones focusing on Nine and even Eight. I'm taking the rest of July and August off so I can get some work done on my novel. It's *really* hard for me to get the Whoniverse out of my head sometimes!

2015.07.16 - 07:17PM
11: A Sort of Homecoming

Hehe, Jack!!!! I love that he was there... and that he fainted. Perfect ending (well, except for the loss of Ian) but I like knowing you *may* return to this verse and maybe Ian too and perhaps a growing TARDIS.... :D

Author's Response: Needed a bit of Harkness. I'm leaning towards a definite return because of you guys. Thanks so much for reading!

2015.07.16 - 01:04PM
10: Time's Up

I like thinking that is still who he is inside, all charming ears and leather, this version of the Doctor.

This is where it ends, though? It seems like there's stories yet to be told.

Author's Response: Have one more (really short) chapter awaiting validation. I've left the door open for more but I'll be taking a little break (rest of the summer) from writing fanfic to focus on my novel. I will be here reading though!

2015.07.15 - 10:01PM
10: Time's Up

*sniffles* That certainly hurt. I'm sorry that Ian stayed to a point - he is rather young and if it had just been his girlfriend there is no guarantee that would last. But he is from there. He'd have to give up everything he knew and where he came from and that wouldn't have been easy either. I do like the idea of at least one Time Lord in each universe but with a TARDIS he can't quite be a defender of the universe but of Earth instead.

Anyway, really enjoyed Rose and the Doctor and them resuming intimacy. So beautiful.

Alec thinking she's dead though and most of her family. Tragic even if necessary. Good Children in Need nod.

Author's Response: I've always had the impression that Ian is an old soul. I didn't want to make it just about having a girlfriend at 14 because well, 14 after all, but it did play a part in his decision. He may or may not have a growing TARDIS in his position. I'm not telling. You know the Doctor wouldn't leave his son without some defenses. I went with the bond to show their intimacy as I thought it was a gentler way for them to come back together, especially considering the trauma Rose had been through. Had to pop in on Alec too. Thanks so much for hanging in there with me! Last chapter should be up tomorrow.

2015.07.15 - 07:33PM
9: Stay or Go

If Ian does stay, could easily picture him becoming that Earth's defender...he would not be alone and appears to have already fallen hard for his childhood sweetheart...what is Bad Wolf's end game...thanks for the second update.

Author's Response: Good call on Ian. If I come back to this series in the future, I'd definitely focus on this brilliant boy.

2015.07.15 - 07:22PM
8: Blame

a very emotional chapter and you could almost feel their pain and their confusion as to how to move past this...nicely portrayed.

Author's Response: Thanks you! It was hard to write. Often victims blame themselves and I wanted to show the mindset behind it as well as the guilt those close to a victim tend to live with. Last two chapters coming soon.

2015.07.12 - 07:13PM
7: A Price Paid

My question is this: What on Earth will happen when Rose's husband regenerates into the face of that madman?

Author's Response: Sometimes I have to make sure that you aren't one of the voices in my head Beth, hahaha. It's something that I've thought about too. Ten from the Prime Universe didn't get all that much time in that body but I think Ten from Pete's World will- centuries even. Hopefully, Rose will be healed enough to deal by then. If not, there may be a fourth part to this series. ;)

2015.07.12 - 06:37PM
7: A Price Paid

thanks for the quick update; the update was angsty and tragic and heart-stumping...not sure what to make of Rory's regeneration and how it will impact her and the rest of the family...did I hear BW correctly say that they were needed in the other could they leave Pete's world when it is now their is all I can say!

Author's Response: I'll be addressing all these issues. Choices will have to be made. Thanks so much for your reviews! You guys keep me on my toes!

2015.07.12 - 05:14PM
7: A Price Paid

I can only feel sorrow after that. For everyone involved, including the man who used to be Rose's Doctor. So very tragic. I'm not surprised Rory didn't listen and sorry it caused her to regenerate but at least she's alive. So now they'll leave Pete's World and return to our universe? Interesting...

Since you asked the only thing I noticed were a few "The"s before Doctor that shouldn't be capitalized as they aren't the beginning of the sentence. Only a few though. :)

Author's Response: Thanks Bria! Will head over to fix them in a bit. Much appreciated. Rory's regeneration is going to cause problems. As will the directive from Bad Wolf to go back. The Doctor and Rose's children have only ever known Pete's World.

2015.07.12 - 08:27AM
6: Violation one will come away from this in one piece either physically or mentally...with Eleven's desire for Rose's blood, I wonder if he is possessed...either way, Rose's Doctor might not take that into consideration for what he did to his Rose...worry for Rory since she looks like Rose...will that be a saving grace or another nightmare! too many scenarios running thru my head.

Author's Response: Next chapter is up and it hurt. Following chapter should be up within a week but I need a day or two of rest. The last few did my head in.

2015.07.11 - 11:44PM
6: Violation

Oh dear God. Tell me he's going to get him. That we're going to have one dead Valeyard on our hands.

Author's Response: Spoilers! :) I have the next chapter done just needs editing and I should have it up later this afternoon.

2015.07.11 - 11:39PM
6: Violation

While this might be where it gets dark. I really hope it was the worst of it. Because... there really are no words. As a reader I can understand why Rose currently just wants to die but of course her husband is never going to leave her. Ever.

So just what will he - and Rose - have to face next and get through before this nightmare is over? Not to mention the aftermath even when this ordeal is done. Plus there is Rory to consider. I know she is Rose and the Doctor's daughter but I really hope for her and her parent's sake she actually does what she is told.

Author's Response: It's the worst of it of what Eleven does, in my opinion. The aftermath is going to be difficult for all of them. Should be about 3 more chapters in total left.

2015.07.11 - 11:28PM
5: Cardiff

Well at least Eleven doesn't have Rory but this is still very bad. I'm sorry for sounding all gloom and doom in my reviews but I think it's natural given the angst.

2015.07.11 - 11:12PM
4: Old Friends

Eeek. I loved seeing the Doctor and Rose visiting with Gwen and Owen, but what Gwen brought up about Rory.... chilling. I have to think Eleven really wouldn't go after her daughter, only Rose, but that really isn't any better. He had his time and it passed, if only he accepted that.

Author's Response: Eleven has lost the plot. I think he did accept it for a long time but all his recent losses have pushed him over the edge.