2016.01.27 - 08:32AM
1: Chapter 1

Looooooove this one!
Both the doctor and donna are just the way they're supposed to be in my imagination!
And the doctor's feelings towards donna are just beautiful and sad.
I will remember this article as long as I love DW(that will be forever)
Thank you for creating this lovely story!!

2015.07.06 - 03:29PM
1: Chapter 1

Aww poor Ten... And Donna, clueless as ever! Oh, if only she hadn't been on the verge of dying with the whole metacrisis.... :-(

2015.07.06 - 12:52PM
1: Chapter 1

Owww, this is just incredible! The dynamics between Ten and Donna really comes alive at your hand, and your adorable Ten makes me laugh out loud.
Thank you so much for bringing us this brilliant story.
And...may I have the honor to translate this story into Chinese, so that more people can enjoy it? Surely I'll tell readers that it belongs to you, and leave a link to the original story.

Author's Response: if you want, sure :)