Reviews For White Rabbit

2017.02.18 - 05:34AM
16: Chapter 16

Oh, I see. It's sad but I respect your opinion. May I ask if anyone tried to translate your works before?

Author's Response: For example, I know a little bit of French and I know that translation isn't exact. Sometimes it's an approximation and substituting similar words but not the same can have different meanings. This is one of the reasons why I'm hesitant to see my work translated.

2017.02.16 - 03:56PM
16: Chapter 16

I want to ask you if you'll be alright if your story will be translated in other language? I really love it and I am sure it deserves to be read but much more people. But I want to ask your permission first, of course.

Author's Response: I'm flattered by your request. I had no idea you liked my stories so much! Unfortunately I don't feel comfortable with my work being translated into another language. I'm worried that it would lose its feeling in the translation and that it wouldn't be the same. It wouldn't be my work anymore because it would be changed too much. Thank you for asking though. I appreciate it. Sorry to disappoint you.

2017.02.16 - 03:50PM
16: Chapter 16

I've read the whole story and I'm in awe of it! But honestly I'm a bit scared to read the sequel... I am so worried about the reason of all these strange events...

Author's Response: I'm glad that you liked it. The sequel explains all of the unanswered questions about what is happening in this story. The sequel is going to be darker than this one, but the good thing is that there's a lot of little details in it that aren't in this story. Both stories are so connected that, in a sense, it's almost one story instead of two.

2016.06.10 - 10:54AM
1: Chapter 1

Just finished reading this maddening story! What the heck is happening to them?! I need to read more....where is the sequel?! PLEEEEASE post it soon!

Author's Response: Thank you for reading it. I'm glad you liked it. It means a lot to me. I do still plan on writing a sequel. I'll have to wait to start on it until I'm finished the other one I'm working on now. Real life is very busy right now. I do promise the sequel will be written. I'll never leave a series or a story unfinished.

2016.02.08 - 12:05AM
16: Chapter 16

I just found this chapter today, can't believe I missed it as I was reading each one as it came out! This has been a fascinating story and quite a roller coaster. I still don't know what to believe and am very happy there will be sequel. It would be cruel beyond measure to leave Ten, Rose and us wondering what the heck is going on. Thanks!

Author's Response: Thank you! There is going to be a sequel. I've got most of the story planned out. I just need to figure out a few more ideas before I can start writing it. It's been on my mind every day.

2015.10.21 - 02:53AM
16: Chapter 16

When do we get the sequel? And by any chance can you tell us its title?

*I love this story.

Author's Response: Right now I've started working on a different story for my Balance of Power series. I've got a good chunk of the sequel to White Rabbit planned out, but there's just a few things I need to straighten out first. I haven't entirely settled on what I'm going to call it yet. I've been thinking about the sequel and when I've straightened out the last few details I'll start on it. I haven't forgot about it.

2015.10.03 - 02:10AM
16: Chapter 16

Just found this story and all I have to say is.....

Please post the sequel soon!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked it.

2015.10.01 - 06:11PM
16: Chapter 16

I have been waiting for this chapter. Poor Rose. I just don't know what to believe anymore. This should become a book; your writing is so intense and addicting. Until your next installment....who needs sleep anyways? ; )

Author's Response: I actually had to repost this chapter. I posted it last Sunday but then the site crashed. I'm so happy that you find it addictive enough to become a book. That's amazing. Thank you! Rose has been through a lot in this story. Well, her and the Doctor too. Glad to see that your looking forward to the sequel!

2015.09.23 - 11:19AM
15: Chapter 15

Wow I'm still so shocked and confused dr grants and Mallorys POV seem so legit like they are who rose thinks they are but with the Rose so sure of herself I'm praying she is right and hasn't just made a horrid mistake due to actually being insane. I can't tell who to root for? Rose or dr grant who really appears like he's genuinely trying to help her gaahhhh so much suspense brilliant writing and I can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Dr. Grant's and Mallory's POV do seem legit. Are they telling the truth or are they lying? Let's hope that Rose made the right decision. We'll find out...

2015.09.22 - 09:11PM
15: Chapter 15

I don't know if I hate you for this or love you, really I'm in shock!! Shock!!

Author's Response: Wow! I think Rose is probably feeling the same way right now. Things are going to get even more shocking in the next chapter.

2015.09.22 - 08:46PM
15: Chapter 15

Okay... that is one hell of a cliffie! What the hell is going on? I have some ideas but, they aren't making much sense to me. I'll just have to be patient.
Poor Rose...

Author's Response: Answers will come in the next chapter. I do feel sorry for Rose. She's been through so much.

2015.09.22 - 06:48PM
15: Chapter 15

How am I supposed to get any sleep now, argh? Amazing writing, and please dont let this be the end.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I can't believe you like my writing. Hopefully you can get some sleep. :)

2015.09.22 - 05:07PM
15: Chapter 15

Well now that's a cliffhanger. Though the fact there's more seems to indicate this can't be the end...

Author's Response: It's not the end. Rose is getting very close to the truth.

2015.09.22 - 05:05PM
15: Chapter 15

Oh, now I'm really not sure what reality is.

Author's Response: Don't worry, the truth will be revealed in the next chapter. Rose will finally get some more answers.

2015.09.20 - 01:06AM
14: Chapter 14

Great chapter! Loved the twist...never expected it! So excited for the next chapter now!

Author's Response: I am so glad that the twist worked out. That makes me happy. The next chapter is going to be fun.