Reviews For A Sticky Situation

2018.02.12 - 01:05AM
1: A Sticky Situation

I was told about this story years ago, but Iíve never left a review on it. I think itís delightful! This really feels a situation the Doctor and River would get into in canon. Action-packed and humorous at the same time.

2015.10.07 - 10:09AM
1: A Sticky Situation

Not a massive fan of Eleven and River, but I got to say, I really enjoyed reading that!

2015.08.15 - 01:38AM
1: A Sticky Situation

Whew! That was exciting! And so perfectly THEM. Loved it!

2015.06.18 - 02:53PM
1: A Sticky Situation

I could so picture the two of them. Love the image of his toes over the edge truly perplexed by her situation. The whole thing was just -- them. I want to see them doing more -- like a long hot shower picking strands of icky web from each other's hair,