Reviews For Infinity Dance

2020.09.03 - 11:42PM
1: Part 1

Ok I know I'm going systematically through your fics, right now, but even these short two chapters - when I start typing "whofic" into my internet browser, the default auto-fill is for this fic. That's how many times I've come here. The romance of this is so tender, and so poignant, and it's VIVID. I can see the dance hall, the dance itself, every little detail as though I watched it on TV. It's simply my favorite dance fic ever, and I will say it was a major inspiration behind my first attempt at writing any kind of fanfic myself, because I simply couldn't get this DANCE out of my head. Thank you thank you thank you for this work of *ART*.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This one is a personal favorite of mine. It was such a pleasure to co-write with my friend and fellow author, T'Kirr. This little gem wouldn't exist without her brilliance. :) So glad you have enjoyed it!

2019.02.26 - 10:43AM
2: Part 2

Simply fantastic. I must be blushing at the moment. Thank you for the endorphins! 🤩

Author's Response: Happy to be of service! ;)

2017.01.13 - 12:38AM
2: Part 2

Stunning as always. You're by far the best romance writer I've ever read, published or not!! Thank you for all your work

Author's Response: Oh, that is so flattering to hear! Thank you very much. I am so glad that you enjoyed it.

2015.06.29 - 09:18PM
1: Part 1

This is lovely! And a wonderful bonus, since I was just perusing your story list, and definitely didn't expect to find a new story! Thank you!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you found it and enjoyed it! Thank you!

2015.06.20 - 05:03PM
2: Part 2

Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you!!!

2015.06.20 - 03:44PM
2: Part 2

Beautiful! Ah, so loverly...thank you for writing this. Even gave me a little burst of inspiration for my own stories. Keep writing, you wonderful people!

Author's Response: Oh, how lovely! I'm thrilled you found it enjoyable AND inspiring. Thank you!

2015.06.19 - 03:09AM
2: Part 2

Oh my gosh, this was adorable! I'm sad it's just a little thing that's already over! The Doctor's proposal was just perfect.

Author's Response: *grins* Thank you! I swooned a bit at the Doctor's proposal myself. So happy to hear you enjoyed it! :)

2015.06.18 - 05:55PM
2: Part 2

That was gorgeous, every bit. And the ending has me squeeling in delight!

Author's Response: Aww, always happy to hear of squeals of delight! So glad you enjoyed it!

2015.06.18 - 02:35AM
2: Part 2

So very gorgeous, and so very them. I could gush about this for ages. Brilliant writing, my dears!!

Author's Response: Thank you so very much!! We loved writing it and are thrilled to know you enjoyed it, too!

2015.06.17 - 11:42PM
2: Part 2

So gorgeous, and deeply seductive. Many of us have been at a precipice not unlike this one, terrified to speak our truth, and you captured those fraught moments of terrible/beautiful/breathless trepidation, when you long to give over everything, yet fear losing that very same everything, and more, if the feeling isn't reciprocated. Part of the Doctor's complicated facade is designed to protect him from involvements that might crush his hearts. But it also harms him, since he should know, better than anyone, that a broken heart is actually the only thing worth aiming for in this existence. One way or another, we lose each other in the end, even if after a long and lovely life together. Why not grab hold of it and run, if you're lucky enough to have it cross your path?

I'm glad he allowed the facade to fall, when faced with (literally) everything he desired. My heart hammered along with their three hearts through every step, sway and stop. Thank you for writing it for us, it was intoxicating :).

Author's Response: Oh, such a lovely review! Your summary of love, with its risks and its rewards, is so poignant and true. Thank you for reading and letting us know you enjoyed it!!

2015.06.17 - 09:34PM
2: Part 2

*flails* I iz dead. But dead with a huge grin. :D

That was so perfect. Everything. Both Rose and the Doctor hoping yet questioning because of the way words came out, I could feel the anticipation and nervousness from them both even though I knew all would end well (obviously, how could it not, it's them). So very good and I loved the nod towards Bad Wolf. Bravo! :)

Author's Response: Dead with a huge grin is always the mark of success. :D So happy you enjoyed it! Thank you!!

2015.06.16 - 05:30PM
1: Part 1

Fantastic duo. Looking forward to part two.

Author's Response: Thank you! Part 2 should be up by mid-week. :)

2015.06.14 - 09:11PM
1: Part 1

Beautiful. I love how the banter and hesitation with the Doctor and Rose mimics the steps of the dance he's teaching.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! The Doctor & Rose are learning something quite special and new on many levels. ;)

2015.06.14 - 06:35PM
1: Part 1

Love. Love. Love. Looking forward to seeing where you take this ;)

Author's Response: Thanks so very much! It was fun to see how this evolved as the Doctor & Rose played off each other, with an outcome I hope you'll enjoy as much as we did. ;)

2015.06.14 - 05:00PM
1: Part 1

Oh yes please! More!

Author's Response: There will definitely be more to come! Part 2 soon to follow. :)