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2017.06.01 - 05:29PM
1: Chapter 1- Prologue

Oh... I just read this straight through... this is the story that I always wanted!! Please please continue it?? I really need to know how it is all going to be resolved.

In a way, it is... but, I just want to to have the icing sugar that is lightly dusted on top of the cherry on the cake... please??!!!

Author's Response: It wasn't fair to leave it like that. I do plan to return to it. I also have a Malekith/Rose crossover I've been working on as well as some future Leather Fetish projects as well. Thank you so much for all of your kind words!

2016.07.15 - 12:14AM
17: Chapter 17- Terrible Choices

That chapter just tore me apart. Good job!

Author's Response: It was hard to write. There's more hard stuff to come in the next chapter. Be warned.

2016.07.14 - 09:04PM
17: Chapter 17- Terrible Choices

I feel so bad for this version of Ten. Hopefully, we'll get answers on whether or not Rose will live next to forever because of Bad Wolf, will the Ninth grow old and die, who will raise their son? After all, he is showing full Time Lord powers, will Nine be able to handle it? Will little Jack grow up to be the only Time Lord in Pete's Universe and fated to be alone in it?

So many questions, hopefully most will be answered soon.

Author's Response: I feel badly for him, too. I feel a lot worse than I thought I would feel over a year ago when I first started this story. Nine will be able to handle Jack's Time Lord abilities just fine. All questions will be answered. The Bad Wolf hasn't stopped bestowing her gifts.

2016.07.14 - 08:13PM
17: Chapter 17- Terrible Choices

Sobbing here, but so glad for both Ten and Rose that they got that moment.

Author's Response: I cried writing this chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2016.06.16 - 09:03PM
16: Chapter 16- We Are Different

Yay! Happy to see this update from you Beth!
Really enjoying this fic. My sympathy for ten has waned over the years. Recently watched the Darlig Ulv Stranden scene again and I didn't shed a tear this time :D I loved Nine from the get go but even more now.

2016.06.15 - 08:43PM
16: Chapter 16- We Are Different

I am happy that Rose has her first Doctor (and the incarnation that fathered there child) back. I really truly am. But I still feel so completely awful for Ten. Because whether it's here or canon there is just no way the full Time Lord Tenth Doctor gets his happiness and forever with his Rose the way he wanted. I do hope he can take a small measure of comfort though, knowing she's going to be with a version of him who will love her completely.

Author's Response: I feel completely awful for him too. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2016.06.15 - 07:00PM
16: Chapter 16- We Are Different

I am sooo happy you are continuing with this story. I love Nine and Rose together. Thanks for this.

Author's Response: I love them together, too. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2016.06.15 - 03:38PM
16: Chapter 16- We Are Different

A very emotional and tense reunion...felt a bit of anger towards Martha with a whole lot of proud for Sarah Jane...either way the concept of two Doctors and what to do would be difficult for anyone so I will try not to, what a revelation as to events on the game I am anxious to know outcome for Donna...still my heart goes out to Ten...thanks for posting.

Author's Response: I'm afraid Martha had to be the heavy in that situation. Donna wasn't the right choice, and the other companions knew another incarnation of the Doctor. I feel for Ten, too. But his sense of self-preservation really tripped him up. Twelve even pointed it out in an earlier chapter.

2016.04.14 - 02:53PM
15: Chapter 15- Hope and Despair

Great update Beth! Really love this story. And Nine *sigh*.

I agree that Ten's fate in cannon - losing both Rose and Donna was horrific. I think that's why I really had a thing for Ten for a while. You have to feel badly for him.

But Nine, oh boy, he's my heart! Love this and I am dreading and looking forward to Bad Wolf Bay.

Keep up the good work!

Author's Response: I *do* feel bad for Ten in this story. I felt so bad that it was hard for me to press on with the next chapter because I was going to have to hurt him so badly. I'm not a big fan of the Tenth Doctor, not in the context of his relationship with Rose. When I first started writing this story, I didn't care how mean I was going to have to be. That changed. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2016.04.08 - 04:57PM
15: Chapter 15- Hope and Despair

This was just heartrendingly perfect in every way. I do feel sorry for Ten, I always do no matter which version of the crucible Doctor pops up, but you are so right. There aren't nearly enough stories of a Nine.two Doctor with Rose in Pete's world. If you can find a way to save Donna without Ten having to remove all her memories, I will be forever in your debt. That's the only way to save Ten from the grief and loss that spiraled him into "Time Lord Victorious" in my opinion. If you can't do that, please give him something, dear. Nine is my Doctor and I love him so much more than all the rest, but what they did to poor Ten in Journey's End just broke me. It would have been kinder to just regenerate him then and be done with it. I honestly adore what you've done with this and am so thrilled to have the pleasant hum of expectation buzzing in my veins as I await and update!

Author's Response: Journey's End was a lesson about Rose's humanity. This is a different twist on it, but the bottom line is the same. She loves Ten, but she can't help but separate the two incarnations. The heart wants what the heart wants, and so her heart wants Nine, the one who completely gave himself to her. I did think the Tenth Doctor's fate was terrible in canon. It wasn't fair to him, or poor Donna Noble. You'll just have to keep reading. There are a couple of big reveals to come. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

Author's Response: Oh, and Nine is MY Doctor as well. I just loved all of his facets, both complex and simple.

2016.04.04 - 12:52AM
15: Chapter 15- Hope and Despair

Oh gosh, my heart. I'm kind of really dreading Bad Wolf Bay now. I desperately want them all to be happy, and the situation feels so much more complicated with this new Nine involved.

Author's Response: She can't have them both. They love her in different ways, and so she loves them in different ways as well. But Nine was the one who kept her close, and gave himself to her. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2016.04.01 - 09:37PM
15: Chapter 15- Hope and Despair

Hope and despair quite accurately describes how I'm feeling right now. Bravo. My heart is aching :( and rejoicing... :)

Author's Response: I wanted Ten to be more sympathetic than canon Ten. He's going to be furious at Nine in the next chapter. Thanks for reading and reviewing!

2016.04.01 - 02:35AM
14: Chapter 14- The New-Old Doctor

Moohaahaa! Okay, this is my new head canon! I'm grinning like a maniac right now! This is so damn brilliant!

Author's Response: Three reviews! I'm so thrilled! It was a real challenge, writing Nine and Donna. I thought those two would be more blunt with each other. I thought it was pretty obvious where I was going with this story, and so I'm glad there are surprised readers. Thanks for reading and all the reviews!

2016.04.01 - 02:26AM
13: Chapter 13- Torment

OMG! Did you just make the Metacrisis a freaking retrograde metacrisis!!! As in casting Christopher Eccleston to play him? I'm laughing so hard right now. I have a WIP with the same premise. Great minds think alike, huh? That said, I'm dying to see where you take this. Mine starts in Pete's World, doing it the lazy way. You've given us this fantastic build up and a miniature carbon copy of Nine waiting for them at Sarah Jane's! I adore this story!

Author's Response: The Metacrisis is Nine, because this is my story and my heart belongs to Nine. No one else can be Nine except for CE. I'm glad you're writing your own Metacrisis story, because I don't think there are nearly enough stories where the hand becomes Nine. I've been planning this story for almost a year, and there is more at work than you even know. That will all come out soon. I wanted Nine to have his happy ending.

2016.04.01 - 02:21AM
12: Chapter 12- Running Towards

I love Sarah Jane! So beautifully in character. I also loved Jack interacting with little Jack. I can't wait for the next chapter. Things are getting interesting!

Author's Response: I always thought Jack would be great with kids. He would especially spoil a child that belonged to the Doctor and Rose.