2018.07.01 - 09:18PM
5: Peace

Okay, I have myself a new favorite writer...*lassoes said writer and hauls off my prize*

2015.07.11 - 05:07PM
5: Peace

Nice resolution with Alec. I'm sorry his appearance caused the grief it did for the Doctor (although honestly Doctor, as if Rose would've abandoned the man she loved, the father of her children, just for a face...) but at least it provided the catalyst for him finally admitting to his fears and them dealing with that together.

Now that the Doctor has finally gotten it through his thick head Rose truly sees him for the him he now is (as opposed to the Doctor he now shares a face with), I am okay with pinstripes even though I thought that wasn't going to happen after the last chapter. Because yes, he does look foxy. I mean I do love them like I previously wrote but his mindset before just wasn't in a place that would've felt right initially. But where as the other attire he'd been wearing wouldn't really be appropriate for Torchwood, the suit is perfect. Although at some point is anybody going to realize he looks just like the man who helped defend Pete's World from the Daleks and Cyberman all those years ago or did that Doctor's image never got to the press (i.e. beyond Torchword)? Hmmm... that does make me wonder.

Anyway, I look forward to starting the third part shortly. :)

Author's Response: Good point on the battle with the Daleks and Cyberman. I don't think there was much proof of the Doctor and Rose helping as the poo seemed to hit the fan rather quickly and the media and paps were probably too busy trying to save their own behinds. That's my answer and I'm sticking to it ;)

2015.07.11 - 03:09PM
3: Doppelganger

Oh, now that was a surprise! I didn't expect Alec to look like CE but I really like it. :)

I totally love the Doctor's new look (bye bye leather coat :(). Don't get me wrong, I personally do adore Ten and the pinstripes are part of that package, but having this Doctor wear pinstripes now... I really have to say I don't think that would 'feel' right at all. Especially after his reaction following his regeneration and how upset he was taking on the visage of the other Doctor who caused her so much pain. I am glad the converse are there though because tight jeans and those shoes... just YUM. Lovely reunion too. :)

Author's Response: I was gutted at the end of Eccleston's run even though I've always liked DT. It took me a bit to accept him as the doctor and then of course I fell for him too but Nine stole my heart first. :)

2015.06.17 - 08:51PM
5: Peace

loved how Rose took charge and against a wall no less...about Alec, you mentioned some pretty interesting bits about him and wonder what his story really is and will he look into Rose's aging question....look forward to more of this wonderful series.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm not sure where Alec will pop up again. I was going to originally let him go but I'm finding it really difficult to do that.

2015.06.17 - 01:38PM
5: Peace

Gotta love angry sex. At least it cleared the air. Are you gonna just leave it there with Alec? Is he going to figure out just why she hasn't aged?

Author's Response: Angry sex is good :) I was going to originally leave Alec as rather a loose end... sort of like how it is in life but I'm not sure I can. He may be pooping up again sooner rather than later.

Author's Response: Um, that would be popping not pooping :D

2015.06.15 - 08:16AM
4: Storms

You reversed roles this time. Worst part is, I think Rose was trying to spare him pain rather than deliberately keep it a secret from him. What do you do about a man who hates what he looks like with every fiber of his being? I sympathize with him. Unlike Rose's first Doctor, he LIKED who he was in that body, liked the way he behaved towards Rose, liked the way Rose responded to him.

Author's Response: You're right. Rose really did have good intentions but you know how that goes. It highlights the Doctor's insecurity with his new looks. This Ninth body spent 12 years with Rose and it's a lot harder to let go this time even though the Doctor knows that she finds him attractive in his new form as well.

2015.06.14 - 01:18AM
1: Glasgow

Ergh, I haven't received a message back, but I'm looking forward to the next chapter. Try emailing me directly at beth51276@aol.com

2015.06.13 - 07:40PM
3: Doppelganger

that was beautiful and it appears the Doctor still has not worked through his anger issues, at least not totally...what a twist with seeing Hardy in the shop and needing to change their rendezvous location....great update.

Author's Response: Thanks! I was originally going to make Alec a 10 look-alike but thought it would be more interesting if he looked like 9. Working on tweaking the next chapter!

2015.06.13 - 04:57PM
3: Doppelganger

That's gorgeous. It sounds like the Doctor is still having pent-up anger and aggression issues. Seeking solace in sex, especially when it's wall sex, just makes it that more obvious.

I love the video, made me cry. I'm touched that you dedicated the chapter to me, too.

I sent you a message about Are You Really?, by the way.

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! I've checked my emails but haven't seen any from you. I messaged you back so hopefully you get that one. Working on tweaking the next chapter of this at the moment.

2015.06.11 - 07:36PM
2: Rage

definitely will miss Nine and agree with his comment about the other Ten's recklessness and lack of backbone...the Carl Segan quote was perfection.

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm having a very difficult time letting Nine go. Maybe more so than Rose is. :)

2015.06.11 - 04:38PM
2: Rage

He really despises Ten, huh? It made me cry. Rose must be better than me, because I would have a hard time with never seeing Nine's gorgeous face again. And it really was gorgeous. I think some people didn't know how to look at him and missed his rugged, sensually pleasing looks. I've never read a story about regeneration where Ten had Nine's feelings and personality and was furious over what he had become. This is unique.

Author's Response: I agree. Nine was rugged and gorgeous. He just screams MAN. Gorgeous eyes, cheekbones, nose, and lips. Put together, it was a complete picture of beauty, in my humble opinion. His ability to convey his thoughts with just a look made me fall in love. Thanks for sticking with this. You've been a tremendous help. I also read your Nine stories and I think you should keep writing. They were lovely.

2015.06.10 - 08:21PM
1: Glasgow

So very disappointed. I disliked Tennant as the Doctor completely. Sorry to see he has come into this otherwise wonderful story. By the way, the metacrisis is human and therefore can't regenerate. Shouldn't this version if the Doctor be dead?

Author's Response: He's not a human-metacrisis like Tentoo. It's funny but considering how popular David Tennant seemed to be I'm surprised that so many don't seem to like him much. I'll make it up to you soon :)

2015.06.10 - 06:40PM
1: Glasgow

Will definitely miss Nine...Nine has always been my favorite...hoping that marriage tames Ten's tendency to flirt...loved the interaction with the children...very excited for this story.

Author's Response: Thank you! This Ten is different than Rose's first Ten :)

2015.06.10 - 12:02PM
1: Glasgow

I think you've practically echoed my sentiments. Series 1 was all about a man falling in love with a woman, and she was everything to him- the sun rose and set in her eyes when he looked at her. Series 2 was about a man trying too hard to be bouncy and younger when a bit of gruffness and a Northern accent would have served them both better as far as Canary Wharf was concerned. Even when Ten did look at her in what could be construed as a sexual manner, there was always playtime at hand. Not so with Nine.

I'll be reading still, but I have to ask. Will Rose have issues with memories of her first Doctor's Tenth incarnation?

Author's Response: The Girl in the Fireplace never sat well with me and even though I do like Ten as the Doctor- this episode still makes me angry with him. Rose will definitely have issues with her memories. We're going to see some angst/jealousy/insecurity from both Rose and the new Ten. Also wanted to say thanks as you've helped me work out some issues I had with the story. Much, much appreciated.

2015.06.10 - 10:31AM
1: Glasgow

I know they would have trouble if he regenerated, although I was hoping he wouldn't, but what about in the long run when they don't age? This is like a temporary fix but after awhile not aging will cause a problem.

Author's Response: Yep you're right. It's been something that's been niggling at me too. I'll have a fix when it comes time (I hope)