Reviews For Three Years Later

2015.07.11 - 05:29PM
1: Holy Terror.

That was adorable and quite the way for the Doctor to share the news. :)

Author's Response: A grown up Tony will be making an appearance soon. Glad you enjoyed it!

2015.06.03 - 08:23PM
1: Holy Terror.

what a lovely way for Rose to find out she is having the Doctor's baby and he is so happy with that...I am sure Jackie will have a bit to say about that and hope the Doctor is not within slapping distance.

Author's Response: Ha ha ha! The Doctor needs to learn to stay out of reach of Jacks' slapping hand.

2015.06.03 - 05:00PM
1: Holy Terror.

Hahaha, Rose is having issues watching her little brother. The Doctor is so sweet with him and they seem to have a true bond. Ahhh, that was a super cute way for Rose to find out that she was pregnant. They are going to be marvelous parents.

Thank you for this happy fluffy follow up!

Author's Response: You're welcome! I like to reward myself with fluff. Have another one shot coming then a sequel for the series.