2015.06.17 - 10:08PM
6: Goodbye

That was wonderful. While I do consider Ten to be my Doctor, Nine was my first and I absolutely adore him and consider myself a staunch defender of his whenever I see him criticized. I've never read an alternate Nine story before but this was really enjoyable. I loved the story and how you wove in the both the Moment to explain his existence as well as a different BWB II ending... and really appreciated that Ten did say those words. I totally get why he withheld them in canon but it was nice to see it said here. Thank you! :)

Author's Response: I'm the same way. I get why he wanted Tentoo to be the one but it still stung. Does it need saying? Sure does :) I'm going to be working on some more Nine stories as well as the third part to this series. Thank you for taking the time to read along!

2015.06.17 - 04:07PM
6: Goodbye

Thank you! I love alt9 stories, and this this one hit just the right bittersweet flavor. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of the series.

Author's Response: I'm glad you enjoyed it! I have some more 9 stories in the works as well as the third part of this series. Thank you!

2015.06.04 - 07:38PM
6: Goodbye

Thank you for sharing that with us, it was a really fun read. Hope to see.more of you here!

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad I pushed myself to do this. You guys have been wonderful.

2015.06.03 - 04:53PM
6: Goodbye

Ahh, they are so into each other and it is good to see them living the dream. The Doctor has a new appreciation of Rose and everything that makes her special. The scene where the Doctor realized Rose and his TARDIS were bonded was so beautiful! You dd an excellent job writing that part. Nice scarf cameo! I am glad her original Doctor was able to give Rose the closure she needed. Now she can live her life happily ever after with her Doctor! I can see how Rose's Doctor may feel insecure about her feelings about him now that he knows everything that happened between them. Now he knows that she would have chosen him and that only solidifies their relationship. So their forever are now the same! Hooray!

This was perfect:
She could never regret loving either one of them. The man in the other universe had brought her to life. The man next to her had healed the holes in her heart caused by the first.

Thank you so much for posting this wonderful story!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I really enjoyed writing this and appreciate your incredible input. I'm working on a sequel to the series set about 15 years in the future at the moment. Should have the first chapters up in a about a week or so.

2015.06.03 - 04:40PM
5: One

I like how this Doctor feels the overwhelming need to tell Rose everything. He is much more open with her. I really liked the way you wove canon into your AU. To think that this Doctor is able to live out his regenerations with Rose is all kinds of perfect! Now Rose can share all her memories of her time with his other self without fear of Reapers too. This Doctor does have some terrible memories to deal with but at least he has Rose to help him. It is so good to see Rose and the Doctor loving each other fully. I liked the addition of telepathic sex too. Pretty darn hot!

Thank you for the wonderful update!

Author's Response: Shoot! Don't know how I missed this before! Thanks so much!

2015.06.02 - 08:51PM
6: Goodbye

this was a beautifully written story and so sorry to see it end but you mentioned others to follow so I am feeling a bit of relief...Rose summed up my feelings perfectly "incredibly sad and yet incredibly happy at the same time"...a great last note of them having their forever...thanks for sharing.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for your input! It really helped. I'm very glad that you enjoyed this story and I definitely plan on revisiting this series in the near future.

2015.06.01 - 03:49PM
5: One

fantastic and many more words I cannot even begin to mention...two Doctors and how they came to be, why they came to be and the possibility that Bad Wolf could have planned all of it from the start is mind blowing...great AU.

Author's Response: Last chapter should be up tomorrow! I have a one-shot that I'll post some time this week as well. Thanks for sticking with this story!

2015.05.31 - 02:06PM
4: Gone

Come on Doctor, don't worry Rose like this. He doesn't know her yet and that only complicates everything between them. Love the reference to "five and half hours" by the way. Gwen is a good friend of Rose's and everything she is saying makes sense. Rose has obviously been struggling with being trapped away from her Doctor and she sees this as a sort of salvation...maybe. Rose should give the Doctor a chance to explain himself. He seemed genuinely happy to see her and missed her. Again the fact that he doesn't have the history with her that she has with him is muddling things. He is getting blamed for the sins of his other selves and that isn't fair either. I can't wait to see what the Doctor was up to while he was away.

Thank you for another great update!

Author's Response: I think it's so difficult for Rose because she she's the man she fell in love in with and he really doesn't know her from Adam. I wanted to show Rose's turmoil without making her ridiculous. She definitely needs to give him a chance but after losing him more than once she's hurt and damaged and is definitely not being fair (Not that I blame her.)

2015.05.30 - 06:20PM
4: Gone

Now I think you're trying to kill me, leaving it there. I'm glad he's being a good guy, can't wait to hear his explanation. This is so yum.

Author's Response: Won't leave you hanging for long. Next chapter is done, just editing for continuity. Will have it up soon. There'll be one more after that and then a one shot I've just finished.

2015.05.30 - 05:53PM
1: You

This is in danger of becoming my favorite fix of all time. How I love my Nine! I'm beyond thrilled someone who writes as well as you do has jumped into the Nine pond. Excellent first chapter. I am very curious as to why he's so calm and manageable... I suspect the next day will go a bit rougher, as he remembers what's happened. Can't wait.

Author's Response: You just made my week! Thanks so much. I have a weakness for Nine. He was such a perfect blend of sarcasm, hurt, love... I think I've watched every episode five or six times and it's the little things that I catch now. The way he looks at her when Rose doesn't know... sigh.

2015.05.27 - 04:37PM
3: Space

The Doctor is reacting to Rose's closeness to him in a big way. He never could resist that tongue touched smile and this Rose knows it. Nice use of "doctor who" joke by the way. Jackie never could resist slapping this version of the Doctor. Poor guy doesn't even know what it is all about. The poor Doctor is meeting all of Rose's friends at once and learning the Daleks and Cybermen are active in this universe too. Talk about a nightmare for him. The only thing holding him together is Rose by his side. They actually ran away form Mickey? Oh my, that won't go over well. Bummer he sent Rose away though. The conversation between Mickey and Rose didn't go very well. So much unresolved anger between the two of them.

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Author's Response: It\'s tough on both the Doctor and Rose. Thanks for reading! Should have the next chapter up in a day or two.

2015.05.25 - 03:42PM
3: Space

appears both Rose and Mickey have things to work out from their past...yes, the Doctor needs time to work out his memory issues and Rose hopefully understands that the timelines are more important than anyone person...even though I am hoping for the best I am bracing for the worst.

Author's Response: I\'m working hard on the next chapter. It\'s tough for me because there is a lot of angst and well it makes me anxious. Should have it up in a day or two.

2015.05.24 - 08:18PM
2: Dreams

You gotta love Jackie in Mother Bear mode. Poor Pete had to run interference but I suppose he is getting used to it by now. Wow, Rose is still the Bad Wolf in Pete's World. The Doctor couldn't believe what he was seeing. I wonder how Rose is going to explain her state go being to him. It is tough to communicate when they are having to talk around the truth for fear of messing up the time lines. At least the Doctor knows he can trust Rose and feels pretty comfortable with her presence in spite of the Bad Wolf episode.

Thank you for updating this story!

Author's Response: I have a soft spot for Jackie. She\'s quite a bit like my own mum. Thanks so much for your feedback. I should have the next chapter up in the next few days!

2015.05.24 - 10:24AM
2: Dreams

Rose and Nine always worked well together...now that Bad Wolf has shown herself maybe she can assist with finding the right energy source to get him back to their original universe and maintain the timelines...it won't be pleasant should Jackie or Mickey meet up with Nine but look forwarding to seeing where you take this story...brilliant update.

Author's Response: You\'re spot on with your analysis. Meeting up with Jackie and Mickey won\'t be pleasant. Should have the next chapter done (edited) soon. Really appreciate the feedback!

2015.05.23 - 12:44PM
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Thank you so much for posting this. It looks like it is going to be very good!