Reviews For Durlinga

2015.05.12 - 06:40AM
1: Never Enough

I must admit it really moved me. The intimacy between the Doctor and Rose has always been so different than the intimacy between the Doctor and River, and this story shows it so well. I was also a bit sad for River because even though I would choose Rose over any companion, and I found it hard to accept River, I still believe River also has her special place at the Doctor's heart and I'm not happy to see any companion hurt.

Author's Response: I generally feel the same way about the whole Rose vs River situation. I'm glad the story hit a cord with you and hope the rest of the story moves you as well.

2015.05.07 - 06:09PM
1: Never Enough

I enjoyed the closeness that Eleven wanted with the Rose in his arms...more than the physical, the emotional as well.

Author's Response: Glad you liked it. ^^